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  1. The 8 speed seemed like a stop gap inbetween the old powershift and the move to the 7 speed new DCT, I think with emissions regulations, the torque converters werent long for the focus line 😞
  2. Technical Service Bulletin I believe. Basically a notification from Ford about an emerging potential issue, someone more knowledgeable will be along to maybe explain it better.
  3. Be interested to hear on going experiences of this, and when if fluids are scheduled to be replaced. I think my next car will be my first automatic.
  4. Could be something as simple as an O2 sensor? Any issues with low coolant etc? Could get a cheap code reader? Or a Forscan tool to check the codes?
  5. They are indeed standard LED bulbs in a projector housing from factory. However they are sealed in, they cannot be removed. I have them on my Fiesta Active. Not sure when exactly they changed. This is how the headlight looks at the back, where there used to be a rubber cap, it is now sealed. Top pic is low beam LED, bottom pic is the replaceable halogen high beam in reflector housing.
  6. Well I went and booked them for next week. The local independent was the cheapest I could find, Cam skill were showing my size ate £115 ish each, but then they disappeared from the website. I'll keep the summers and try and sell them, or see if a friend wants them.
  7. I’m in two minds, my Primacy 4 at 10k mikes still have 4-5mm front and 5-6mm rear, but I’m considering going all season. Last year where I love, NE Lancashire, in amongst the Pennines/Trough of Bowland there were numerous days of snow between here and work, I leave at 5am ish. bit can’t help feel it is a massive waste of £ plus the Crossclimate 2 are massively expensive, £150 per tyres for 205 45 17.
  8. It's interesting on that pricelist the DCTs are back to being called Powershift, would have thought Ford would have retired that name and stuck with simply calling the autos DCTs?
  9. Everything I can see also say 32 front & rear. It is possible to get less than 10000miles from normal driving, some tyres are just poor wearing? I guess if you still have the tyres, to see if they have been underinflated you would see larger wear on the edges.
  10. If it helps anyone, last time I went from F8 to F9 I plugged the USB stick in, drove to work (1 hour) turned car off/locked. Then drove back home (1 hour) turned car off/locked. I left the USB stick in for the entire duration. Then next morning got in and within 15 minutes message saying update complete and logs were written, so the good thing is it seems to do the individual files on the USB stick and carries on from the last full uploaded file if you turn the car off. Happy to be corrected though, but this was the experience I had. 🙂
  11. It’s a huge issue across all the manufacturers, it’s the limited supply of microchips as far as I’ve read. There are loads of companies with thousands of cars physically built, but they don’t have enough chips to finish the build.
  12. It gets good reviews, but too big/expensive for me. Some very interesting (in my eyes at least) videos on its engineering here : It's 1/6 and ongoing. The cooling system is interesting imo. Munro thinks it's daft and has too many pipes, but surely it would be expected that an established auto manufacturer would re use what it has and what it knows. Tesla can build literally ground up, but Ford have an established supply chain, they have to squeeze the engineering into what they already have if they want to manufacturer them in any reasonably quantities/price point, obviously over time when/if transition fully to EV these designs will change.
  13. Agreed, for me the LED dipped would be priority, if they come standard, that's all I'd personally look for. Like you I don't think I'd pay the £700 if it was just upgrading the full beam/indicators. For the £700 I'd be wanting something that is either much brighter etc. or offers something else. However if the dipped LED bulb fails in the current projector headlamp units (not the full LED unit), the entire headlamp needs replacing sadly 😞 No idea why they sealed the LED bulbs in, guess they had to for regulatory reasons? I wonder what cost difference there is between the LED projector unit and a fixed LED unit.
  14. Problem now TheMcSame, is that at least on the fiestas. The dipped beams are LED bulbs, but they are sealed in the headlight unit, they aren’t replaceable, the high beam and indicators are still halogen though so they are replaceable, presumably the full fixed led headlights have a higher lumen output that the led bulb in the projector unit? Not sure on this though? again not sure if the puma comes with led bulbs sealed in the projector headlight unit.
  15. Correct me if I am wrong, but the standard projectors will be LED bulbs no? Like the Fiesta comes with Projectors with sealed LED bulbs? if not, and I’d they are halogen I’d go full LED, can’t go back to halogens, the LED projectors bulbs on the fiesta are so much better. But seems odd the Puma would go back to halogen bulbs from LED bulbs on the fiesta?
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