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  1. Hi, I’ve been able to retrofit lots of parts into my zetec s including heated seats and converting the headlights from the halogen h15 drl to the led drl strip. My next project has been to install satnav, I purchased all of the necessary parts and the satnav works great, the only issue that I’m having is the satnav audio, when a route is set music will lower when an instruction would be given however nothing is said. I’ve checked the loom for the FCDIM and radio but can’t notice any difference between my cars loom and the donor cars loom. I’ve read that I need to connect two audio wires from FCDIM pin 6 to radio pin 4 and FCDIM pin 12 to radio pin 5, I am unsure how to do this as wires going into the FCDIM pins are hard to access. Has anybody done this and can explain how to fit these two wires for the satnav audio. Below are photos of the FCDIM loom, thanks
  2. It’s the best thing I’ve ever added to the car 👌🏻
  3. So after looking at wiring behind the dash I found another brown and blue wire connected to the back of the auto start stop button, I connected my wire to there and my buttons now light up, they do not yet light up yellow when pressed but I believe this is due to the heated seats not yet being installed, thank you all for your help and I’ll show you the finished product once I install the heated seats
  4. On the loom which I connect the heated seat loom into under the dash I have a blue and brown wire, I’m wondering if it’s possible to strip some of the insulation on the wire and connecting the two together like this if it is just the main power source, behind my radio I can’t see any connectors like that, I do however have a connector with a blue and brown wire. One photo is the loom that the heated seat loom connects into, the other is the blue and brown wire behind the radio
  5. This would make sense, it’s just a question of where exactly on the bcm does it connect into and how would you connect it
  6. It is a mystery 😂 that wire seems to simply be to power the switch no clue why it’d need to go to the bcm just for power
  7. I’ve activated them on FORScan, the loom will only connect in one way, I think that this loose wire is the main power for the switch
  8. Hi, I’ve recently purchased a full seat of titanium x heated seats to fit in my zetec s, I also bought heated seat switches and the wiring loom, the heated seat fuses were already in the fuse box, when I connected the heated seat wiring loom the buttons didn’t illuminate and the seats didn’t heat up, today I noticed a wire on the loom that connects into the back of the switches but not into the other end of the loom, the wire is blue with a brown stripe down either side, I’ve heard that this has to be connected into the bcm but I’m not sure exactly where it would go, anyone got any ideas or has anybody retrofitted heated seats onto a facelift fiesta? The picture shows this single loose wire.
  9. I took the car to ford, after four hours the technician said he had no clue how to fix the drls to work properly and advised me to remove my autobeam LED indicators because they were probably causing an issue, Ford were no help 😂. I downloaded forscan and within 5 minutes and the LED drls are fully functioning as they should and they look amazing
  10. I’ve recently installed some new headlights on my fiesta, it previously had H15 Drl/mainbeam bulbs, the new lights have the led drl strip but are dim when they should be bright and bright when they should be dim, I’ve heard that this is solved with IDS. Does anybody know where this can be done. @Cookey09 did you get your lights done?