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  1. Cheers 🙂 I forgot about brake fluid, I get it changed every 2 years 🙂
  2. Apart from the usual oil/filter/air filter/spark plugs. On a 1.0 ecoboost 2015 what and when ideally for long term ownership would other parts be changed? Ford advise 10 years / 150,000 miles for the timing belt/tensioner/idlers, the Haynes manual advises to follow 8 years / 100,000 miles. Ford also advise 10 years for coolant. I was thinking for long term ownership I would get the belt, tensioner etc. plus the coolant done at 8 years (which for my mileage comes to around 96,000). Does this sound about right? Also does the coolant pump need changing at the same time? And would it be sensible to do the aux belt as well with the above lot? Cheers.
  3. Nismex


    Congrats! I had my Fiesta in today for MOT, front tyres advisory at 2.5mm. Always a nice feeling when it passes.
  4. I think in the older models we had the 6 speed powershift dual clutch, in the 2019 mk8 it's a traditional 6 speed torque converter iirc. which is why the VED is much higher and the MPG/performance lower than the manual/powershift,
  5. Apparently BSW means black sidewall.
  6. I'd go with the 5W-20 personally, but I have a bog standard 1.0T (99) The guide as you say mentions that specifically, afaik the 5w-30 can be used to top up in an emergency but I'd stick to the spec in the manual. The dealer I take mine to has used : Year 1 : Castrol Magnatec Professional E 5W-20 Year 2 : Total Quartz 9000 Future EcoB 5W-20 Year 3 : Total Quartz 9000 Future EcoB 5W-20 Afaik the difference between the 5W20 and 5W30 is how viscous the oil is at higher temps? I guess if you live in a really hot climate (the arid, hot climate of Lancashire counts right?)
  7. Are they the HR1 seals as detailed in ? I chose a 2006 1.4TDCI so be worth checking your specific VIN but if it is 1489123 part number then ebay shows as a set of 5 for £10
  8. Is the new 6 speed the getrag 6MTT215? I assume they use this in all the non ST versions with the 1.0T? If so getrags site states it has a variable torque between 150nm and 215nm. I assume for the 1.0T it’s just the 215nm rated version.
  9. Could the fuse have blown? Be worth pulling it to check or replace?
  10. You need to access the cabin fuses behind the glove box. Use the owners manual to reference which fuse corresponds with the Bluetooth/sync. You pull this fuse out, leave for a minute or two and then plug back in. Then on the radio switch to Bluetooth or Sync and it should say re-initialising.
  11. This was a symptom I had as well. Had to pull the fuse and re-initialise Sync to fix it. The two symptoms I've had so far that require pulling of the fuse are : Bluetooth disconnected as soon as it tries to play music or place a call. Calls and music seem like they are connected/playing but no audio.
  12. I have a 2015 zetec fiesta, whenever sync goes funny, bluetooth etc. I do the pull the fuse trick and let sync re initialise. Seems to fix all the problems I;ve had to date. In fact it;s the only solution sometimes, even master reset from the menu doesn't work for my bluetooth issues. Saying that I've only had to do it 3 times in 4 years.
  13. Didn't know this either, just had a look, not sure if its H8 or H11 bulbs for the front fogs, I guess you could change the bulbs for LED ones?
  14. Are the battery terminals and connectors all ok? maybe corrosion on the battery cable connectors?
  15. Cheers all, think I too got confused between the mks on ebay, was seeing mk8 halogen not realising people are advertising as mk9 for the new cars. It won't be a decider, but it's definitely something I need to consider. It's simply a cost/benefit and no harm in getting some preliminary costs before hand 🙂 Especially with the number of times people have driven into the corners of my car in car parks. Might see if a local Ford dealership has a car with the LEDs and to see if I Can test drive it when it's dark.