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  1. Cheers James My Kuga Automatic would this affect the gearbox the extra power ?
  2. Recommend the Auto gearbox, silky smooth & quick !
  3. Welcome Dave, Glad I read your post My wife's after changing her 66reg X-trail for auto petrol Kuga , She loves mine but prefers petrol
  4. Many thanks for your reply I'll get it booked in
  5. I've heard the auto gearbox in my 65reg mk2 Kuga needs a service at 40K ? Could someone please confirm this ? & if it does where's the best place Ford dealer or Independent?
  6. I've heard the auto gearbox in my 65reg mk2 Kuga needs a service at 40K ? Could someone please confirm this ? & if it does where's the best place Ford dealer or Independent?
  7. Am thinking of having my Kuga Remapped ?, Does anybody know the Pros & Cons ??, Currently 180bhp standard but could? according to company websites below: be achieving an extra 50bhp & better MPG ? Does it work or should I just save my money ?? PERFORMANCE GAINS POWER INCREASE: BEFORE AFTER 180 PS 238 PS TORQUE INCREASE: BEFORE AFTER 400 NM 488 NM
  8. So glad I've stumbled over this by mistake?, my 16 plate just hit 40k this week & I know it's got FSH but I dont know if the gearbox oil/ filter been changed? I be looking into asap as I thought they were sealed for life & reading other reviews it needs doing every 3x years ?
  9. We have 2x Black Labradors & they fit fine in my Kuga,Your Kuga looks great in Chrome blue !
  10. Final update: I was so annoyed with the way I've been treated over the phone by the Carpeople I went into the showroom today with my Ford invoice & asked for the customer services manager & explained how bad I'd been treated? & how unhappy I was , He remembered me as we bought 2x vehicles from them year & he apologised/ refunded my invoice from the Ford dealer , So thankfully CP do have some customer care still .
  11. Am considering the Edge next? Would you recommend them over the Kuga ?
  12. UPDATE: My car went into Evan's Halshaw Ford in Ashton yesterday at 8am on request of the Carpeople for warranty work , Evan's Halshaw we're fantastic, I was totally kept upto date every bit of the way Inc a video of my vehicle check which sailed through & the Bluetooth/ music streaming working again after diagnostic/ master reset , The only issue is the Carpeople as they wouldn't honour the warranty "which I paid extra for" and I had to pay Ford for the work £63 as a decision couldn't be made by them even though it'd been in all day ?, I'll be buying my & wife's car elsewhere from now on as 15 years /11x cars of being a loyal customer means nothing these days!
  13. Is anyone else having problems with their Bluetooth system on mk2 Kuga? Mines gone off for a day or 2 before then come back on? , I've done the obvious things like re-pairing my phone with the Sony unit & reset etc...., I bought the car with an extended 2xyear warranty from The Carpeople in Manchester ( my 6th & last car from here!) But they're not that interested? got my money & theyve just passed the book & told me to contact Evan's Halshaw & 3x calls later? Am still waiting for a reply when I can book it in???