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  1. Charged battery all day. Had a look and serpentine belt snapped. Cheap fix I hope. May give it a go myself if it's not too cold tomorrow. Although I can't see garage charging that much?
  2. Yesterday I noticed the battery light came on. Thought nothing of it. Picked Mrs up from work and that was that. Went shopping today and light came on again. Then came ABS light along with loss of power steering. Dropped wife off at Supermarket and took it for a run around the block thinking it just needed a boost from Alternator. Wrestling with the wheel! Then all lights went off and it conked out. Wouldnt re-start so had to call a mate to give battery a jump. I just about got home before it did the same again and I managed to coast back home and just about dump it on drive. Like a scene from Faulty towers or something. Just left it as I was so soaked and ***** off I just couldnt be bothered to even look at it. Before I got out and just managed to lock the central locking with what little power there was I noticed a continuous clicking noise from Glove box area? I hope its just the battery and not alternator or starter motor! Although I cant see it just cutting out completely once battery had done its job to get car started? Any input from anyone with similar issues or advice would be greatly appreciated! All the best.
  3. Yes I am familiar with the process and how an EGR valve works, thanks, but there are others with opinions I'm sure.
  4. Cheers mate. I am in the process of doing a few tests. Thanks.
  5. Can we get back on point fellas. None of this helps my query. Start a thread about fans if you wish.
  6. Hi Guys First post here. I recently blanked off the EGR valve on my 2006 Focus 1.8TDCi work horse. I did this last month and did see a difference in responsiveness. However, it seems to take an eon to warm up now and with winter up on us Im thinking that it may not have been such a good idea. My car doesnt even have a MPG counter so its hard to tell but my journeys are mostly short and it does seem to be using more fuel, whether thats because price at pumps Im not sure. Should I take it off for the Winter? Love to know your thoughts. Cheers