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  1. Hi All I'm undertaking several projects at the moment on my mk 2 Titanium, two of which are fitting the Bluetooth USB/Voice module and replacing my centre console with a 2.5 version. This new console has the USB and AUX socket in the armrest. I've read through several posts on similar things, but what is the best way of connecting them up? I have a Gen3 Sony 6 CD Mulitchange as my head unit. I'm pretty sure I just need a USB2 female to USB mini cable to run from the Bluetooth module through to the armrest but it's the AUX i'm not sure on in terms of cables. I know the Bluetooth module sends all the audio via the AUX connection at the back of the headunit so i'm pretty sure I can't just swap out the plug in the multilock plug for a standalone AUX cable?
  2. Hi! Can anyone share what the correct part number is for 4 switch electric window master switch with red lighting? I know some of the later pre face lifts had red switch lighting as does the C-Max i believe? It needs to have the rectangular plug on the rear instead of the newer square plug.
  3. Thanks! I'm going to tackle the passenger first next week using this guide as a rough guide as it's for Recaro's; https://www.focusfanatics.com/threads/heated-seat-how-to-fix.142285/ Anyone else tackled this before? Was it an easy fix? Where did you get any replacement pads if repairs weren't possible?
  4. Hi All, me again! I've just purchased and fitted some second hand full leather, electric heated seats for my Titanium. Straight fit as all wiring and switches were present or included. Unfortunately the heated side of things wasn't as good a purchase as i'd hoped, as both front seats don't fully work. The driver seat the lower back and bum section work but not the leg part, and the passenger only the leg part works! I've been looking at how to repair them on different sites, and am willing to take the plunge, however, what parts do I need? I think there are different pads for different types of seats? I'm hoping it will just be a case of broken wires as that seems to be quite common. I've attached a picture of the type i've bought for reference. Is there separate pads on these for back and base? All goes to plan, i'll happily make a guide of some form to help out in the future.
  5. Strange, I tried a T50 and it was too small! Maybe I was being a bit crazy in all the sun...
  6. Hi All Can anyone advise what Torq size the bolts for the mounting brackets for the front seats are on a Mk2? I’ve not got one big enough and want to make sure I order the right size.
  7. I've just retrofitted factory sensors to my 2005 Titanium. The PDC lives in the boot, behind the wheel arch lining on the drivers side. If you remove this, you will see the wiring that goes through a grommet in the floor down to the rear bumper. There should be under some tape, your two connectors from the car wiring that connect to the PDC somewhere before the grommet.. A beige/brown connector and a smaller black one. The wiring there looks to be the beige plug, is that what is not connected? When I got mine, this had been cut out from the previous car. If this is the case, it can be thrown away as the one within your car now should replace it.The black plug goes on the far side of the PDC, not the middle (the middle is for front sensors). You can then stick the PDC to the sidewall or floor with some sticky pads to keep it secure. In terms of wiring, I got hold of a full bumper loom cheaply which you can swap out quickly as it connects to a plug behind the bumper which is where the wires coming through the grommet go. This is for the reverse and fog lights as well as all four sensors.
  8. Just reading one of the topics about key fobs and cloning, could it be possible that neither of my keys are original and this is what’s causing the error? I have one regular remote locking key and one flip one. Both work - unlocking and starting the car. Scratching my head here as I never had this when activating it on my previous 2006 Focus with only one key!
  9. It is one I bought off eBay. Tunnelratelectronics.co.uk I've used this on my previous 2006 Focus for the same thing with no issue.
  10. Hi All Hoping your collective knowledge can help! I'm trying to activate Cruise Control on my 2005 2.0 Titanium. When I try to read from the PCM, i get the following error; Incorrect response from adapter to request "27 02 00 88 33". 7F 27 35 35 - Invalid Key Any ideas what is wrong? It has also pinged my EML on now this has happened, but I haven't been able to check what the code is as yet.
  11. Hi All I'm after a new rear bumper for my 2005 Focus. I have found one breaking that has the factory sensors fitted to it and also has the loom to and including parking module. Is there anything else i need to fit this - is the remaining cambus wiring likely to be tucked away hidden along with the sounder? I figure it will need activating on ELMConfig once fitted?
  12. I have converted my 12v socket to a double USB socket I bought off of eBay. This alas is a rather cheap Chinese made part, which is causing tons of interference for my DAB. Is there a better quality socket anyone could suggest? Also, how far away does DAB get affected by the interference? I'm looking at upgrading my centre console from mk2 to 2.5 so that I have an additional socket, would the new location cure this or would it still be too close? Open to any ideas about interference stopping as well. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi All I've been having a read through several posts and getting several answers about an oil burning problem I have. I have a 07' 1.6 Manual Petrol Focus Zetec Climate. I seem to be burning oil somewhere. There are no leaks that I can see, and I don't get a consistent burnt oil smell. It is only mainly noticeable when in traffic, and with my vents open. Having done the reading, i'm guessing the PCV valve might be my first port of call? As well as the breather pipes? I believe the 1.6 valve is at the back of the block, any tips/tricks/ideas for access? When I remove the fuel cap, there is an audible sigh as well if that helps?
  14. Hi guys, new to the forum. I have recently had C/C fitted on my '06 Focus. It all worked fine, except the light does not illuminate. It illuminates in the bulb test. I've bought the ELM cable, do I need to do the full run through of the reprogramming or do I just need to do the HEC settings?