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  1. i initially fitted this rear number plate light cam but found it was aimed too low and fixed so i relocated it so my problem is solved id say
  2. i didnt when i posted. sorry to revive
  3. i dont think its a drink, i noticed my own is discoloured too if can see a destinct border at where the gear trim is usually
  4. glad to find your guide, and i have already fitted one of those reg light models. your original link cant be found but id be looking at this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Car-Trunk-Handle-Rear-View-Camera-CCD-for-FORD-FOCUS-2-2C-3C-MONDEO-Fiesta-S-Max/282975839536?hash=item41e2aca530:g:j5EAAOSw~Bha~o4x&autorefresh=true
  5. thanks for that advice mate i have an 08 focus FL and was concidering it to get rid of this arch gap but maybe 18 inch wheels will do that too
  6. I did it today, will need to replace my rear winfow heater fuse now. provided my own ground wire to the bolt hole also tapped into the boot light to iluminate the ring
  7. front, rear, both sides, engine, boot, clocks are common pics i have about 600 saved so far
  8. i have been looking for a 5 door escort hatch myself, but havent had much luck finding one under a grand
  9. i will get the ones i linked but up the resistance
  10. these are no good i imafgine, so the resistors are working all the time or just when flashing?
  11. any sugestions on how to do it. ive read i need a 4 ohm resistor on each side, like this? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/25W-Golden-Aluminium-Load-Resistor-Wirewound-Various-Values-High-Quality-New/122180980450?hash=item1c728dcee2:m:mhZxUDz3m-jQEjLFGOKMJ7g
  12. so it eliminates the redbull and grips better
  13. sorry to revive this but im having a little trouble finding any insers for mine, i dunno what ford was thinking with the facelifted mk2. i have seen finis codes but have no idea what they are
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