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  1. Hi, I am trying to source an alternative brake master cylinder for my 2007 ka with abs. They are not available from ford anymore and the cheapest I can find online is £165. Is there one from another model which will fit. Thanks chris.
  2. Thanks for the info. I have tried a upto date snapon reader and diagnostics but could not find any brake perameters , is this tool better.
  3. Hi, is there a special module for operating the valves inside an 2007 abs pump. As I can’t bleed the brakes on mine no matter what I do. Thanks.
  4. Hi, can anyone help, I have an issue with bleeding the brakes. I replaced the master cylinder as faulty now I cannot get a good pedal unless I pump it. I have pressure bled but no change. The car has abs . I have also put clamps on the flexi hoses and still can’t get a good pedal. Thanks in advance.