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  1. Aren’t they switching over to the new mild hybrids on them?
  2. I use one of my rubber wheel chocks on its side next to the bonnet latch, it looks like the bonnet is closed from a distance and prevents the cable getting caught.
  3. I should have been clearer, sorry was in a rush to take the dogs out. I leave the battery connected, Positive lead to positive terminal, then negative clamp to ground point.
  4. I have a ctek 5 charger, it’s been fine just attaching to my battery in the car.
  5. Do batteries ever get removed from vehicles in long term storage? Or being shipped by container ship?
  6. Cheers Ian, good to know you can remove them to clean behind, ta
  7. So the active has plastic stuff stuck on the wheel arch covers. Just curious if anyone’s got one and how it is for collecting dirt? Can you remove them to clean beneath? I live in an area that gets a lot of salt/mud on the roads and I often find trim, nooks, and crannies full of gunk.
  8. had the same issue, it was just the initial release wasnt working, so I was able to get a funger tip on the edge and pull up with a bit of force to release to the point where the yellow catch stops the bonnet. Dunno if same for you
  9. I have no idea what I'm looking at or what it means, but the balance sheets show quite a substantial decrease from 2018 > 2019 on their cash at hand/equity etc. March 2018 the company equity was £64000. March 2019 it was £2000. The amount show to creditors year on year hasn't changed much, £150K > £200k but the last two years it seems they've been struggling. Companies House 😞
  10. Sad to see 😞 probably a reality many will be seeing in the near future.
  11. Cranking the engine takes a lot of Amps in a short space of time, the electrics draw lower loads over a longer time I believe, so a battery might have sufficient energy to run 12v electrics, it might not have enough oomph to turn the engine over. I'm sure I butchered that explanation though. But as nicam49 states, a battery charger would help towards figuring out if it's just more than a flat battery. Or running the car for 20 minutes, if you can jump start it.
  12. I think I need to sort mine, there is a lot of rust/pitting on both the upper and lower pipe. I took it in under warranty and dealer said it's fine, but they could paint it for £80. In terms of cleaning it up I was wondering about doing some sandpaper cleaning, then applying some Bilt Hamber Deox-Gel to clean up the areas I can't reach, then a clean and finally applying some high temp paint. Anything to be wary of?
  13. Hah, you're right, it's one of those weird habits. 😄 The charger only uses up to 3.8A at most!
  14. Just my paranoia, no reason really. I only have 1 extension cord and its 25m long. I don't like using them unless they are fully unwound, and I'd only need about 2 meters of extension, so instead I just move my car closed to the garage. I'd prefer to charge my battery with the charger just simply because I can leave it alone, otherwise I'd have to wait with the car. Idling would work, but the driveway is next to our neighbours living room and it would be inconsiderate of me to idle my car on the driveway next to them due to the exhaust fumes and noise. I like to try and be considerate to my neighbours 🙂
  15. I have a ctek ct5, all I do is connect to positive terminal in the car, then the ground point of the chassis, then I plug it in. i just make sure I don’t crimp any cables, make sure I don’t use a long extension, and I try to make sure the charger and battery has some ventilation for heat purposes. just to clarify I don’t disconnect the battery in the car, I just attach positive clamp to the positive battery post, then the negative clamp goes on the ground point.