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  1. Martingg

    What to look for when buying ?

    Check sunroof open and shuts and does it at a reasonable speed had to have my sunroof rails and motor replaced. Also check heated front screen is working mine has issues and still fighting Ford and the local main dealers. Also a build issue is the tail gate auto closing. Had to have mine realigned twice. Fuel consumption is sub 30 round town and not much better than 35 on a motorway run. AppRt from that I really enjoy driving the car
  2. Martingg

    Tyre Monitor Sensors

    Not with your fault but have been plagued with faulty valve leaking now replaced with metal type no mor poroblems
  3. Martingg

    Quickclear front screen

    Going back to the accident camera it has a motion sensor and impact sensor both area adjustable. Have now programed parking mode off so no current drain whilst car parked. The camera is a dual set up QVIA AR790
  4. Martingg

    Quickclear front screen

    Just had a look at the stop start on the info screen no facility to permanently switch off just that engine is running and is normal. Point less information, but like traction control no option to turn off
  5. Martingg

    Quickclear front screen

    Yes when the auto electrician checked the draw current it was just below the spec of 295ma (293). This was measured with the engine off. Not sure what the drain was with the accident camera in it standby mode, but maybe a question I should ask. Waiting on a digital battery charge condition gauge so can keep an easy eye on on battery charge condition. Also going to set up a battery charge socket similar to what I use on my BMW K1300 and connect to a battery optimiser/charger. I will be using a DIN socket and plug with a waterproof cap same as fitted as standard on the bike. I will also have a look at what Davewill5 said as not awear I had this facility. I am also in the mind that this car will go next year in favour of a Jag, Lexus or Audi
  6. Martingg

    Quickclear front screen

    Used to work for Bristol Street in Bromley many years ago also Dees in Croydon both had their problems. The car has now been to both with the same diagnostic that battery was below 80% thus front heated screen won’t work. No real explanation other than to point the finger at the accident camera as it none standard. As said in a previous post visited the people who fitted the camera they checked the power drain and was very low in the region were it should be, and pointed more at the stop start system when driving round town. As said going to do a couple of tests to try to get to the bottom what’s causing the drain
  7. Martingg

    Quickclear front screen

    Just had a conversation with my local vehicle electrical specialists and they believe the accident camera is not at fault as it draws so little current. It has less an impact than a very cold night. What was suggested it was my town driving with the auto stop start system causing the drain. It takes about 5 miles to restore the battery of the charge used for every stop start. I will be trying a few experiments. One being switching off the stop starting system and monitoring how the batteries charge holds out. This will have to be done on every journey as can permanently switch the system off. This will be monitored using a battery charge % gauge. The next will be by programming the parking monitor so it is switched off when the vehicle is parked. Will report on what results I get
  8. Martingg

    Quickclear front screen

    Having issues with my Edge Quickclear front screen.. Every time I need to use it it won’t work. Been back to Ford several times and had the battery replaced. Apparently if you battery is lower than 80% it won’t work. I have just picked my car up from Bristol Street after having the Fastclear screen check and was told it did not work as my battery was only at 51%. I am at a loss at why this is the charging system checks out and the car is used on a daily for at least 10 miles or even more. The only extra I have fitted is a front and rear accident camera that was professionally fitted by a local auto electrical company (Turners). The car starts easily and the heated rear screen works as do all the other manafactures fitted auxiliary items. Can some one shine some light on this. My mate has an 2009 Monda fitted with the same camera and he has no issues with his screen.