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  1. Ford MK7 Roofbars

    And after removing the original stripes (it´s just adhesive tape), you see where the mounting threads are ! regards
  2. Fitting Parking Sensors To Fiesta Mk7

    Pictures ? Here are my rear sensors, which I mounted into the diffusor ! Works perfect B)
  3. Ford Fiesta Trend Radio Lacks Fader Function

    Trend(s) with only the front speakes don´t have the fader function. But it can be enabled through an update by your ford dealer. (I know several people who have done it!)
  4. What Headlight Are Best For Fiesta Mk7?

    Best headlights are Philips X-treme Vision and Osram Night Breaker Plus ;)
  5. 17" Zs Wheels Rubbish On Snow And Ice

    Me neither ! People complaining here, that their "summer tires wont work in winter conditions", makes me astonished. I mean, "Guys what did you expect" Are there no stats in the UK, of "how many accidents could have been avoided, if people would have driven with winter tires"?
  6. Number Plate Lights Change Guide

    5in1 SMD Leds ;)
  7. Number Plate Lights Change Guide

    It´s really that simpel ;) regards
  8. New Sony Stereo - Clarification

    Hi, according to some posts on german forums, all Fiesta with the new SONY radio have delivery delay, for an indefinite time,... :(
  9. Speaker Size And Folding Mirrors On Mk7 Zs

    I have changed the speakers on my 5dr MK7. B) What you need are such custom fit plates. ;) regards
  10. Fiesta Mk7 Small Problems

    Maybe this is something for you ;)
  11. Mk7 Dash

    It is inexplicable, indeed. But that´s why this question comes up in regular intervals :)
  12. Mk7 Dash

    I think only Ford knows, why this setting affects those two buttons,... <_<
  13. Mk7 Rust!!

    Same here ;) But if that little rust makes you upset, don´t look under your car :P
  14. Mk7 Dash

    But they won´t, if you have changed the mentioned setting in the menu