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  1. Have a good read through this topic on this forum It will definately point you in the right direction
  2. No one on here who has done the LED upgrade has has a problem as far as i am aware re legality
  3. Hi Re fitting / replacing the LED lights for the originals i used an auto electricians who charged me £100 The bulbs themselves i bought of Amazon / ebay and followed the recommendations of other users on this site and the LED light "tread" I think i paid around £90 for all the bulbs Here are some pics of my Edge Sport after being valeted today
  4. Hi I have the Edge Sport 2018 Mine came with the standard "candle lights" fitted, woeful brightness with these Swopped all lights for the LED's as recommended in other threads on this site Lights are now much much better in terms of brightness Mine are not self levelling as far as i am aware, however they do have the "corner lighting" as in when you turn a corner the bottom spot light comes on to light up the kerb edge. Just having mine valeted at the moment will post a picture later of the shiny machine..
  5. Thanks for the replies Yes my car was over £40,000 "list" as it has the luxury pack on it (sunroof etc)
  6. Hi Just confirmation please I have a 2018 (registered 31/03/2018) Edge Sport 235bhp 152 G/KM which i bought as 6 months old. My Vehicle Tax is due end of May and the renew price is £261.25 for 6 months, or £475 for 12 months. Now i am assuming that the Gov't don't get their pricing wrong, but just wanted to check that those of you with this engine, are also paying this amount? Thanks
  7. OK, I will go out on a limb here and prepare to be shot down. Around 12 months ago i replaced the original Pirelli's on my 2018 Edge Sport, with Landsail Tyres fitted at Halfords They are the Landsail LS588 SUV (255/45 R20 105W) XL I have been really pleased with them over the period. I drive around 12,000 per year, and they are quiet, grip the road well in wet and dry conditions, MPG is no worse, and cornering is equally as good as it was on the Pirelli's At £108.99 each fitted ( if ordered on line and fitted at one of Halfords Auto Centres), i think they are extremely good value for money. There you go, have a pop if you wish....
  8. Not sure what you mean when you say turn sat nav off? However if you mean cancel a route that you are following, however now dont want to, the easiest thing to do is.. Press the right hand arrow on the right side of the steering wheel.. A message comes up on the dash saying, "do you want to cancel routee" Press the ok button in the middle of the arrows (right side of wheel again), and hey presto the route is cancelled Hope thats helps, if this is what you meant...
  9. I've got the 2018 Edge Sport My Sync version shows as 3.0 i have just checked the Ford sync web site, and when i enter my VIN it says my sync version is up to date How do you get version 3.3 or 3.4 ??
  10. Sorry, should have said top pic old wheel, and bottom pic new wheel
  11. So the steering wheel has now been replaced and all is well I still get the Sport or Normal steering option, for D or S mode One minor change on the new steering wheel though is that the RES CNCL button and the LIM on/off Cruise Control Button, have "swapped" places Two pictures attached, left one shows old wheel and right new wheel Anyone else had this with the left hand side buttons swapping places???
  12. So after 2 1/2 weeks of waiting, my local Ford Dealer still have no delivery time on the new steering wheel !! Does anyone know the Ford Part number for the replacement Edge steering wheel, with the adaptive steering bit in it? If so could you reply please, as i think my only option to get a quick fix, is to ring round other Ford dealers, in the hope that one of them has a wheel in stock Thanks..
  13. Strangely enough i noticed a burning rubber smell when i got out of my Edge the other evening I had done around a 25 mile drive Not noticed the smell since though
  14. So the conclusion from the Ford dealer was, "the steering wheel needs replacing" It was ordered by them last Wednesday, and hopefully will be in and fitted sometime this week. So from that i am no wiser (yet) as to whether my 2018 registered car was actually one that got a 2016/17 steering wheel ??