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  1. Middle1

    2017 Focus (UK spec) Rear Fog Light(s)?

    Yes thanks Mastachaz, I was thinking the same. But if I had any skills at all, I'd know how to find out if it is wired to accept a bulb or not, but unfortunately I'm practically clueless. So I'm probably going to wait for the first service to find out if this will cost me 99p for a bulb to be slotted in, or whether I'll just leave it. My main concern was avoiding an automatic MOT failure in a couple of years.
  2. Middle1

    2017 Focus (UK spec) Rear Fog Light(s)?

    Brilliant, many thanks for your responses. It's the second Ford Direct purchase I've made and both have been near-perfect vehicles, so I thought it was unlikely that they would have missed a missing/defective bulb. Mine is also race red and, so far, is just fantastic to drive.
  3. Have just purchased a 2017 UK spec Focus ST Line. It's the 1.5 TDCi 120PS automatic. Low mileage and via Ford Direct. Can anybody please give a definitive answer on whether this is supposed to have 2 rear foglights or 1? I've previously owned the earlier equivalent (a 2012 Zetec S) and I cannot remember whether this had 2 or 1. I'm pretty sure older models had 1 rear foglight only - on drivers side and reversing light/reflector was on passenger side. This new one has what appears to be 2 foglights but only the driver's side is operating. Cannot decide whether it has a duff or absent bulb or is supposed to only come with the one foglight at the back with the other side a dummy/reflector only. The manual isn't definitive as presumably it covers UK/Europe/USA spec without being definitive on the matter. Does anybody know for certain please ?