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  1. Would a mk 8 one such as this work? or would I need to stick to the 7.5?
  2. Hi all, does anyone know of or have an recommendations for someone to fit aftermarket cruise control to a mk7.5 140 ecoboost? I'm located in Central Scotland, so ideally someone not too far away. cheers
  3. I have actually looked at them, not really sure yet but it'll be something to keep an eye out for in future
  4. Looking into getting this in red soon. Will be removing the gators and pinstripe once I get it, gators have been a pain, 2 snapped already. Got a full refund though so all happy 😀
  5. I have a 140 ecoboost, and can only agree with this. Have a daily commute of a 50 mile round trip 4 times a week, about 70% on motorway or dual carriageway. Sit around 70 teh way to work, and on the way home I sit at about 80, and can easily finish the week with half a tank left when using momentum, compared to under a quarter when using Tesco regular.
  6. And they are fitted. Have to say they are no where near as bright at the full autobeam package but that was to be expected. Thinking of removing the pinstripe and gators now and going for the shadow look...
  7. @zain611 picking them up later today 😁
  8. Saw these for sale today in a fiesta group on Facebook, seriously thinking about it
  9. Refilled the 140 ecoboost yesterday with tesco premium, cost £50 for a full tank but only had 2 miles left lol, normally get 323 miles from full but it immediately jumped up to 342, get about 40mpg with a 40 miles round trip, about half on motorway and half in town
  10. When you driving along the road at 30, and some idiot pulls out right in front of you and makes no attempt to get anywhere near 30 😤
  11. @Saltage was looking into this, someone I know has it but I would get it in the red. Put the pinstripe on the now to see if I like that, since it’s cheap and easy to remove, compared to a proper sticker i’d imagine, hopefully by summer I’ll have that
  12. Done this at the weekend. Not totally sold on it yet and it may come off soon
  13. Took the LED strip and ecobeast sign off the other day. Lights wouldn't stick are were just a pain, and the ecobeast sticker just didn't have my fancy any more. Looking into getting a pinstripe along the back bumper/diffuser
  14. Few easy, nice and subtle mods are to paint the callipers, (I'd recommend red for obvious reasons), a small sunstrip, and possibly even mud guards. I've got a small build thread going and have done all the above, so take a look if you want. You could say some of it is boy racer-ish but like you, its not what I'm going for. I've also got red and black gel overlays on all the badges