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  1. Have the same problem rears sound like bearing noise, are they the ones on tele ad or mk 1 . TIA Mick.
  2. So if the window was damaged they would replace it and seals on insurance ?. I know what my next move would be.
  3. Might have to fit the foam surround , had to buy for our boot ,bl**dy expensive.
  4. mickter

    1.5 tdci

    Had dualmass on my Mondeo,didn`t feel heavy just expensive to replace.
  5. mickter

    1.5 tdci

    Didn`t notice any heavyness of clutch, have a spacesaver ,as repair kit not much good if you have blow out. only pay £30 road tax .
  6. mickter

    1.5 tdci

    I have a 2016 1.5, really like it . getting in and out at my age is a doddle, tows my rib ok. only downside is rear seats don`t fold flat. not the fastest away from the lights. fuel economy is fine, comfortable drive,
  7. Agree,they are not the easiest to use.
  8. Will jack up and check,but really sounds like w/bearing noise.
  9. Hi All, I have a 2016 1.5 tdci C-Max, rear bearings sound noisy , car only done 20000 mls. can they be repacked with grease. all ready fitted sound deadening. Thanks Mick.
  10. Stop/start n/w again so bought special charger, took over 24 hrs to charge fully, lost charge again,had battery checked at garage , £172 for new one fitted. apparently alternator is over £300. stop/start is not cheap.
  11. Did weekly shop yesterday , Stop/Start working again. Thanks for help. Mick.
  12. Put battery on charge (low setting) after a few hours battery charged up. Thanks Mick.
  13. C-Max 1.5 tdci with stop/start. Battery is Varta EFB 75ah. 700A SAE/EN T7. Have a Ring Automotive charger 8 RCB208 with low/high setting can I use this to charge battery in situ and still connected , or must I buy special charger. Thanks Mick.
  14. Should read c-max , brain not in gear. Thanks for reply Mick.
  15. Hi All. I have a 2016 b-max 1.5 tdci , as we are in lockdown have only used car once a week, have noticed stop/start not working,thought battery could be low, how are you supposed to connect earth lead from charger to battery. can only just see it let alone reach it, also have small starter pack just in case , have read alternator will not fully charge battery if its too low Help, Mick.
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