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  1. Have the same problem with my Edge, contacted Ford, will let you know the outcome
  2. Im the same as Trent Edge, never reset one of the Trips, have now covered 12000 miles in 14 months with an average of 37mpg. Thats the daily commute, weekends away and all the trips to different clubs in the evening that the kids attend, So a good mix of different driving styles
  3. Had my Headlights replaced 1yr ago, when the car was only 1 month old, and it has solved all the problems, a year of Trouble free, being able to see at night, motoring. If you have this problem, the olny cure is NEW Headlights, So book an appointment at your dealers and just hope you are still within warrenty !!!
  4. Is there a way, to reduce the brightness of the screen when reversing ? It is so bright at night, I can not see anything in the nearside mirror, I have reduced the Brigtness of the screen, put it on night mode, even turned the screen off, but as soon as reverse is selected, the screen illuminates and Im dazzeled again ! The revese screen appears to run seperatly to all of the controls in sync3
  5. As I said earlier, Get your Dearler to contact Gates of Harlow for advice on this, as they finally fixed mine by installing New replacment headlights. Had the fault about 6 times in the first few months of ownership,3 vists to dealers, they finally replaced headlights and NO faults since ( Approx 6mths). Tell them to replace them, you have 3 yrs standard warrenty for problems like this
  6. Still cant get mine to work, what am i doing wrong ? Followed the instruction loads of times, must be doing something wrong , but what ???
  7. Has anyone managed to get the Reverse Mirror Dipping working on their Edge Vignale ? I Have followed the instruction from the Ford Website Owners Manual, and had No luck in getting it to work ! I know its only a silly feature of the car, but if it helps to protect those lovely Chrome Wheels when parking, I want it to work. I look forward to your comments and view on this
  8. Well, It went back for the 3rd time, 2 months ago, and PERFECT !! Well, hopefully thats it, problem solved. My dealers, Gates of Harlow, say they fitted a Brand New pair of LED headlights, in a car thats only 2 months old at the time, and "Touch Wood", "Fingers Crossed" etc, they have been perfect ever since. If anyone else is having this problem, asked them to contact Gates of Harlow, for advice and guidance Thanks Gates, for finally solving the problem
  9. Simon Already taken a photo, and shown them (Look in my earlier messgaes ) If it still carries on after this round of inspections/ equiment changes ( Think they are going to replace both the headlamps ) will ask them for advice / help on the OBDII, see if the fault can be recorded that way, as it's getting silly now !!! Thanks for the help
  10. Simonb65 When it happens, the only way to reset it, is by turning the ignition off and on, and this is clearing the warning, AND deleting any fault codes. They have asked for me to return to the dealers with the Warning still displayed, so they can see it for their self, but unfortunatly, its only happens in the morning going to work, and they are not open that early, or in the evenings, and they are not open that late.
  11. I have this problem with my Edge, has anyone found the cause, and the cure of the problem ? Mine has been back to the dealers 3 times, and they are stumped ! They have contacted Ford direct, who say No-one else has had this problem, But after chatting to the dealer about the issue, they now say a Directors also has the same problem ( Cant believe a Director has never reported the problem on his company car )