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  1. Any top brand is good on this car but look at the tyre specification. Go for the lowest noise level (below 70) as these have big wide wheels that can cause a lot of noise noticeable especially in summer with sunroof/ windows open. Balance this with good wet weather performance and fuel efficiency. These wont be cheep so shop around. Not sure we’re you are but blackcircle is worth a look as is Asda (UK) could even try eBay but may have to pay to get them fitted. Don’t forget to have 4 wheel tracing + camber check and adjustment. If you can get them a tyre with some sort of rim protection will help to preserve your firms as it easy to curb thes car as they are wide, but you will have to ask.
  2. No to many issues I have had to have my whole sunroof replaced, replacement steering wheel,air con compressor. Still arguing of heated front screen not working when needed and the biggest problem Beijing an automatic stalling under certain conditions Buy a Lexus or Audi jag or Volvo all better.
  3. You are not the only one that has issues with Ford. My Edge stop start works when it feels like along with the heated front screen. Its not a battery charge issue as I have installed a battery charge indicator and and external charging point for a specialist battery charger/ conditioner. Battery at 97% heated screen does not defrost and stop start does not work even when car is at working tempeture when stuck in traffic ( heated seats off heated steering wheel off driving lights only on). So these facilities are as useful as a chocolate tea pot. Ford has tried to blame it on my accident camera. This has been checked by a professional electrical engineer ( diffrent one to who installed it) and nothing found wrong with the instillation. Have also tried unplugging it no difference. Something is wrong at Ford as they are looking to blame the customer rather than look at what’s is the true issue we can’t all be wrong
  4. I have now had a final decision by the dealer and Ford Motor Company. Over the Fastclear front screen. I have been told by my dealer that Ford does not accept that their is a problem as it functions as it should ie will not work with less than 80% battery charge. This is not a feasible level for the battery during winter and not seem substainable on a car like mine. This make the heated screen option a useful as a chocolate tea pot. The car can’t maintain a 80% plus charge during winter months without charging regulation from an external source. This is apparently as it should be according to Ford. With this feeble excuse Ford has with this failing to accept my next car will not be a Ford. My dealer has its hand tied and is unable to offer any further help even they are sympathetic to my plight and can’t under why the Edge systems are set this way (anyone else have this issue). It was noted by my dealer the battery charge dropped 2% just opening the car door. I am now stuck with the job of plugging the car in to an external charging source every night during the winter months to get round this car shortcomings.
  5. Fotd’s so called fast clear front windscreen is as good as a chocolate tea pot. I have a Edge and it’s been back many time to resolve the issue of the heated front screen not working. I have been informed that my screen is working as it should, but the battery need to have a minimum charge of 85%. Less and it won’t work. My local dealer noted that the battery dropped 2% by just opening a door. This coupled with battery drain caused by cold weather and stop start system use easily pushes the battery below what is needed to allow the fast screen to work. This is a very poor set up by Ford Motor company. My dealer has been very apologetic over this poor showing in what is one of Fords top vehicles, but their is nothing they can do and Ford themself’s don’t seem to care. The intreasting part is that the stop start system has a far lower battery level requirement as does the rear heated window. I could live with the stop start not working at below 85%, but clearing the front screen and keeping it clear is a safety issue and one of the reasons I chose this Ford. This is short sighted of Ford. To get past this short coming I have installed a charging port for a trickle charger to keep,the battery charged up overnight, but this only works at home and not when I am away. This is one of the areas that Ford Motor Company need to address along with like for like curtsey car for warrenty work. A pool of vehicles that dealers can call on would be a great asset. As things stand I am looking elsewhere for the replacement of my Edge due later this year.
  6. It is possible that these Edges need a better charging system especially in cold weather. The vehicle can eat through the battery charge with its stop start system and all the electric gadgets such as heated steering wheel heated seats heated front screen. It does have a monitor system that stops the stop start system if battery below 50% and the front screen at below 80%, but aware of other limitations. So if doing short journey in cold weather battery gets a hammering. I have installed a charge port for a aptimate charger maintainer along with a battery state meter. This seems to be helping as was fed up going to the car on frosty mornings and having to de-ice the front screen the old way as battery was below 80%
  7. Change you dealer as they don’t seem to know much about this model. The poor starting May be due fuel delivery linked to the fuel line hissing. My 2016 edge doesn’t do this, but I am not impressed with the edge build quality had my sunroof replaced. And still fighting Ford over front fast clear screen not working. Given so many bull ——- answers to this. Brought this car as wanted a reliable car after my Zafira went badly sick after 50k. Wished I had brought an Audi or BMW. Will change soon to a Jag or Volvo and hope for better build quality.
  8. I have a similia sound from my Edge when the car is cold or left for an extended period. Could be cold diesel start along with the valve lifter needing time to get oil to them. Hope it will not cause an issue later in time as the main dealer does not think it important as can’t reproduce the symptoms when in with them (car is still warm)
  9. Check sunroof open and shuts and does it at a reasonable speed had to have my sunroof rails and motor replaced. Also check heated front screen is working mine has issues and still fighting Ford and the local main dealers. Also a build issue is the tail gate auto closing. Had to have mine realigned twice. Fuel consumption is sub 30 round town and not much better than 35 on a motorway run. AppRt from that I really enjoy driving the car
  10. Not with your fault but have been plagued with faulty valve leaking now replaced with metal type no mor poroblems
  11. Going back to the accident camera it has a motion sensor and impact sensor both area adjustable. Have now programed parking mode off so no current drain whilst car parked. The camera is a dual set up QVIA AR790
  12. Just had a look at the stop start on the info screen no facility to permanently switch off just that engine is running and is normal. Point less information, but like traction control no option to turn off
  13. Yes when the auto electrician checked the draw current it was just below the spec of 295ma (293). This was measured with the engine off. Not sure what the drain was with the accident camera in it standby mode, but maybe a question I should ask. Waiting on a digital battery charge condition gauge so can keep an easy eye on on battery charge condition. Also going to set up a battery charge socket similar to what I use on my BMW K1300 and connect to a battery optimiser/charger. I will be using a DIN socket and plug with a waterproof cap same as fitted as standard on the bike. I will also have a look at what Davewill5 said as not awear I had this facility. I am also in the mind that this car will go next year in favour of a Jag, Lexus or Audi
  14. Used to work for Bristol Street in Bromley many years ago also Dees in Croydon both had their problems. The car has now been to both with the same diagnostic that battery was below 80% thus front heated screen won’t work. No real explanation other than to point the finger at the accident camera as it none standard. As said in a previous post visited the people who fitted the camera they checked the power drain and was very low in the region were it should be, and pointed more at the stop start system when driving round town. As said going to do a couple of tests to try to get to the bottom what’s causing the drain
  15. Just had a conversation with my local vehicle electrical specialists and they believe the accident camera is not at fault as it draws so little current. It has less an impact than a very cold night. What was suggested it was my town driving with the auto stop start system causing the drain. It takes about 5 miles to restore the battery of the charge used for every stop start. I will be trying a few experiments. One being switching off the stop starting system and monitoring how the batteries charge holds out. This will have to be done on every journey as can permanently switch the system off. This will be monitored using a battery charge % gauge. The next will be by programming the parking monitor so it is switched off when the vehicle is parked. Will report on what results I get