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  1. Thinking on buying a second hand Fiesta Zetec S

    Mmm, I reckon a brand new one could be had for similar money!
  2. Would be interested too, again dependant on price.
  3. Well, todays the day - at about 3pm! Only had to wait a week or so from ordering, so its been an ok wait. So, anything in particular thats come up over the last few months with new Fiestas that I should be specifically checking when I take delivery? Or should I just be doing the standard new car check before signing? I am hoping that the rain holds off, or they have the car undercover when I collect. I hate checking over new cars in the rain/dark.
  4. Q: are these bulbs ideal for footwell lights?

    I dont think the Zetec S has the wiring in place. If you have a read of some of the other footwell lighting threads, that will confirm. I think you would need to add your own wiring in.
  5. Thinking on buying a second hand Fiesta Zetec S

    Based on my deal last week, and a couple of others I have spoken with, when taking Fords finance and with a fair bit of haggling, about a 21 - 22% discount from list OTR prices can be had at the moment on the new Fiestas. That makes the Zetec about £10100, the Titanium about £11200 and the Zetec S about £11800. These have been achieved there or thereabouts on the Zetec and Titanium, not sure on the Zetec S. All brand new and from local dealers. Second hand appears in a lot of cases more expensive right now. Oh, and your dealer may not be happy or over friendly with you doing these deals :)
  6. New Fiesta. Bluetooth and Colour?

    yeah I know. I keep telling myself that. I will be more than happy I am sure.
  7. New Fiesta. Bluetooth and Colour?

    the zetec in White with Bluetooth loving the body kit but cannot justify the cost. Maybe next time :)
  8. New Fiesta. Bluetooth and Colour?

    Just heard, I am collecting on Friday :)
  9. Newbie with a couple of questions

    Can only part answer this one really. No, the Y Cable is for the newer aux/usb interface on the MK7. Not sure if your radio/cd will have an aux input though. May be a case of an upgrade.
  10. Photo request - standard mk7 zetec

    Thanks. Sorry though forgot to add in the title that I was looking for pics of the frozen White! Cheers though. Very nice looking car mate.
  11. As the title says. In frozen White. Can find loads of pictures of the zetec s, but not the standard zetec. Cheers
  12. Footwell Lights

    Was going to order these, then realised they were in the States. Dont fancy waiting a couple of weeks for them. Are the others mentioned no good? - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=120433877688
  13. Footwell Lights

    Got any pics at all?
  14. Best Mats MK7

    are they decent quality? Which seller did you buy from?
  15. Best Mats MK7

    A bit too much ££ for me at the moment, but have read they are good. Heres one set on Ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/FORD-FIESTA-MK7-08-T...=item4838056b75 There are a few others too. Had heard the standard mats were pretty quick to wear. I have some Ford velour mats in my current MK6.5 fiesta, and they were tatty after just a few months too.