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  1. He’s got a steering lock , does the alarm just come on when you click the fob to lock it or do you need to double click ? Thanks
  2. I never went to uni ... and had a bus ticket 😂, I’ll get him to join up x
  3. Picked it up today , it’s fabulous, he’s over the moon . Thanks all xx
  4. Thanks all again for your input....now the removable steering wheel, we actually have a motorhome and the steering wheel comes off as you drop the bed down over the seats and swivel seats in day , my husband thinks it’s the best anti theft device going.
  5. Do I need the OBD thingy even if it’s not keyless entry , just keyless start ? Sorry I’m not very techie.
  6. Stoplock pro looks like another option that isn’t as big ?
  7. Sound advice Nick , I’ll look into that. Am I right in thinking you can set it to bleep if you go above speed limit ?
  8. Thanks both I’ll look at clutch lock also
  9. Thanks I’ll look into that. Just worried as it will be parked on the road.
  10. Hi there Will the small size Diskloc fit on a ST-Line X please as the steering wheel is square at the bottom if you know what I mean? Is there any extra security you would recommend ? Just trying to make a new car as safe as it can be. It has keyless start but not the extra payable spec of keyless entry. thanks
  11. Thanks both , yes I’ll point him this way as I’m sure he’ll have questions.
  12. Well we’ve bought a new one 😲 black 140 bhp , pick up Saturday
  13. I wanted to come back and thank you all. Son drove an St-Line x 125 today and loved the car and the 1.0 engine ..... nothing like saying “I told you so” regarding the power against a 14 year old 1.2 Corsa ! The only problem was the one they had in stock in 3 doors was blue wave and we didn’t like the colour. They had the magnetic but in 5 door but that had the free red pack trim in it which he loved. Now trying to find a red 3 door 125 with the red style pack or a black one with it..... it’s not easy as very few about seem to have the red accent interior so could be forced to spec a new o
  14. Tony , it’s me suggesting the smaller cars ( I suggested the Up GTI and Mazda 2 as cars that sort of came up in comparison tests )and him picking the bigger engine ones. I think the conversation will be easier once he’s actually driven something moderden compared to his very old 1.2 Corsa. I’m pretty sure he’s thinking a 1.0 is a backwards step in terms of power against what he has. The car will be for pottereing around Reading and motorway trips home probably once a month back to Somerset.....well at least for next year and a half whilst he’s at uni there. Thanks
  15. I’ve sort of said no to the ST2 at this stage and was pushing the St-Line , possibly a VW Up GTI, Mazda 2 but he’s suggesting Honda Civic 182ps vtec turbo or Astra 1.6t as ST2 alternatives. I don’t think he’s understood smaller engines are so much more powerful now that he doesn’t need anything that big.
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