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  1. Hi thanks all for your input. Just everyday use I guess. Do all new tyres have the same amount of tread in millimetres, how can I tell which tread is better I have found one for £46 Inc fitting but I can't tell if it's any good, why is the £63 one better?
  2. When buying them, what should I look out for in terms of quality and price etc my size is 225/40/18
  3. I have no idea what you just said, it's like a foreign language 🤣
  4. So that little square thing has 2 wires and requires an Allen key but I can't get near it to unscrew it
  5. Thanks for your patience. So I got it off. I've had a look inside and I'm not sure how to adjust/unscrew the aerial mount
  6. Sorry, I've no idea what you mean. The entire rectangula outline is very secure, are you suggesting I force it away, push up and it springs out, what?
  7. How do, thanks for responding. Can't seem to pull the front down, would need a screwdriver for that. Can only take the reflector off
  8. I have the 09 titanium tdci. My aerial had snapped off before purchase. Bought another but can't screw on, checked YouTube videos who explain to remove inside lights (underneath aerial mount) but no video has 09 and removing lights area seems very hard. Any advice very welcome!!
  9. Yes I've heard mine do that after i've got out the car, locked it and walked by the engine. The car just wants to run lol
  10. Thanks for the information. Are you suggesting the washers are loose and thats what creates the clicking sound? The clicking comes and goes, rarely within the first mile. How big is this problem, something I should deal with immediately or wait until it starts altering the cars performance?
  11. How do. I have a 2009 Focus Titanium 1.8 My first diesel car. Not had it long, done 106,000 miles. If not used much it can take a few times turning the key to get it started. It runs well but there's a clicking noise coming from within the engine area, after a few minutes it stops but will come back when changing gears. It sounds a little bit like a diesel engine 'purs' but more of a clicking sound. Should I be worried or is this just part of the way the turbo takes on the fuel after so many miles?
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