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  1. Hi I'm not sure about the instrument cluster issue but I occasionally get the front light malfunction message, and like you I have no issues with either the dipped/main or cornering lights. I think I've red that it could be a software issue with the control unit, it might need updating. I take it you have AFS system like my Titanium X? Another cause could be the motors that move the dipped beams.
  2. Well I finally got round to changing the rear pads. The discs were fine so went for Brembo pads. Put a bit of Ceratec lube on the pins etc, wound the piston back in and all is good. Think the fronts need doing now. Cant' complain as I've had the car nearly 4 years and this is the first brake pad change.
  3. But yes I too find it strange why you wouldn't grease them 😊
  4. Well the guy who did the video on YT said it depends on which braking system you have, he apparently said its also mentioned in the workshop manual??
  5. I often get this pop up, but my car still drives. Saying that it once did something similar to yours but after being sat in Tescos carpark for a while I red a post online to disconnect the battery for 20-30 minutes then try starting. It worked! Not sure if any help as you say you've had a new battery fitted.
  6. Thanks guys. Also red that when pushing the caliper pistion back in some say it knackers the abs seals??? Some videos on YT not too grease the slider pins too, true or false?
  7. I've had my Mondeo Mk4 2.0 TDCI for several years now and the time has come to renew the front brake pads. What make of pad do you guys use or recommend? A friend of mine says stick with Ford made pads. On my last Ford I used Mintex.
  8. Hello Just wanted to say hello. I've been a Ford owner for many years now. Funny enough my first car was a P reg Escort mk2 1300 in a ***** gold/bronze colour! Since that car I moved to the other side for several years (Vauxhall), but have returned to Ford again. Currently, own a Mondeo Mk4 Titanium X in panther black! I still miss my previous Ford which was a ST24, heavily modded I may add. Cracking car but had to go as the V6 drinks fuel!