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  1. Just seen this posted in the Ford Edge facebook group From 1st Feb 2021 for your info ..... Upgrades from halogen to LED headlight bulbs now MOT failure 4.1.4 Headlamps - Compliance with requirements - Changed sentence from 'Existing halogen headlamp units should not be converted to be used with HID bulbs. If such a conversion has been done, you must fail the headlamp.' to..... 'Existing halogen headlamp units should not be converted to be used with high intensity discharge (HID) or light emitting diode (LED) bulbs. If such a conversion has been done, you must fail the headlamp.
  2. Havn't slept in my Ford Edge yet, but did put a double mattress in my previous 2016 Ford Galaxy for a couple of nights away Discovered though on the first night that you must set the alarm system to reduced level (or whatever it says), as if you just lock the car with the remote when inside it, any movement sets the alarm off
  3. Yep, had the same on mine once, Switched car off locked it, waited 2 mins (dont know why 2 mins, just seemed a reasonable time), opened up, started up, and bingo working as normal. Never happened again since Sync 3 on 2018 Edge Sport
  4. Also be aware that if any lacquer or paint peeling occurs due to a stone chip, ford will not cover this even if it is within the 3 year warranty I had this happen on my previous Galaxy that was only 6 months old The lacquer started to peel in a small area on the front edge of the bonnet, and after the Ford dealer had taken photos and sent to Ford, they said it was due to a stone chip, so would not cover any repair..
  5. Just done another "copy" to the stick after unzipping, and this time when i plugged it into the car it said Software Update straight away, and completed in less than 10 mins A'int got a clue what i've got for my money, but hey ho the software is up to date! Cheers
  6. i downloaded the software Copied the zip file to a 32Gb USB stick Plugged into the USB socket in the car (without anything else plugged in), the car dash recognised the name of the USB stick, but nothing else happened I have done maps updates before, so know the procedures to follow, but this time nothing!!
  7. Dont know if anyone needs to do a BMS reset as suggested above, to fix the start/stop and/or heated front screen not working problems.. But if so just found this post from America which is quite good for information Method #1 or Method #2 at the bottom of the page may be useful info.. https://moundalexis.com/v2/2020/08/06/ford-bms.html
  8. Can you post a link please as i cant find the page for the firmware update Thanks
  9. I had my horn replaced under warranty when it became a "mono" beep beep The front bumper came off for this, as the dealer rang me at 5pm to say i couldn't have the car back that day, because the bumper was off!
  10. Iantt Thanks for your comments I have swopped the LED's out for the original Halogen H7's (candles) and both of those work fine..?? Therefore would you say both LED's have failed, or, it could be a short on one of the bulbs? Just confused why the original Halogens work but the LED's dont Many thanks
  11. Hi I posted the below query on the Ford Edge FB page last night, but just wondered if anyone on the forum here may be able to help or advise. Many thanks Headlight failure. I have a 2018 sport that originally had candles. 18 months ago I upgraded all the front lights to LED’s using the recommended ones from other people on here Have had no problems at all in 18 months until tonight Went out and while driving thought blimey my lights are dim Pulled over and checked and both front headlights were not working Sidelights were on and full beam works in auto beam mode
  12. Hi PeterBfd I have had Ford cars for the last 18 years, all with heated front screens, and every one apart from my last Ford Galaxy worked fine The Galaxy in question (2016 reg) had intermittent problems with the heated front screen, where it would work one day, but then not work again for days or weeks on end The light would come on to say the heated screen was turned on, but no demisting or clearing of ice The Ford dealer initially said it was a battery problem, as the battery needs to be 80% + charged for the Heated screen to work I eventually bought a new battery f
  13. Sync 3 Update Download the upgrade to F9 maps to a USB stick (you will need a 32Gb USB stick) The link for the download is in the other long thread on this When download is complete get in the car, switch on engine, and stick the USB in the USB slot The dash screen should say something like "update starting" Probably best to go for a long long drive while the download is happening, as it take 45mins -1 hour for stage 1 to happen If all goes well after stage 1, you will get a message on the dash screen saying stop the car, switch off, get out, lock the car and wait
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