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  1. i will get the ones i linked but up the resistance
  2. these are no good i imafgine, so the resistors are working all the time or just when flashing?
  3. any sugestions on how to do it. ive read i need a 4 ohm resistor on each side, like this?
  4. so it eliminates the redbull and grips better
  5. sorry to revive this but im having a little trouble finding any insers for mine, i dunno what ford was thinking with the facelifted mk2. i have seen finis codes but have no idea what they are
  6. i have since fitted leds to the rear, Fog, reverse and indicators however they hyperflash i may need a load resistor on each side as my focus doesnt have dedicated relays
  7. thats the one i was confused about, so need to run my own ground to the orange connector, also big male connector clipped to the chassis rail .(with dummy female on mine) I presume thats for towbar electrics
  8. im referring to fuse 119 owners manual says its 25A for rear lugage 12V but in place of 25 is a 15. im in no rush
  9. i know its permanant live, would my issue be the fuse for it being too small, currently 15A instead of 25A and i was asking what the blue/brown wire is if you know
  10. this is really handy however i am unsure what the small spade connector is there, it has a blue/brown wire on it, block conectors with it is my nonexistant parking aid and the other is for 12v