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  1. Thanks everyone I got it sorted.. I pressed MENU button and then arrow buttons - nothing happened. Then I tried again with the Radio On hey presto it worked, I could get onto the Clock menu'. .Seems strange that the Radio has to be turned on. I'm sure that wasn't necessary before. But anyway it works now.
  2. I have a 2015 1.0 Fiesta - Cannot adjust the clock to summer time. With the ignition on, .I press the arrows around the OK button which should then go into the menu, with no effect. Whatever I do the screen just shows the time and date. The screen will show other warnings such as 'Drivers Door Open'. Any help is appreciated.
  3. I have a Fiesta 1.0 2015 with Stop/Start . I want to remove the battery but am worried about the procedure. I’ve read on this forum about possibly needing a code for the radio, having to reset battery monitoring afterwards, and also mention of an immobilisation code. I can’t find anything in the user manual about these things, so would appreciate advice.