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  1. Mogsy25

    Oil Level Low Warning

    I had this, when it was parked on the flat but not on a hill, oil level was fine, went in for a software update and hasn’t happened since
  2. Mogsy25

    Low oil level warning

    Down to needing a software update apparently. They have to order the parts for the air con recall so that’ll have to be done in a few weeks time
  3. Mogsy25

    Low oil level warning

    ***** warning hasn’t come up for the last three days! 🤦🏼‍♂️
  4. Mogsy25

    Low oil level warning

    Brill thanks, have had a job trying to get it booked in, my nearest ford garage can’t see it until middle of December because of the eco boost problems, so I’m having to go 40 miles to get it looked at next Thursday
  5. Mogsy25

    Low oil level warning

    Spoke to a ford dealer they reckon it needs to go on a diag machine to be reset after the service? It was reset through the steering wheel controls, I’ve not heard that a car needs to go on the machine after a service?
  6. Mogsy25

    Low oil level warning

    Yeah had the service done about 4 weeks ago, I work in a Citroen garage, so the boys did the service, used genuine ford parts, and looked up the oil, so 6.1 litres went in, and I’ve topped up with another 1/2 litre, going to pop some more later, just find it odd I get no warning when it’s stone cold in the mornings and started first time
  7. Mogsy25

    Low oil level warning

    Hi all, I’ve got the low oil level warning come up. My dipstick shows 3/4 full on the level. I doesn’t show up first thing in the morning but when I go back to the car later and start it again it comes up and then disappears after a few seconds?! It’s a 66 sport with 16k on the clock. Anyone else had this issue?