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  1. So glad I've stumbled over this by mistake?, my 16 plate just hit 40k this week & I know it's got FSH but I dont know if the gearbox oil/ filter been changed? I be looking into asap as I thought they were sealed for life & reading other reviews it needs doing every 3x years ?
  2. We have 2x Black Labradors & they fit fine in my Kuga,Your Kuga looks great in Chrome blue !
  3. Final update: I was so annoyed with the way I've been treated over the phone by the Carpeople I went into the showroom today with my Ford invoice & asked for the customer services manager & explained how bad I'd been treated? & how unhappy I was , He remembered me as we bought 2x vehicles from them year & he apologised/ refunded my invoice from the Ford dealer , So thankfully CP do have some customer care still .
  4. Am considering the Edge next? Would you recommend them over the Kuga ?
  5. UPDATE: My car went into Evan's Halshaw Ford in Ashton yesterday at 8am on request of the Carpeople for warranty work , Evan's Halshaw we're fantastic, I was totally kept upto date every bit of the way Inc a video of my vehicle check which sailed through & the Bluetooth/ music streaming working again after diagnostic/ master reset , The only issue is the Carpeople as they wouldn't honour the warranty "which I paid extra for" and I had to pay Ford for the work £63 as a decision couldn't be made by them even though it'd been in all day ?, I'll be buying my & wife's car elsewhere from now on as 15 years /11x cars of being a loyal customer means nothing these days!
  6. Is anyone else having problems with their Bluetooth system on mk2 Kuga? Mines gone off for a day or 2 before then come back on? , I've done the obvious things like re-pairing my phone with the Sony unit & reset etc...., I bought the car with an extended 2xyear warranty from The Carpeople in Manchester ( my 6th & last car from here!) But they're not that interested? got my money & theyve just passed the book & told me to contact Evan's Halshaw & 3x calls later? Am still waiting for a reply when I can book it in???
  7. I've never heard of the WLTP test, when did this start?
  8. It's time Car manufacturers we're made by law to give out MPG figures in the real world, not in some laboratory with a perfect heat & air environment , its fraudulent but they continue to get away with it?
  9. I've got a 16-reg 2.0TDCI -180bhp- KUGA TITANIUM X SPORT AUTO AWD & its brilliant! , loads of power & loverly auto gearbox, the AWD grips fantastic & its comfortable , mpg good best I've had around town/ brief duel carriageway is 38mpg & motorway late 40's , Being top of the range it's got every single extra inc panoramic sunroof , Sat nav, Xenons , reversing camera , heated / electic seats (too many gadgets to list) & it even parks itself, I'd thoroughly recommend this & the KUGA STX your considering is the face lifted model of mine
  10. I've got 16 reg Titanium X Sport Auto AWD '2.0 TDCI "180bhp" in deep impact blue as below: , The mpg nothing like Ford claimed but yesterday I got the best yet 38mpg on 6.7 mile round trip on A- roads / dual carriageway the Car's great !, plenty of power / grip & I'd recommend to anyone .