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  1. Hi all. I'm looking for some assistance with some noises on my new to me 2009 Focus CC3, 2.0 petrol with 30k miles. There are some noises which appear to be coming from the front nearside (but knowing how noises can travel around cars I could be completely wrong). When moving there is a noise that sounds a bit like someone rolling a can full of stones wrapped in a duvet, and this sometimes changes to a continuous whine type sound. Occasionally when moving off from a standstill there is a dull 'de de de' type of sound. I have had the car in a car park driving round and round on full lock to test the CV joints in the classic way, and they were silent. Lifted the car up and tested the wheel bearings and there was no play and no unusual noise when spinning the wheel. Any suggestions as to where else to look would be appreciated.