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  1. brilliant i see what you mean now i think i misread your post slightly, are you refering to this then? double din&utm_source=FordOwnersClub&utm_medium=ForumLinks&utm_campaign=referrals
  2. ahh okay i just figured i would need that panel fitted as there wont be anything to screw the head unit into? like in my second pic of my original post i have had to unscrew the four corners to get it out, what will be holding the new one in? thanks for your help though, definitely steering toward that xtrons
  3. hello me again, after much deliberation i think i have honed down to: XTRONS TE103AP or EONON GA2168 or EONON GA2168k The XTRONS is the top spec i can find on a 10" screen which could be overkill for my focus but it looks great in some vids i have seen, its also the only 10" that has 4gb RAM and 32gb ROM with octacore and Android 8.0 which was reccomended above so it has pretty much got me. the screen is detachable although slightly more longwinded to take off than some pumpkin and eonon models of similar size that i found. Also being black friday/cyber monday weekend i could get it with a fair whack off the price (£240ish on their site). My only worry is it doesnt look like it comes with the CANBUS adapter, i also am not too familiar with what that even is, is it just for steering wheel controls (which i dont have) or is it for the stalk aswell? As for the EONON GA2168, that screen is better detachable and is also octacore however it is only Android 7.1 (is that a major difference?) its also only 2gb RAM and not 4 (again not too sure about this, would a car stereo really benefit from more than 2gb? This also doesnt seem to come with the CANBUS adapter but does come with a free rear cam or dash cam and is £247 And finally the EONON GA2168K which is very simlar obviously but is only 16gb ROM and again 2gb RAM but this time with Android 8.1 but only quadcore processor without CANBUS and also comes with free cam of my choice and is cheaper at £217 Both XTRONS and EONON offer similar spec stereos that will fit right into my hole that are only 7" however but do for some reason come with CANBUS decoder/box (is that the same thing?) So im swaying toward the XTRONS, better spec and all that but will i need to but this CANBUS thing? Any help would be greatly appreciated, sorry this was a bit longwinded but i have spent many hours now researching/spreadsheeting/doing my missus head in with all this now and want to purchase while these deals and offers are on. Hopefully some of you may have experience here. Also is it just this: that i will need after installing and still use my original facia? The dimentions of these HU's are the same as my factory fitted model. Thanks in advance for any input
  4. i have also been looking into these DAB+ aeriels and from what i gather these window antennas are a little temperamental and people elsewhere i have read have suggested getting a rooftop aeriel fitted. does anybody have any experience here or is it not worth the hassle? or have you experienced good quality and signal from window antennas? i defo want DAB
  5. thank you all for your quick replies and help too 👍
  6. i think i might take you up on these then, i did see them and thought theyd be easiest as its literally the same shape and parts to the one i have currently. my main issue was that i was being greedy i think and i wanted one with a huge screen and basically one that is pretty much a tablet on the dash which i think might be a little too hopeful. have you used one of these eonon or xtrons yourself? and do you know what the latest OS is? im very much an iOS user and have never dabbled in android but can see i have no option in this case
  7. i thought this might the case due to lack of reviews and info on these chinese devices but thought they must be okay as theres what seems to be hundreds of them knocking about, is this info of poor quality from personal experience?
  8. thanks for that, i was going to ask about the reverse cam at some point so i appreciate that cheers
  9. oh and the current dims are about 100*146*179
  10. just some pics of what im dealing with, looks a bit scary back there for me but any info on all this will be great, ive done a lot of youtube/google searches and its like im going round in circles sometimes
  11. Hello im pretty new to cars but have purchased an '08 Focus tdci that im quite fond of, never been bothered about cars but this drives really nice and now im all about it. My question to you all is about stereos, i have the FX Travelpilot built in which isnt a bad bit of kit but it is dated i feel and as such i have been researching aftermarket stereos. My budget isnt massive and so im trying to avoid the branded versions even though i know they will be much more reliable. Ive seen absolutley tons of non-branded/chinese HU's that look great and have great features specifically the features i really want (Satnav, Bluetooth for playing songs from Apple Music and preferably DAB at some point) Now my facia isnt going to allow for any of these HU's that i want so i at least know i will need a new one of those with the square as opposed to the oval shaped hole for the unit, my worry is this wont be enough, i have read something about cages and installation kits and what not but this is where my head gets muddled as theres so many options but not sure what kind i need. Has anybody else gone down this route and how difficult was it? Im a complete novice but im willing to try this myself as i was quoted an extortionate amount from a local company before ive even chosen a stereo. Any help would be a massive help and any specific details would be great, this is my current stero below
  12. New to cars, well not new i've had them years, new to caring about my car as i just purchased a nice one for the first time. Probably not too nice for most but its spanking to me