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  1. Gone back in today and its just the same. Flashing is completely different again. Still no central locking, lights etc. Loose connection in the wiring somewhere maybe. Anyway, it pains me to do it but she will be scrapped this week, that is if theyre still open with lockdown 3.0 up on us? Won't be needing a car anyway I guess. Sad times indeed!
  2. Thanks mate. The connectors that were corroded have since been cleaned and on the radiator it will go before putting back in tomorrow. If thats not it then off to the scrappy she will go!
  3. Can you help me locate it, show a picture etc?
  4. Can you help me locate it, show a picture etc?
  5. Where exactly is the GEM module within the fuse box or is it just another name for the actual fuse box itself?
  6. I have heard different and at this stage I really couldnt care less.
  7. I took out the fuse box and there does appear to be some corrosion on some of the pins. https://ibb.co/tLYwvLB Could this be it and would you think if I clean it with some wd40 and micro drivers it may fix the issue?
  8. Thanks. A bit of backgorund because the original thread seems to have disappeared - I had the cluster repaired because all the lights came on and then car wouldnt start. Car still doesnt start after repair and when scanned had following network codes:- U0131 Lost Communication with Power Steering Control Module (PSCM) . U0155 Lost Communication with Instrument Panel Control (IPC) U0140 Lost Communication With Body Control Module U0121 Lost Communication with ABS Module U0001 & U0073 are rather generic, and only confirm there is some sort of CAN bus problem. No
  9. See attached vid I posted. Any ideas as to what this could be?
  10. Charged battery all day. Had a look and serpentine belt snapped. Cheap fix I hope. May give it a go myself if it's not too cold tomorrow. Although I can't see garage charging that much?
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