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  1. Any thoughts on the different timing tool kits out there?
  2. Thanks. Can this workshop manual be found anywhere online?
  3. Is there also a timing belt for the oil pump on these engines?
  4. https://www.lasertools.co.uk/items/PDF/Products/7317_Instructions_V4.pdf Looking at this aftermarket tool, it seems you're right. 👍 9:1 gear ratio, 8 x 90 degrees + 25 degrees, total 82.7 degrees. The manual does'nt tell to torque to 60Nm before angle torque(?).
  5. I see what you mean. Have you seen any documentation where it states torque ratio, instead of gear ratio? https://fordspecialtools.service-solutions.com/en-US/Pages/ItemDetail.aspx?SKU=303-1611
  6. Lots of info, great! It being time consuming doesn't bother me, so I will continue with my timing belt replacement on next service. I believe your crankshaft numbers are wrong. The gear ratio won't change, so the angle numbers should be 18 degrees for each step and a total of 90 degrees. It is true though that you will have a torque loss (friction) through a torque multiplier, but the gear ratio is still the same. So when using a torque wrench set at 60Nm with a 5:1 torque multiplier which in theory should be 300Nm, the actual torque on the bolt will be less (255-270Nm?)
  7. So, has anyone done a timing belt replacement on the 1.0 Ecoboost? I just did my 220.000km(136.000 miles) service today on my '12 Focus. On the next 240.000km(150.000 miles) service I will have to do the timing belt as well. I would think a timing tool kit would make things a lot easier; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Ecoboost-1-0-Timing-Tool-Kit-Transit-Mondeo-Fiesta-13-17-Focus-12-18/283492717211 Does anyone know if any of the bolts needs to be replaced?
  8. My new (used, good condition) compared to the old turbo wastegate; https://imgur.com/9qmFqBo It is now running better than ever.
  9. According to Pumaspeed the 1.0 Ecoboost turbo's are the same, even though the part numbers/power output are different. Based on this I went on and bought a used turbo from a '14 Focus with the M2DA (100HP version) with only 6500 miles on it. I still haven't replaced it though.
  10. The car has been running flawless since the dealer corrected the bug(?) in the software.
  11. Made some progress today. I vacuum tested the wastegate actuator. I pulley vacuum from the middle hose on the boost solenoid, seeing the actuator working and pulling the wastegate. It held pressure, so the actuator is good. But, I think the problem is the wastegate linkage itself. Hard to tell without removing the downpipe and study the inside, but the linkage is pretty loose. https://imgur.com/bLjidxT https://imgur.com/Vk4IB9M I'm pulling/twisting at the wastegate arm here. When the actuator is pulley with vacuum all the way, I still have some movement left on the wast
  12. Alright. Since I have excellent brakes it should mean that the vacuum pump is in good shape. Does anyone have a vacuum diagram?
  13. Thanks for your reply. I have a hand operated vacuum pump, so I can test the function of the actuator/wastegate (also the lines I guess). Would you know how much vacuum the engine vacuum pump should pull? Is this vacuum monitored by the ECU? Pumaspeed offers a OEM turbocharger replacement, though it states it can be both brand new or remanufactured. It can also be had with upgraded bearings/internals.
  14. Hi, Hi seem to have poor bottom end due to building boost very slow. I do have a remap, but since the bottom end didn't change when remapped I don't believe it's related to this. The datalogs are WOT datalogs. This it a 2nd gear run with a gear change into 3rd. I suspected the BOV to have failed, but this checked out fine. I replaced it with a Turbosmart unit anyways. Here's a 2nd and 3rd gear WOT run. I have been thinking about checking out the wastegate, actuator and boost solenoid. Any thoughts?
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