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  1. I can’t remember which version mk8 my parents have, it’s either style or zetec, it only has the speed limiter, Doesn’t have cruise.
  2. Dunno how good gps apps are on smartphones, could always ask a friend family member to hold your phone when at 60/65/70mph etc to see what gps speeds report and extrapolate from there? Especially if you have any long straight roads with minimal obstructions to the gps signals like trees buildings etc?
  3. How are you finding the active? I went from a Mk 7.5 and have to say it’s great for my usage, handles bad country roads amazingly, having the slightly higher clearance for when I have to drive into the ditches to allow cars to pass is great,
  4. It’s odd the current price lists specify black roof rails as a specific item. Not sure why it changed colour to be honest.
  5. Wonder why they changed the colour, I can only assume if they were replaceable, that the inside roof liner would need removing, presumably they are bolted on from through the roof into the bars? I can’t seem to see any external bolts. ill have a look on etis to see if I can find any mention of them being replaced.
  6. Usual Ford undocumented differences maybe? I have the same base model, just the 2020 without any extras/options. What equipment was standards on yours? For example on mine it has the tinted rear electric windows, navigation, folding mirrors, led projectors, led rear lights, armrest centre console, cruise control, parking sensors as standard on the base model and the black rails with the new design engine with the timing chain instead of belt.
  7. Ah I see, I have a 2020 active edition and it came with black rails as standard, are yours silver?
  8. I don’t think it’s low range, I think it simply keeps the gearbox in lower gears, useful on steep downhill I guess to take the pressure off the brakes.
  9. Something like WingBar black ? I haven't bought set yet, but looking into a roof system for both bikes and box (to interchange)
  10. Just a heads up 2020 Kuga PHEV are being recalled for a safety issue. worth checking as it has potential for causing fires.
  11. Keith, is yours affected by the safety recall? Ford have stopped selling for the moment. Cars built up to June 2020 are being recalled after a number of fires due to water ingres causing shorts with the high voltage parts of the PHEV. be worth checking
  12. I was going to suggest PS4 or Premium 6 as well. i have primacy 4s on my fiesta active, and was going to suggest those at a push, but they’re barely any cheaper then the PS4.
  13. Found the link at Spotify here.
  14. Someone correct me, but I think Spotify discontinued any association with Ford app link. Only way to get it playing now is over Bluetooth or aux.
  15. Have you checked the cables to the battery terminals? Just in case there is excessive corrosion or if they are loose?