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  1. I have 3.3 so fingers crossed 🤞 😁
  2. Quite like the look of 3.4. I have a fiesta registered in 2019 fordpass says its a 2020 fiesta so fingers crossed I get the update at some point. So far sync update site is saying I'm up to date though :(.
  3. So had it checked today and yep all normal! I think I'm just so paranoid about new sounds lol. Got an mini service so bit of love for the in return for dought 😂
  4. Huh you have a very good ear for engines 😄 I did forget to say, it is a 1.0 EcoBoost with the bonnet open. Maybe it is normal, not noticed it before just sounds like something is hitting. That will help me feel better knowing it may be normal though.
  5. Hi all, I've had a 18 ref fiesta for around 9 months, had it since new. Loving the car. It seems to have developed a clicking sound from the engine, almost sounds like a diesel. I recorded a clip so you can hear it https://www.dropbox.com/s/85xiw2jym9o1as5/Record-001?dl=0 I've got it booked in with the dealer on Monday, they were very quick to ask to see it which isn't normal for them. Anyone have any ideas what it may be? Don't have any lights on, oil level looks fine (find it hard to tell with dipsticks). Appreciate anyone's comments :)
  6. So just got back from the dealer, one of their mechanics had a look. And yeah it's normal. Apparently the eco boost engines get very hot and as Tom said the cold weather is causing steam to come out. Unless it's very dense white smoke apparently its normal. 👍👍 Just seamed odd to me as last car didn't do it and I don't see others do it. But the pros know best lol. Although I didn't have an eco boost last time.
  7. Hmm maybe it's just a thing it does. Gonna go to the dealer still see what they say. Will let you know 👍
  8. Oh really. Same thing optimal engine temp, notice it more at idle etc. Assuming it's the 2018 fiesta? Maybe it is normal.
  9. Should probably add as well that a big chunk of the journey is on a 60 a road. Only the beginning and end is town driving.
  10. Drive to work which is maybe 15 miles. Drive home. Sometimes do longer journeys but mostly that's it. Engine gets to operating temperature as well.
  11. Hi all, I'm just trying to get some more opinions on a potential issue i have noticed. I have a 2018 Ford Fiesta had it for about 5 months. This week I noticed, when sitting in traffic, I have white smoke/steam coming from my exhaust, its not fogs and probably similar to what you would get with a cold start on a cold day, but the engine is warm. I have explained the issue to my dealer over the phone and they said its caused by the cold weather. I would expect it on first start but is it still possible once the engine is warm? I have no performance loss, no warning lights, engine sounds good, high revs are fine turbo kicks in and sounds fine and feels fine. Engine seems great. No coolant loss that I've noticed, temps good and no white oil. I've done a sniff test on the exhaust, as suggested online, and to me, not really a major car enthusiast, it smells like normal exhaust fumes. As I've only spoken to the dealer over the phone I'm going to take it to them tomorrow so they can see what I'm trying to explain. What are your thoughts? Can a new warm engine still give off steam? My last car was a 2013 KA and I don't remember seeing this. I could just be looking for a problem because it's new etc. I would appreciate any thoughts people have. I am going to take it into the dealer tomorrow or Saturday, just to double check all is good.