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  1. Hi to all. While in a Trust Ford showroom after getting my FIESTA Heater airflow box replaced (it cost nearly 1200.00 to have the whole dash removed, a new 'airflow box' inserted and then reassembly in the workshop, several hours' time involved in all of that), I took the opportunity to see the Vignale. A lovely car, but on learning that it has no spare wheel, it is off my list for choice vehicle in the future. I liked that it had a 'decent' 4-cylinder engine, I do not need woofers in the boot, I agree with the people here who say a proper spare wheel is needed. Has Ford forgotten the great cars it used to make: the Ford 1600E of many years ago; the Capre 3 litre; The RS Escort. etc. But I gues the gadgets attract some younger drivers these days!
  2. Yep, my car heater problem is much different, not an electronic control problem. Ideally a different unit can be fitted by Ford, I still need to ask at a dealer. Thanks for the friendly replies. Have good weekend. Dave
  3. ps recheck what you wrote. Autistic module? - presumably Autotext error 🙂 Also I need to look up what an actuator is. I tried hard to word the description I used so that most anyone could follow it without a picture. Again the Unit is different in may Fiesta models. Ford have struggled with this design it seems!
  4. no Alan, my Diesel Fiesta Zetec has different dials. eg. the air direction selector is the big dial. In its centre is an AC light and button divided by a horizontal line. You might take a look on a Car Sales website. Some vendors put a photo of the interior console as a sales photo. (I can't upload a photo now, due to laptop connections and older device, I have a new smartphone, but it is not yet online - I am in no rush to do that. My wife has her iphone and I can ask her, but she works shifts and has been asking me to help her with online learning as a priority!)
  5. Spelling correction: I imagine that FORD fitted the Heater Control Unit in 2 halves. But best not to attempt that, as when attempting to see how the back cover of the unit would separate from the front part of the Heater Control Unit, bits of the light plastic control unit break off. Clearly this was never designed to be self-serviced at the car owner's own house. Probably the FORD designers thought they had invented a super intterior console with a flashy Heater Control Unit, but seen on a computer screen is a far cry from when a 'kinetic' failure occurs (can plastic have mechanical faults?) and frustrates the car owner so much that (s)he might decide Ford FIESTA 2013 never again, since its heater is so unreliable (other online comments testify). CAR HEATERS MUST BE RELIABLE, of PRACTICAL DESIGN and NOT so fragile plastic components which are sub-standard, when compared to the old, but fairly easy-to-service parts in the Fords of yesteryear. RS Escort; etc.
  6. To Alan, Fiesta 1.25 was the question for me? On the back of the Heater Control Unit, the heat selector (the R.H. knob rotates from blue / cold -> to red / warm), it has behind a half-dial which has the retaining plastic hole for the small silver end of a taut wire going to the real heater switch somewhere. If the wire (1/4 inch end-ball) is detatched from the plastic half-dial, it could make a noise when loose from its mooring. How stupid of the designers to anchor a strong wire in a cheap plastic control. Strong hands may turn the temp knob too far. I think that is what happened to me when I rotated the selector wheel (dial) on the central front part of the Heater Control Unit. Cheers Dave ps. my last posting was done after 01:30 and I was really nodding off to sleep, after the 5-hr battle to access behind the Media Unit and Heater Control Unit. Top comes off first, then unscrew the Media (radio/CD control unit), the 2 screws, leave the 2 silver nuts there untouched as not affecting removal. Be very careful to catch the plastic retaining 'clips' which are behind the Airbag and door-lock button panel just above the Heater. That small panel comes off from the Media fascia above. See a visual on YouTube about Fiesta plastics removal. It shows the 'clips' (pegs) but does not warn that they have to be refitted to the back of the fascia FIRST, before reinserting them to the holes on the dash frame behind. (again a plastic frame). This order of attachment is important, as these pegs are a pain to take off if you put them on first. They will need to be inserted into grooves in the panel to attach, before the whole panel is pressed back into the retaining frame. (again PLASTIC!) Hope that helps. NOTE TO EXPERTS: the rear wires or light cables, if you want to call them (non-electrical, strong connecting wire), have some plastic positioners. which are shaped to attach somehow to back of the FIESTA HEATER CONTROL UNIT. I say 'somehow' , because once the wire and positioners are dislodged, it is like the Rubik Cube to figure out the way up they should be and how they might be reattached to the rear of the Heater Control Unit. In conclusion, note that your fingers will have less than an inch of space to fiddle and fumble as you try to see how this would fit back together. I imagine that FORD would do the unit in twl halves. But best not to attempt that, as the bits of the control unit break off when attempting to see how the back cover of the unit would separate from the front part of the Heater Control Unit.
  7. My item title: "Fix a HEATER SELECTION DIAL problen on the Ford Fiesta Mk7" Just spent 5 hours trying to sort out a problem with the Heater Control Unit on my 2013 Fiesta Zetec. But it was a failed attempt, especially because the plastic heater control unit is fragile - eg. 4 light plastic lugs with holes for the 4 retaining screwa. I removed the screws, but on pulling the Heater Control Unit past the aperture edge, one of the lugs got broken. Sadly only 3 of the 4 retaining screws could be used later for reattaching the control unit. Possible metawords: FIESTA HEATER CONTROL UNIT. On YouTube I found a warning that Fiesta Mk7 Heater problems can be difficult to fix. Firstly the top plastic cover above the Radio display needs to be removed, which is tricky due to the type of retaining clips used. My next stop was Halfords, for a ratchet screwdriver bundled with ten driver heads. Note: It is good to unscrew the screws that hold the Radio Console in place. As I've hinted above, the Ford Fiesta heater controls are poorly designed for servicing. Indeed the Heater Controls concept is flawed, In particular the way in which strong wires (non-electrical ones) are attached to the back of the plastic Heater Control Unit. With a bit of persuasion, 2 detachable plastic pegs came off, but one fell into the (by now) open gear shift lever area. It took 40 mins more to retrieve that item. (removed the panels along footwells, but type of screw there was so frustrating - it just kept turning and not coming out. It took 15 mins for the driver side off, but the main plug to the back centre of the radio console was easily unplugged. Strong control wires to operate other levers eleswhere, thus regulating the flow of warm air into the car.. (these wires have small spherical ball on the end, intended to make a secure, fixed connection. but the way they connect to the rear of the heater control panel is not secure at all). After hours of frustration, the repair had to be abandoned, it was simply too difficult to service. My 2013 Fiesta heater control unit cannot be manually reconnected to the control wires that sprang out of position in the course of selecting the direction of warm air from the heater. Unless Ford has produced a better Heater control unit, I am loath to pay Ford for the same Heater Unit as was supplied in 2013, except they can repair that one.
  8. Denise, after a hectic weekend incl MoT success, I re-read your posting. There is a YouTube video about this matter, Go to "Ford Fiesta Mk7 (2009) - Heater Blower Resistor fix" (29,967 views) - I hope this helps you see what needs doing. Needless to say you can seek help from your usual service person. - from a Co Down driver.
  9. When posting a query, please give the Model / Year of your car at the outset. I got a 2013 Fiesta from a family member. Years ago I was a Ford Escort Mk II owner, a sporty model with a slide-back sunroof and with spoilers front and rear. Loved that car. The heater was so simple to operate, with sliding levers. I am disappointed by the heater control dial on the modern Fiesta. It is clumsy to operate as the dial which selects where to direct warm air stopped selecting this evening. I rotated the dial anti-clockwise, to select dash level warm air. After a few minutes I wanted to change it to my feet, but when I turned the dial clockwise, something caused the mechanism to fail. I heard the attempted clunk behind console, then the more I tried to rotate the dial clockwise, the more it wanted to spring back to the left. Another post on thie website suggests that to fix this, two parts of the central console need removed. Then manual dexterity to reassemble with a wire of some sort, presumably on inadequate pulley-wheels. When I have the courage and time (estimated 2 hours) to tackle this problem, I will do it and report back if this topic is not closed before then. The large air direction selection dial may look pleasing but compared to older cars with simpler controls that worked well, the modern design sucks. I have man-sized hands. A frail lady or gentleman would have a lot of difficulty to turn the large heater selector dial - especially when the gear stick in forward position gets in the way. Finally I am disappointed with the cheap plastic materials around the interior. A silver trim (on the driver's side air-vent fins) just came away in my fingers. It is another cheap bit of plastic. A triangular plastic cover fell off the rear door when the door was shut with a bit of a push. This is a pop-on component, the item fell off on several occasions when the door was swung shut. Again I resorted to some glue to fit the plastic triangle near the rear quarter-light window.