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  1. Hi! U mean the heater matrix pipes in the engine bay, where the flex hoses attach to the pipes by the bulkhead? Interesting, mine is buzzing, creaking and rattling like crazy now so will get it booked in. When you pull and wiggle them they creak and rattle like mad when warm, mine is a 68 plate too.
  2. Thanks! I will give that a go! Did you have it right next to the existing fixing, or a little way away?
  3. Yes, the quoted photo is my photo, this worked, for a while, maybe 1 month but now it is back! 😫 plan is to check the ties are still tight, and also evaluate if the hose fittings can be secured better at bulkhead. I think they are push fit onto the heater pipes, like a shower pump, when warm they have some movement when engine under light load, the movement is not there in the fitting when they are cold. Have you done the same with the cable ties? Did it fix it completely? Could you post a photo? Right now this is my only issue with my fun new Fiesta!
  4. Interesting, thanks for that. I actually think that maybe the fittings in the engine bay, the stud couplings onto the metal tubes may vibrate a bit when warm. I am going to take a look at them next, to see if they can be secured better, as the cable ties seemed to work for a while but maybe are not the permanent fix! The buzz is like a small wasp stuck in the glove box at certain revs... sound familiar?
  5. Ok, mine right hand drive UK, 2018 model st line x, not ST, the two pipes are passenger side that go to heater matrix, behind the trim. Picture would be great, thanks! There are two other pipes that go through to the inside from engine bay but these look like AC pipes, they are silver in engine bay, on left, metallic, and pass through nearer driver side.
  6. I guess you mean the two heater matrix pipes in the passenger footwell area? I noticed these also, and have been fiddling wedging bits here and there. I actually wonder if the buzz is them rattling where they pass through the plastic guides into the engine bay. Mine creaks over speed bumps, if you grab the two pipes and push them gently (not when hot, it burns) they creak in the bulkhead guides. I think putting cable ties in the engine bay stop the engine vibrations a bit to the bulkhead fitting (engine side) where the hoses connect to the hard pipes into the cabin, in mine this helped but did not fix. For sure it is something about the metal pipes, I have attached a picture. You need to get your head right in after removing the felt cover over the fuse box, which also moves an alarming amount!
  7. Hi, I just picked up a few weeks back my Fiesta ST Line X 140, same buzzing when engine at temperature as shared in the first Google Drive link posted by Martinf64, an absolutely identical noise, so clearly this is still an issue as my vehicle was a factory build. Loose connection in door, feels like the wrong area compared to the noise location (glove box) but in the absence of anything obvious will await the dealer verdict and post back here. Hopefully dealers keep a log of these issues and fixes between themselves!
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