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  1. ok so maybe the EGR's actuator wasn't working at all! I bet you saved good money! :-)
  2. Altitude has something to do for sure, in Forscan I can see there a atmospheric pressure sensor in the Ranger, at 1700m where I live, there's less oxygen than at sea level, and for engine efficiency purpose, the amount of recycled gas is reduced. I owned a Citroen Berlingo, 1.9D not a common rail one with HDI engine, just the good old 1.9D that was used on BX, 305, ZX, Xsara and lot more, build 2003, kept it 12 years, every year cathalytic got blocked and especially when I was I was spending 2 week on holiday where I live now, I did search on the internet and found a document made by students in a Engine Design school, and the document was dedicated to this car with this particular engine, and there was an atmospheric sensor that would deactivate the EGR at a certain altitude, but with a closed EGR, the entire flow of exaust gas goes through the cathalytic... and it quickely get blocked! What was wrong with your EGR? I know for sure mine doesn't work (close) very well, I can't see it with Forscan, it return a 35% positionning error, I believe this is due to abnormal amount of exaust gas that went through it when DPF was blocked and accumulate in the EGR, but no error on the dashboard at all, I will have to clean it for sure, it's just a PITA to access! So I'm still thinking of a solution with pipe inspection camera (I have a cheap one), a vaccum cleaner, and a rim cleaner injector!!! weard but should work! As for the static regeneration, I don't like the idea to have the engine running for 45min at 2800 rpm, having Diesel going in the engine oil, and having to change oil and filter right after that, doesn't sound "mecanicaly serious" to me, that's the reason why I cleaned it manualy and since, it all working good and periodic regeneration works fine!
  3. The EGR? interresting as I noticed something strange about a year ago, driving from the mountain were I live, down the the sea level, I had to refuel half way but I was already at low altitude, when I resarted, ESP, ABS and warning indicators turned on, everything disapeared when I got back home at 1700m altitude, I did search on the internet and found someone in a similar situation (altitude changes, ESP and ABS warning...) on a french board, he explained he went to his Ford agent, couldn't find or explain what went wrong, decided to upgrade "firmwares" and since no problem at all, he had to pay 150€ for reprograming, I believe there are buggs that require reprograming, my Ranger seems to require it although it is not as dramatic as some others that risk serious engine damage. My opinion is that, with altitude changes, the EGR control is different (and evantually deactivated on some older cars), and at a certain point, a bugg appears causing (fake) error indicator to turn on, for sure I will go back the the spanish Ford agent who proposed me to reprogram my Ranger for free, why do DPF and Water in Diesel indicators never turned on as my DPF went totaly blocked, and as I recently saw on Forscan a Water in Diesel warning? it all weard!!!
  4. Don't know if this may help but I've lost one of the screws, the left one marked HB1 below, that links the lever's ball joint to the top of the gearbox, lever suddenly became loose. I recover the screw half way between home and work, try to put it back in place but I think the thread in the gearbow cast was a bit damaged and as the screw is not completely threaded, it wouldn't engage, I've had to use a standard M8 screw. Hope this helps ED France
  5. Does anyone know where I can find the electric schematics of the 2011 Ranger?
  6. I think, others may confirm, that, unless it is in limp mode, DPF automatic regeneration occures randomly every 100 or 200km (60 to 120 miles), I beleive it does when the analogic differential pressure sensor returns that the pressure in the DPF is above a certain value. I just received this today, I know it's all french!!!... Plugged it in, took me less than a minute to reset the DPF stored values, limp mode is gone!!! power is back but I think I will clean the DPF manually as I already did again rather than performing a forced regeneration as I've been driving in limp mode for almost three weeks. I don't want the engine to scream during 45 minutes for nothing! Forscan is just fantastic! Thanks for your help!
  7. Hi all, About six month ago I had the ABS, the ESP and the "service soon" light on just when I engaged the 4H, I went to the local service who diagnose rear left ABS sensor failure, I went to the nearest Ford service in Spain (I live close to the border), who confirmed, so I ordered a new sensor, as I previously received a letter from Ford France to replace back seat lock spring so I also asked the spanish guy if he could do it and agree with him to replace it myself at the same time he would change the spring. So we did everything, he replaced the spring, I replaced the sensor although It had the pretty same internal resistance as the right wheel one, around 0.4Mohm, but the ABS, ESP and "service soon" light stayed on, he plugged his diagnostic and still got rear left ABS sensor failure (I think it was open circuit), I checked the pulse wheel and it's clean and spinning correctly when rotating the wheel hub, I'm thinking of a bad cable between sensor and ABS module? any idea? thanks ED France
  8. Thanks for the reply, i'll go for one of these ELM327! Is there any limitation with Forscan or is it fully functionnal? Sure I will check the vaporiser! I'm pretty sure this is the root cause! I'think I will also install an LED connected to it or to the pump that feeds it because the dashboard's DPF indicator never turned on, only the sort of gear with an exclamation mark went on. I think I will also install a voltmeter on the DPF differential pressure sensor as I could see during last diagnostic, that it returned 0.48V in normal condition! Thanks again ED France
  9. Hi Jim, I'm new here and I would like to know what OBD hardware and software you have been using? I read above you downloaded Forscan, free version for Windows? I'm having DPF troubles, had the local service (non Ford) to diagnose the Ranger, confirmed DPF blocked, So I decided to remove it and clean it with rim cleaner, water and compressed air and it seem it worked fine, a lot of soot came out, same garage re-diagnose after cleaning and his Bosch Diagnostic said differential pressure ok while was previously above 100%, but still soot accumulation is at 137%, this value cannot be reseted, it seems the only way is to re-gen the DPF, I don't wan't to pay a fortune for that and would like to do it myself but I want to be sure to have the proper tools! Thanks for help ED France