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  1. Morning all, I have an annoying issue that I need to get resolved. I have a 2015 Ford Focus titanium X with rear reversing sensors only. About 2-3 days ago I was driving along and an error popped up on the driver screen along with the noise and disappeared shortly after. This happened 2-3 times over about 30 minutes but didn’t remain on long enough to read. The next day I got in my car started it and a message popped up on the drivers screen stating PARKING PILOT MALFUNCTION SERVICE NOW. I assumed this to be dirt on the sensor, went and cleaned all the sensors and this remedied the issue, for about 10 minutes. I can be driving along and this will pop up numerous times sporadically and then disappear again which is very annoying. When the error pops up the reversing sensors won’t work. However if the error doesn’t pop up all sensors work fine and read objects ok. I think I have located the fuse in the boot as listed in the picture below and will try changing this but this sounds like a loose connection somewhere or perhaps water in a sensor. Can someone confirm this is indeed the right fuse? I have left the car in the son to hopefully dry out any water. Anyone have any experience in tracing where the wires go/come from or how to get at the rear sensors? Any help will be appreciate. There is no other issues as I have seen others have reported electric window faults and central locking as well. Everything else works fine.
  2. From what I’ve found the petrol engine and the diesel are completely different. Petrol being the white filter underneath mentioned above and the diesel being the filter in the engine bay under the air filter. Very late but for anyone else looking bear in mind
  3. If I want to change these LEDs to blue to match the dash has anyone found some good LEDs that fit ?
  4. Any ideas on replacing the ambient lights in the footwell. Looks like an LED on a pcb? I want to change the colour from red to blue 🤦‍♂️
  5. Can you not replace the pcb with a different coloured board or splice it to a new plug and bulb?
  6. Can you not replace them? I can’t seem to find a fitting anywhere
  7. Hello all, I have a 2015 Mk3 focus titanium with ambient lighting that is red. i wanted to change this to blue so bought some LED 501 bulbs on eBay that fit the boot fine. Went to the footwell assuming these are the same and have an LED on a small board. Anyone know how to change these to blue? thank you!
  8. That seems ridiculous, why would ford make all other bulbs accessible but no way to replace the drl strip
  9. Hello all, I have a Ford Focus MK3 titanium with built in DRL in the headlight assembly and want to put in stronger LEDs to the stock version. I have taken this off and cannot seem to find an access point to replace these bulbs which leads me to believe you need to open the housing but there is no clear cut way to do this. Has anyone else been able to or have a guide for this? It seems mad it’s not just a couple of screws as what would happen if a bulb went?!