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    05 focus 3door 2.0 tdci titanium
  1. cam belt

    i have a 2005 2.0 tdci titanium that needs her cambelt renewing soon, was wondering how hard of a job it is to do myself? any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. cheers chris.
  2. vibration under acceleration

    had a proper look at it today and the bolt that goes through the bushing has gone, everything else looks fine, no splits breaks cracks or anything. hopefully an easier fix than expected.
  3. vibration under acceleration

    hi, im new to this forum and need some help/advice. ive recently bought an 05, 2.0 tdci titanium focus with 70k on the clock and its been absolutely amazing great to drive aand live wth, but last night all of a sudden there started to be a huge vibration felt through the entire car under any acceleration load. if sat at same speed its fine as well as while iddling or sat still nd reved. its only under acceleration however slight the load. thought it was the engine mount as there was nothing wrong with anything else, once home popped the bonnet and got the wife to rev it a couple of times and im fairly certain it is the mount as the engine moved loads rearwards when she reved it. how difficult is it to replace the lower/rear mount? and what would be the best thing to replace it with, direct replacement or a different material? thanks chris