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  1. Thanks for the post, very helpful! do you know which length to go for? mine is a 10 reg 1.6tdci 109hp and the Beru’s come in 118.5 mm and 124.5 mm.
  2. Hi all, i’ve got the dreaded blue smoke in the morning so my first attempt is to change the glow plugs. i’ve read Albacore’s guide, but there are two types of glow plugs, 124.5 mm and 118.5 mm. I gathered that Beru are the ones to go for, but which length? mine is a 10 reg 1.6 tdci sport 110hp. also do they snap that easily? thanks.
  3. I bought and fitted a Lion one from ecc, £55. Couldn’t wait for delivery unfortunately. The 100 one was the correct fit lengthwise, the negative cable fits perfect now. thank you for your help!
  4. It’s not a start/stop. I just had a look and it’s a 075 one, looks replaced and the wire for the negative terminal looks pulled back as if it could fit a larger one.. I’ll probably go with 100 then. thank you for the reply
  5. Hi all, My battery decided to pack it in 40 miles away from home and after 6pm. The RAC man was nice enough to start it after a few failed attempts from a few local people with jump cables, but he said I need a new one. i’ve looked online but it gives me three options 075, 096 and 100. Does anyone know which one I should get for a 2010 focus 1.6TDCI? thanks.
  6. well, I wasn’t brave enough so my local indie did it for me. £300 but the noise is gone. He did advise that the cluch is high and the flywheel makes a noise, which I noticed myself but that’s £790 that I don’t have right now. Thank you all for your replies.
  7. Thank you, that’s really detailed. I’m doing an oil change tomorrow so I’ll assess the situation from there...if I dare or not 🙂
  8. Labour hours varied from 2.5 to 3.5 and the cost of the kit from £150 to £200. I did see a gates kit on ebay for £95 just one of those things where I’m worried I would wreck the engine. Would a haynes give you a step by step?
  9. Thank you! I might just drive it for a while until I get more funds and keep an eye on it.
  10. Thanks. At least you’ve put my mind to rest, I do need to factor in a new cambelt as apparently it’s due one but just lack the funds this month.
  11. 73500. Local garage said that I need to change the cambelt asap as it’s due. All the quotes in the area are about £320 part from clickmechanic that quoted 255 but read some horrible reviews about the work that some mechanics do for them
  12. Hi all, I’ve recently came back to fords after a good few years. Used to have a 53 reg mondeo that I got on really well with, I even modified it to give it an auto open boot( fitted a couple of springs on the boot gas struts) i have a 10 reg 1.6 tdci ford focus with a few weird noises coming from around the engine area that don’t sound healthy. The one that I’m more worried about is a belt/ bearing rubbing noise that’s coming from the back of the engine. anyone had this before and know what’s it about? My best guess judging on position is either the water pump or fuel
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