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  1. Deivisssu

    Fuse problem

    mmh maybe remote wire problem what if I change to different wire like bit thicker more than 12v would cause problem?
  2. Deivisssu

    Fuse problem

    The red circle thats the one always blows up and no I dont think its trapped somewhere and is this how it should be inserted? 5amp top and bottom as u can see is 7.5 everytime i turn ignition on that 5amp blows up and like u said I disconnected the amp no problem
  3. Deivisssu

    Fuse problem

    yes it is connected correctly you see the thing is I bought that add-a-circuit thing I know the bottom has to go the original fuse right? and top additional one? but does it has to be less amperage or same like bottom maybe im doing something wrong? and what do you mean free of damage? (sorry maybe my english is not that good)
  4. Deivisssu

    Fuse problem

    Yeah Im trying to install a amplifier but I dont know where to hooked up the remote blue wire lead I have factory radio btw
  5. Deivisssu

    Fuse problem

  6. Deivisssu

    Fuse problem

    Hello so Im trying to install a remote wire to a fuse I bought add-a-circuit thing and the thing is its just keeps blow up I used 7.5amp ignition fuse
  7. Deivisssu

    Remote Wire amp

    Hello everyone So I installed a subwoofer on my Ford Fiesta mk7 2009 but the problem is with the remote turn on wire I can't find the correct location Can someone please help me?
  8. Deivisssu

    ! Guide ! Installing A Sub Box To Mk7

    One question so your speakers working both? because mine working only front speakers