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  1. Mine's booked for next sat. Somehow I suspect they will say mine is fine too, despite it slipping in the mornings
  2. I've just seen the same 18S39 - CLUTCH SLIP DETECTION for mine on Etis. Must have only just gone out as I checked Etis a few days ago and there was nothing. I have exactly the same car as you, and year also. Ironically I've been complaining of clutch clip to Ford since I've had it, but they say they can't fault it.
  3. Do you not find it hard to pull off in a hurry without spinning the wheels? Feels like it needs more weight holding the front wheels down to me
  4. What do you think of the sync 2 system? I'd definitely like to get another estate, but will certainly stay away from the powershift gearbox
  5. Well I'm not deadset on the pre facelift. It depends on cost really, I don't really want to spend any more than what mine's worth. Webuyancar had valued it at just over 10k. I had a 2013 powershift (semi auto) estate which I loved, but it suffered with all the issues of jerking gear changes and unable to decide which gear to be in etc, even after the new clutch kit was fitted. I traded that for the 2017 ecoboost, but it has a really strange issue that I can't get to the bottom of, where it lurches slightly when I pull off in first and second as I lift the clutch. It's like when you
  6. Hey all Thinking of trading my ecoboost in for an older (prob 2013/14) manual diesel estate. I think they are duratec engines. Is there anything to watch out for with these? I've been stuck with an powershift gearbox before, but not sure if there are any other common engine or gearbox issues on these? Thanks
  7. So this issue continues on and off. I'm starting to think it might not be clutch related (the lurching issue) and more to do with the revs somehow. Occasionally turning the engine off and on again resolve it. When the lurching goes away, I also seem to have a bit more power, and the car just feels different. Ford of course say they cannot fault it
  8. No I turned this off when it started doing it as a test. The lurching issue returned again today, along with ticking gears. Pumped the clutch a few times and it resolved it all again. I'm convinced there's air in the line or something, but Ford wont even look as they can't replicate it
  9. Update on this Issue no 2 strangely appears to have resolved itself. No more lurching, which is odd. I've had multiple other issues though, all intermittent, Hard to engage gears at times, still got the occasional slipping in the mornings, and when warm I sometimes get a load squeeling/grinding sound when pulling off, almost like the brakes are binding. All of this on a car with only 16k miles The first time I took it to Ford, I got a call within 2 hours saying they couldn't fault it. Took it in again yesterday so they could drive it first thing this morning
  10. I've just had 4 Dunlop Blue Response tryes on to replace the old continental premium contact 2's. Much more happy with these
  11. Ok just googled tyre valves. Spot on Chris, thank you.
  12. Funnily enough that was exactly what I was thinking, but may father didn't think so. It's sprung loaded so if you push on the top (top picture) the bottom part with the little wedge comes down. Coincidentally I did have my tyres changed yesterday, so I guess they could have trod it in. Just made me wonder, as I've been having clutch issues lately
  13. Anyone have any clue what this might be? I found it in the footwell by the pedals. It may just be something I trod in there
  14. yeah it does, but only for a short period. I've read some of the other thread that Michael started, the difference with mine is it's a petrol, and no issues with the temp gauge. My issue is actually a couple of things. 1. First thing in the morning slight slippage when pulling off in first (this clears after a few mins, and I'm yet to work out if its due to cold/damp, or rather sitting idle and possibly something leaking) 2. Mainly in gears 1/2 as I lift off the clutch at the very top I get a slight lurch forward. It's nothing major, but bad enough to annoy me that I cannot pull away
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