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  1. Like I said I have already followed the programming procedure and the car will not enter programming mode.
  2. Yes. Originally when I got the car the fob battery was dead, I put in a new battery but the fob didn't work and then I followed the procedure I found on the net to put the car into programming mode and pushed the button on the fob... the car beeped to accept the input from the fob and then as instructed I turned the ignition back on to exit programming mode and the fob worked as it was supposed to for about 3 months. After 3 months it stopped responding to the unlock button, like i said before the lock button and the trunk release both work fine and the physical button itself tests as working properly. But now any attempt to put the car back into programming mode fails and the car never enters programming mode so I can't just try and rebind the key with the car.
  3. yes and for getting the central locking to work it worked fine with just one key when I first got the car, since then it has decided to stop locking and now like I said it won't even enter programming mode so the number of keys is kind of moot.
  4. This is driving me nuts and I can't figure it out. I have a 2002 Focus Estate and it refuses to unlock with the keyfob. The truck release works fine and it will lock the doors no problem but I have to unlock it with the key. I have replaced the battery in the keyfob and I have tested the button using a multimeter so the button itself is working correctly and closing the circuit like it should. I can't seem to get the car to go into programming mode either, no matter how many times I turn the ignition on and off rapidly I get no beep to say it's going into programming mode, it did this fine when I got the car. Any ideas?
  5. I would not have thought that would have prevented it from entering programming mode though because there would have to be a way to overwrite old keys. ---edit--- I just found this referring to remote programming on the focus: "Entering the programming mode erases the Focus computer's memory of all previous authorizations. Therefore, you must program all remotes that you want to work all in the same session, even if some are already working."
  6. I had this same kind of issue with an escort, drove me nuts trying to find it, turned out to be a rust hole in the top of the firewall, you couldn't see it by looking under the dash or when the bonnet was open. I found it eventually when I stuck my hand up under where you cant see in the engine bay and my finger found the hole. Every time I drove in the rain the spray was getting in the hole and running down under the carpet into the footwell. We used to joke we had an escort with a built in swimming pool. So if the pollen filter housing is not wet I would start looking for hidden holes.
  7. When I got this car it only had one central locking remote so I ordered another one. Following instructions I turned the car on and off 4 times until I got the beep and then pressed a button on the remotes to program them back in and they both worked. Recently the remote I got with the car quit working as well so I replaced that one and now no matter how many times I turn the car on and off it simply will not go into programming mode to allow me to add the new remote. I did switch the transponder from the old remote into the new one and the key starts the car fine but I just can't get it to go into programming mode. Any ideas?
  8. I bought a couple of fuse taps so I could hardwire my dashcam and phone charger. Can anyone tell me the best fuses with switched power to tap to use these devices. Honestly I only need the one for the dashcam to be switched, the phone charger can be constant.
  9. ok thanks for the answers everyone, sorry for the slow response as I have family visiting from out of country. Anyway I solved the issue, I got the licence for Forscan and got into the programming section to discover the heated screen had actually been turned off in the GEM, I don't know why it was turned off because an inspection of all the wiring showed it all OK. I turned it back on in the GEM and now the screen works flawlessly
  10. I am at a total loss here, I have tried everything I can think of to no avail. When I push the button on the dash for the heated windscreen I get nothing, no light, no rely click nothing. I have tried it with and without the engine running I have checked the ground strap I have checked the fuses I have checked the relays Tested it with a known working button. Forscan registers that the button is pressed so the button itself is fine but still I get nothing. I did notice that the wires going to the heated washer jets were broken, could this be causing the heated windscreen to fail? Anything else I should be checking?