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  1. And possibly a list of every part you need to do the job?
  2. So the garage has changed the T joint that apparently went. I would love to be able to fit all this so I don’t have to worry but I have literally no idea what I’m doing when it comes to cars, just came on here to ask some advice
  3. My car is currently with the garage getting sorted as I only had it a week and it went! Haven't heard much from him yet but I will talk to him about it! I doubt he wants the car back as well
  4. Are you aware of this new system? Or how to find it? I can always suggest it to the garage?
  5. Can you send links to this new system?
  6. So do you suggest just get the other one fixed and keep it, then change the tubes when hopefully a new one comes out? would anyone also recommend a third party warranty company?
  7. I mean I’m going to allow them to sort it once and increase my warranty, because it’s already cost enough to sort my insurance!
  8. Thanks everyone for your help. I think I was quite lucky in catching it. Don’t believe I did any real damage to the engine! Bit annoying only having it a week. also didn’t drive it after I realised the leak. The garage I bought it from are picking it up in a recovery vehicle today. not sure I’ll be able to trust it when I get it back. (Even though everyone said trust in Ford).
  9. Yes, the threaded pipe. I believe there is a leak coming from the end where the red arrow points to! Also the fact the label on the black part under the red arrow is pink from the coolant fluid! (Excuse my poor explanation... I have very little knowledge of cars.) also do you believe that this has been updated to the new hose?
  10. Has anyone had this pipe updated via the recall and the threaded pipe leaked? i have recently bought a car which was updated but I noticed the coolant level was down yesterday, so topped it up and went for a quick 10 minute drive. Roughly 2 litres of coolant was then leaked out! i don’t know if I should ask for my money back
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