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  1. Torque

    Powershift gearbox

    Thanks Paul
  2. Torque

    Powershift gearbox

    Bugger, thanks.
  3. Torque

    Powershift gearbox

    Hello there, looking at changing cars again and Fiesta is the size I'm looking at but I want an auto and I wondered if the issues with the Powershift gearbox were ever resolved?
  4. Happy Birthday Torque!

  5. My thoughts exactly guys, glad I'm not alone, thanks :) Why is it when you want a woman to manage something she doesn't, where cars are concerned my Mrs just says "I'll go with whatever you say" ......... I suppose it's so as she can blame me if anything goes wrong with it
  6. Wifeys Ka (click signature) is close on 50,000 miles has a nasty stone ding in the bonnet about 15mm long, front nearside wheel needs refurbing where shes kerbed it and it has the infamous handbrake rattle (all the other rattles I've managed to cure). It has FSH (independent) and 6 months MOT anyway, to the question. I've started looking around for cars for her to change to but, and here is the difficulty, she loves the Ka, it's diesel, good amount of torque, good to drive, reasonable spec being a Titanium, easy to park so I'm judging opinion on whether we run it in to the ground or trade it - been offered £4250 for it by 2 seperate dealers (one Hyundai and one FIAT) recently which, when I look around isn't bad.
  7. Torque

    Looking At A Mk 7 Auto

    Hi folks, I'm looking to change my motor and need an auto due to being disabled, I need to downsize and like the looks of the Mk 7 Fiesta and wondered if anyone had any experience, good or bad, regarding the 1.6 auto? Ideally I'll go for a Titanium (I like ny toys) or a Zetec.
  8. Torque

    Marks On The St

    Crikey! Sorry to see that, it looks like the bird poo has etched in to the clear coat and / or paint. Hopefully it's not too deep and a machine polish could bring the marks out. If you haven't access to a machine or know anyone that has one and is willing to give you a hand, something like Sonus paintwork restore or one of the GTechinc products for this sort of thing may be worth a try by hand. Once you get it right, you could do with sealing the paint with something ike Carlack 68 NSC to help prevent this sort of thing happening again, obviously if you want to wax over the top of the NSC to provide further protection that's up to you but certainly get some sealant on.
  9. Torque

    Mk6 - Water In Doors -Normal?

    From my old Renault days Brrrrrrrrrrr, makes me shiver seeing as the drain holes are clear, it's advisable to take the door card off and check that the plastic membrane is stuck properly all around. This membrane is to stop water which gets through the window seals etc, from getting 'inside' the car and it has been known that it can be have been fitted incorrectly either in the factory or, if someone has had it off for whatever reason.
  10. Torque

    Bumper Scuff - Any Ideas?

    Wrap the end of your finger in a rag and put a bit of smooth peanut butter on it, work it in to the area a bit at a time.
  11. Cars owned: Vauxhall Chevette ............ sorry ....... no really, I was sorry I bought it but, it was my first car and got crashed .......... a lot Mini 1275GT Mk 4 Escort 1.6L Fiesta XR2 Fiesta RS Turbo Renault 5GT Turbo Escort Cosworth Volvo 460 Subaru Impreza Honda Civic Aerodeck VW Polo Volvo 850R Renault Megane Coupe Honda Civic Renault Megane II Subaru Forester Subaru Forester Skoda Octavia vRS Wifeys since I've known her: VW Polo Renault Clio Renault Clio Renault Clio Renault Clio Renault Modus Renault Modus Renault Modus Subaru Justy Ford Ka
  12. Torque

    Think I Offended Him!!!

    Nah, you did right, he's doubtless hoping to make buyers feel like that. Anyone with any sense would've put 12 months MOT on it prior to advertising it and would have an idea of what the car would go for.
  13. Torque

    Polish Stains On The Black Plastic!

    Pencil eraser will clear any polish or wax marks from smooth black plastic, for textured you need smooth peanut butter. If for a strange reason neither of those work your best bet is to apply some more of the product thats caused the marking and buff it off immediately. To darken, protect and feed there's a few good products about but the best I have found is Chemical Guys Natural look dressing although there's a new Sonax product out which I haven't tried yet but it's getting rave reviews on detailing sites.
  14. Torque

    Which One

    Cheers Ollie and up the Rams!
  15. Torque

    Which One

    Thanks Again Ollie and thanks Alan and Dave. Great feedback, just what I was after, out of warranty doesn't bother me, I don't know what Ford are like but with other Marques with the exception of Subaru, I've found that the warranty isn't really worth the paper it's written on as the dealers and the UK HQ usually try every trick in the book to avoid sorting things out. As for black, no thanks but thanks for the heads up. I'm leaning toward the newer one but it won't leave me much, if any, change from the p/x whereas with the 11 plate I should have around around £4k and, as I'm recently redundant that'd come in very handy.