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  1. Nismex

    Cornering Lights

    Didn't know this either, just had a look, not sure if its H8 or H11 bulbs for the front fogs, I guess you could change the bulbs for LED ones?
  2. Are the battery terminals and connectors all ok? maybe corrosion on the battery cable connectors?
  3. Nismex

    Mk8 LED Headlamp replacement costs?

    Cheers all, think I too got confused between the mks on ebay, was seeing mk8 halogen not realising people are advertising as mk9 for the new cars. It won't be a decider, but it's definitely something I need to consider. It's simply a cost/benefit and no harm in getting some preliminary costs before hand 🙂 Especially with the number of times people have driven into the corners of my car in car parks. Might see if a local Ford dealership has a car with the LEDs and to see if I Can test drive it when it's dark.
  4. Coming up on looking at a new Fiesta, one thing I tend to try and do is figure out potential costs if I damage something. A halogen headlamp unit on ebay costs, £100 - £150? A bulb is < £20. I've read that it can be £750+ to replace sealed LED headlight units, if it gets damaged or fails out of warranty. Does anyone know what a replacement Mk8 LED headlight unit would cost? It's a £600 option as well. The better lighting is something I would like as I drive a lot on unlit motorways, rural A road, but might be put off if replacement costs are excessive. Cheers