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  1. According to Pumaspeed the 1.0 Ecoboost turbo's are the same, even though the part numbers/power output are different. Based on this I went on and bought a used turbo from a '14 Focus with the M2DA (100HP version) with only 6500 miles on it. I still haven't replaced it though.
  2. The car has been running flawless since the dealer corrected the bug(?) in the software.
  3. Made some progress today. I vacuum tested the wastegate actuator. I pulley vacuum from the middle hose on the boost solenoid, seeing the actuator working and pulling the wastegate. It held pressure, so the actuator is good. But, I think the problem is the wastegate linkage itself. Hard to tell without removing the downpipe and study the inside, but the linkage is pretty loose. https://imgur.com/bLjidxT https://imgur.com/Vk4IB9M I'm pulling/twisting at the wastegate arm here. When the actuator is pulley with vacuum all the way, I still have some movement left on the wastegate arm. I believe the wastegate arm would be firm if was closed all the way to the seat. The wastegate shaft bushing also seem to be worn out. At first I was thinking about adjusting the actuator arm to give the wastegate a slightly preload when in closed position, but seeing all the slack in the wastegate shaft I'm not so sure it will work very well after all. I will also need to replace my coolant tank; https://imgur.com/oTeNRZn
  4. Alright. Since I have excellent brakes it should mean that the vacuum pump is in good shape. Does anyone have a vacuum diagram?
  5. Thanks for your reply. I have a hand operated vacuum pump, so I can test the function of the actuator/wastegate (also the lines I guess). Would you know how much vacuum the engine vacuum pump should pull? Is this vacuum monitored by the ECU? Pumaspeed offers a OEM turbocharger replacement, though it states it can be both brand new or remanufactured. It can also be had with upgraded bearings/internals.
  6. Hi, Hi seem to have poor bottom end due to building boost very slow. I do have a remap, but since the bottom end didn't change when remapped I don't believe it's related to this. The datalogs are WOT datalogs. This it a 2nd gear run with a gear change into 3rd. I suspected the BOV to have failed, but this checked out fine. I replaced it with a Turbosmart unit anyways. Here's a 2nd and 3rd gear WOT run. I have been thinking about checking out the wastegate, actuator and boost solenoid. Any thoughts?
  7. I have not had any engine malfunction warnings since the dealer reactivated the fuel pump prime function. I can also confirm that you will see low fuel pressure at the fuel rail before starting the engine. So if you have a OBD reader just check the fuel rail pressure before starting the car (and also having it sit overnight).
  8. Replacing the high pressure fuel pump didn't help. I returned the car to the dealer. They told me today to tell me they probably had solved the P0191 engine malfunction fault at "key on". They told me that the fuel pump hadn't been priming at "key on" (or was it when door is opened?), as this function was deactived in the module (PCM?)! Who knows how this happened (they sure didn't)... I also had another P025C, which made the engine stop while driving. It fired right up again. The dealer has not found anything abnormal related to this.
  9. So I replaced the high pressure fuel pump today. Will see tomorrow if it was the one causing issues. But I'm not sure what to believe anymore regarding the fuel prime when ignition on. While having the low pressure fuel hose disconnected from the HP pump, I cycled the key on/off several times and no fuel would come out unless I cranked the engine.
  10. I forgot to add one thing. The P0191 only shows up if the car has been sitting for a couple/few or more hours. Which also makes me believe this is how long it takes for the fuel rail pressure to bleed off. Could anyone on here try to log the fuel rail pressure while turning the key on? To see if pressure builds up prior to start?
  11. This might not be correct for the 1.0 Ecoboost?
  12. I have a '12 Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost which sets P0191 / Engine malfunction on "key on"/start up. It all started with P025C fault. The in-tank fuel pump and fuel pump driver module was then replaced by dealer. The P025C went away. Just a couple of days after this, the P0191 (fuel rail pressure sensor circuit range/performance) started showing up. It shows up when I turn the ignition switch on, and stays on at startup. If I then stop the engine and restart, the engine malfunction goes away. I replaced the fuel rail pressure sensor, which didn't solve the issue. I then did some logging; On this log I turn ignition on/off four times, to see if it would prime the fuel rail. The fuel rail pressure sensor didn't respond at all. It does seem like the low pressure fuel pump is trying to prime the system looking at the FP value(?). Here you can see I started the engine (sorry for the bad scaling of the graphs). Immediately you can see the fuel rail pressure increase when engine is started. I then turned off the engine and restarted it, engine malfunction then goes away. I'm thinking this is because it now has fuel pressure in the rail from the last startup. So the way I see it, I get P0191 because the fuel rail doesn't get primed when I turn on the ignition. Would you agree in my findings, and what would cause this?