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  1. Yes thanks Mastachaz, I was thinking the same. But if I had any skills at all, I'd know how to find out if it is wired to accept a bulb or not, but unfortunately I'm practically clueless. So I'm probably going to wait for the first service to find out if this will cost me 99p for a bulb to be slotted in, or whether I'll just leave it. My main concern was avoiding an automatic MOT failure in a couple of years.
  2. Brilliant, many thanks for your responses. It's the second Ford Direct purchase I've made and both have been near-perfect vehicles, so I thought it was unlikely that they would have missed a missing/defective bulb. Mine is also race red and, so far, is just fantastic to drive.
  3. Have just purchased a 2017 UK spec Focus ST Line. It's the 1.5 TDCi 120PS automatic. Low mileage and via Ford Direct. Can anybody please give a definitive answer on whether this is supposed to have 2 rear foglights or 1? I've previously owned the earlier equivalent (a 2012 Zetec S) and I cannot remember whether this had 2 or 1. I'm pretty sure older models had 1 rear foglight only - on drivers side and reversing light/reflector was on passenger side. This new one has what appears to be 2 foglights but only the driver's side is operating. Cannot decide whether it has a duff or absent bulb or is supposed to only come with the one foglight at the back with the other side a dummy/reflector only. The manual isn't definitive as presumably it covers UK/Europe/USA spec without being definitive on the matter. Does anybody know for certain please ?