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  1. It’s unlikely they’ll offer them on that trim from factory order, but I’m sure you could buy a set of 17” wheels extra, then sell the 18s. I assume brake calliper clearance wouldn’t be an issue.
  2. ST Line X standard 18" wheels.
  3. Worth checking battery terminals?
  4. I've had this on mine in the past. Daft question I know but if I turned the car off, removed the radio/sync fuse, re inserted it (1, 3 or 5 mintues etc) then turned back on, it didn't cause the system to reset/re initialise for me. I had to : Engine off > remove sync/bt fuse > turn engine on > turn engine off > insert fuse > turn back on only then does it seemingly re initialise for me. There is also the issue that I believe iOS 13 through 13.1.1 has bluetooth bugs, and Apple release 13.1.2 iirc to address some bluetooth car issues.
  5. Just curious why they don't offer the Auto with the higher output engines? Is it simply a case of supply and demand? As in dedicate a small single line to a low number of auto with a specific engine pairing, or is it something else? Anyone know which 6 speed auto they use?
  6. What year/engine etc?
  7. In the US, from what I’ve read the Mustangs can be ordered with either 6 speed manual, the 10 speed auto and a new 7 speed DCT from Tremec. Might be this?
  8. Only turn mine off when in heavy stop start traffic.
  9. Could it be down to the suspension? Ford originally stated the 1.5 eco boost would all get multi link, but from peoples experience on here it seems now they dropped that and have gone back to torsion beam on all the lines except Active and Vignale I think, there’s some topics on here. i wonder if they discovered skmething or just ended up not being able to meet demand for the components so ended up reserving them for the top trim and the Active due to the ride height differences etc.
  10. That was my first thought as well! It seems the whole thing is a bit messed up/in flux, e.g standard electric windows on 5 door trend, but still a paid option on 5 door titanium.
  11. Just spotted they’ve renamed the zetec to trend on looks like you get 16” 195/45 wheels instead of the 15” 195/55. Seems you get privacy glass and a new front grill (less chrome I assume?) as well. Can’t see if they’ve changed anything else at the moment. The brochure is old but the price list is newer. edit - looks like electric windows all round now for 5 door. edit2 - seems like 1.0 ecoboost has been removed from the trend! I wonder if they’re just standardising with the new WLTP and they can’t yet offer the 1.0 or if it’s gone for good?
  12. Not the same engine, but one of the rear bolts of the air intake had snapped on mine a while back, sometimes I’d hear a random metallic squeak as the two halves of the bolt moved over one another on bumpy roads or at startup due to vibrations. Might be worth a check.
  13. I have a mk7.5 I think the easy fuel security is simply a case, as mentioneed above, of preventing a random hose/pipe from opening an internal flap. At least on the mk7.5 there is no security feature which locks the internal flap when the car is locked (I lock my car to fill up, although I've never deadlocked it and tried).
  14. I think the only car that comes with with Active Park Assist as standard is the Vignale, I assume this version is the one you control yourself for both the manual and automatic. All other cars have to have the convenience pack for the Park Assist and in choosing the pack you get Park Assist 2, manuals = control yourself, automatics = car takes control. Basically if you don’t have a Vignale and you have Park Assist I think it means you have The convenience pack and therefore Park Assist 2 and if you have the automatic, it should work how it states in the manual. I assume you can control the acceleration, steering and braking yourself as a fall back option rather than let the car do the parking itself, which might by the situation OP is seeing?
  15. any help? Apologies if it revisits what you've already done.