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  1. Agreed, for me the LED dipped would be priority, if they come standard, that's all I'd personally look for. Like you I don't think I'd pay the £700 if it was just upgrading the full beam/indicators. For the £700 I'd be wanting something that is either much brighter etc. or offers something else. However if the dipped LED bulb fails in the current projector headlamp units (not the full LED unit), the entire headlamp needs replacing sadly 😞 No idea why they sealed the LED bulbs in, guess they had to for regulatory reasons? I wonder what cost difference there is between the LED projector uni
  2. Problem now TheMcSame, is that at least on the fiestas. The dipped beams are LED bulbs, but they are sealed in the headlight unit, they aren’t replaceable, the high beam and indicators are still halogen though so they are replaceable, presumably the full fixed led headlights have a higher lumen output that the led bulb in the projector unit? Not sure on this though? again not sure if the puma comes with led bulbs sealed in the projector headlight unit.
  3. Correct me if I am wrong, but the standard projectors will be LED bulbs no? Like the Fiesta comes with Projectors with sealed LED bulbs? if not, and I’d they are halogen I’d go full LED, can’t go back to halogens, the LED projectors bulbs on the fiesta are so much better. But seems odd the Puma would go back to halogen bulbs from LED bulbs on the fiesta?
  4. Had a fiesta with and without the rails and cant say I have noticed any extra noise from them, but others may notice.
  5. Might not have TPMS? sometime in 2014 was when TPMS became mandatory on any new car sold. Before that it was done simply from the ABS, in the manual it shows up to June 2014 build date it’ll be using ABS, past July build date will be TPMS In the menu do you have : vehicle settings > deflation detection? If so it isn’t the TPMS.
  6. Had mine 1 year now, I do like it, roof rails are very useful (bikes etc.) the suspension handles the country roads round here amazingly. The 125ps is plenty powerful enough and it's fine for my 60 mile round trip commute. Like the slightly higher seating position etc. Love the lack of chrome, I despise chrome on cars personally. Only gripe is I would be more than happy with slightly smaller wheels with more sidewall, although my concerns of the 205/45/17s spontaneously blowing up the moment I drove onto a pot holed road haven't happened. The LED projectors are a huge step up f
  7. The sticker on the passenger door is the way to go imo. My Fiesta Mk8 Active with 205/45/17V, mine are 36 front and 26 rear (no load) as noted on the passenger door sticker. So far done 6000 miles on Michelin Primacy 4 and fronts are 5.1mm, rears are about 6mm. I tend to keep an eye on the outer, mid and inner wear rates of my tyres and thankfully these pressures seem to be wearing evenly.
  8. It's just showing you where you are in the display list. The star option can be configured to show things like speed (which you have set) or other information. If you scroll with the up/down arrow on the steering wheel it'll move up/down the list on the left. I always have it on the white star and have it configured to show speed. So much easier to quickly glance to check my speed from that screen.
  9. Not sure if accurate but I’ve heard quotes up to £1000 for timing belt? But that’s just based on a quick google search.
  10. Nitpick I know but I wish it was easier to reset the individual odometer in the mk8, I have to go to the info screen that shows mpg etc, press the option button on the steering wheel, then chose reset individual view, choose the trip odometer, then press and hold for a fee seconds. on the mk7 it was one button, press and hold to reset. unless I’m missing a quicker method?
  11. Possible the sites low ball initial offers, then slowly up it if not accepted initially? Could also be due to the chip shortages? There may be dwindling supply but growing or same demand for that spec driving price up?
  12. Bilt Hamber fanboy here 🙂 https://www.bilthamber.com/ Easy to use, decent pricing, performs well. I use the Auto Foam, the auto wash, double speed wax.
  13. 125 2020 Active here, do 35mile each way commute, currently at 47.3mpg computer calculated and around 43-48mpg based on mileage/amount filled at the pump, depending on temp, traffic etc. A good long run in 6th gear helps massively.
  14. Just got it back, as you say, was an O2 sensor. All sorted 🙂
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