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  1. Happy Birthday calmcdermott!

  2. MYSTERY SOLVED!!!! They're off a Focus ST170 Mk1, they're on and working a treat :-) Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  3. I'm going to have to go round some local car mid places and see of any of them know what to do. Hope the car passes with these on as they're shot!
  4. That's what I'm thinking my only option is but yeah it's standard fiesta pads, this is why I'm really confused
  5. Yep and it's tiny in comparison, when I put the smaller discs on the car and attached the caliper a to the hub, the pads were a few centimetres above the disc lol.
  6. I have got absolutely no idea, tried looking for a make on them but again they're that corroded it's impossible :-/
  7. I have absolutely no idea why you would change them to confuse a new owner!! Anyway here are the pics
  8. You can't tell, the back is completely rusty :-(
  9. I have absolutely no idea, the discs were on the car when I got it, I can tell that they're after market though :-/. I haven't had it to a garage as yet.
  10. OK so completely and utterly confused. The car is due new disks and pads, the rear have been done but the front well, this is where the confusion starts. Standard fitment for the car is diameter wise 278mm but the ones I have are 333mm (theyre quite corroded so might be more or less). The suspension is standard, so's the hubs and the pads but yet they dont fit!!! Can anyone advise? Thanks in advance
  11. Ok so update: - Checked the bumper and wheel arch lining and secured. - Changed the anti roll bar bush again, drop links changed last year, changed the suspension mount ensuring the bolt at the top is tight and also changed the lower suspension arm, it's bushes and ball joint. So now I am completely and utterly confused! Could anyone suggest anything else?
  12. Ok here we go. Had a knock coming from the passenger side front suspension for a while now, I've had the suspension stripped down and checked by 4 mechanics and everyone is baffled, it's not just me as they can hear it too (3 of the mechanics I personally know so wouldn't lie to me just to get the money). Changed the suspension mount, checked the spring and strut, changed the anti roll bar bushes and drop links and also changed the bearing. Everything is tight with no play. Best way I can describe is that it sounds like a hollow knock and sounds quite like well to be honest like me tappi
  13. I know it's awful! The water actually trickles down the windscreen it's like someone took a shower in the car.
  14. I was wondering why my car has started to do this, every night the inside of the windscreen is soaked to the point where I need a squeegee to remove the water. What can I do to stop this happening?
  15. Well done guys! I don't have my original fiesta anymore but now want the new ST2, I didn't think of soldering lol. Cars look well!
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