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  1. Hi, Apologies for resurrecting a very old thread but this was the best resource I found to help me solve the (scary!) intermittent engine cutting out problem so I'm posting in case someone else finds it useful. At the time of writing I have an Smax 2010 Titanium X 240PS 2.0 Ecoboost (Petrol) and this problem started happening randomly at approx. 65000 miles. Sometimes the engine warning light would come on after failing, sometimes it would clear itself and sometimes it would fail with no warning lights at all. Having had some very poor experiences at main dealers in recent years* I decided I would try and diagnose the issue as best as I could and try and work with an independent garage to get it solved. Firstly I have a cheap bluetooth OBD scanner and Android app so when the engine warning light came on I could diagnose - a "P2636 Fuel Pump "B" Low Flow / Performance" problem. Having done my internet research, the most likely cause of random cutting out on this car seems to be fuel flow problems and as this model has no fuel filter it was presumably either the low or high pressure pump failing. Although I couldn't find definitive advice on whether fuel pump "B" was the low or high pressure pump more search results indicated the latter (high pressure pump). Then I found this thread which gave me a little more confidence I was on the right track. I spoke to a mechanic who agreed that this was likely the best way to go (and also pointed out if trial and error is the only way forward then the HP pump is cheaper to replace than the LP pump so good to try that first). So I took a bit of a leap of faith with this information and the balance of probabilities and asked my local independent garage to replace the HP pump (without any diagnosis). It cost ~£300 parts and labour. When I first restarted it the engine warning light was off (and hadn't been cleared by the garage) so that was a good start. I did a couple of short journeys to rebuild my confidence in the car, then some slightly longer ones and then I've now had a few days of normal usage all without any hint of an issue (yes I am touching wood whilst I type this!). So it's a big relief! Obviously I don't know whether I just got lucky with my attempted diagnosis but the joy of not having to entrust my car's fate to the main dealer and all the issues I usually experience dealing with them is very significant. Thank you to those that took the time to post information and experiences here! I hope my tale may help someone else in the same predicament... Cheers, James. *most recent terrible main dealer experience: car wouldn't start reliably in the winter even after jump starting and going on a long journey (I had already had a new battery put in). Main dealer said yes they found a drain they believe coming from the dashboard and it would be £2k(!!) to replace. I invested in a battery jump start pack and drove it home in disgust! Then I spoke to a friend who said their "weekend" car had similar issues and he had bought a decent battery reconditoner/charger which solved his problems. He kindly lent me said battery reconditioner which I use once every 6 months or so especially after a period of not using the car much. Needless to say the issue has never returned.