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  1. Just got round to updating my Edge 2018 model from maps 7 to Map 8 28Gb download to USB stick, then 35 mins of driving to do "stage 1", update, and after stopping car turning off and getting out, another 1 hour of driving to do "stage 2" All seems OK with V8, although the acid test is will it pick up the "new road" (its actually 3 years old), from Jnct 19 M6 (Knutsford) across to M56 We live in hope !!!
  2. What you describe above is Auto Lock which is when the doors self lock once the vehicle reaches a certain speed & my understanding is that it is this is no longer fitted to Ford cars for the reasons you give? I have just watched a youtube clip of Ford Auto locking (and unlocking) the link is below I am interested in trying to get my 2017 Edge Sport to "autolock" when the car starts to move, but wondered whether anyone had tried the procedure as "explained" (not very well) in the youtube clip?
  3. Just git in the car to reverse off the drive, and the above message appeared. It cleared when i clicked the OK button Anyone else had this, and if so what is the problem? PS I dont have the front facing "crossways" camera on my Edge, (2017 Sport), so i am assuming this refers to the road sign camera fitted behind the windscreen
  4. Hi Simon If you are in navigation and have an "active route" on the go, you can press the icon that says "traffic list", and that does give you any problems on the route you have planned. This is not what i had in the Galaxy (on Sync 2) as there, a pop up box would appear saying "congestion on M5" or whatever was appropriate for the route. This system was to me "proactive" in trying to advise problems, whereas the Sync 3 Edge is very reactive.. I can sync to my android phone and get Android Auto, or my iphone for Apple Car play, but actually would just prefer Sync 3 Navigation to be better on traffic alerts
  5. When i use the Sync 3 Sat Nav, it never gives any traffic notifications on problems coming up on my planned journey I had a 2016 Galaxy Titanium X before this Edge, and that worked well in traffic reports, giving advance warnings as "pop up" text boxes on the screen. Am i missing something on the Edge Sat Nav or will i need to use another app to get directions with advanced traffic problem warnings? Cheers
  6. i upgraded to V7 a while ago, but have not yet done V8 I was surprised yesterday though, as i drove across the "new" A556 that links the M6 at Junction 19 (Knutsford), with the M56 at junction 8 (Altrincham /Sale) This road has now been open over 2 years, but the Sat Nav (V7) still had me driving across a field Anyone else done this route, and did your Sync 3 sat nav find the "new" A556 ??
  7. This new road open today, the Newtown Bypass in Mid Wales Wonder which version of maps will see this shown??
  8. Well as per my post above, i have been on both sides of the fence in terms of the Heated front screen and stop/start "issues" The 2018 Edge i have now (sport) has been faultless in terms of stop/start and HFS. They both work every time i need them and i love it The 2016 Galaxy Titanium X i had before was a nightmare Dealer kept telling me battery needed replacing/charging, but even after both happened stop/start and HFS still would not work Personally i think Ford have a "glitch" in the stop/start system, that manifests itself in a few cars for whatever reason, and unfortunately if you have one of those cars, thats it, you are stuffed. My only route was to get rid of the Galaxy, and hence thats why i ended up with the Edge, of which i am more than happy On a side note if anyone needs an almost new Battery (stop/start) that came off my Galaxy (i removed it before it was traded in), please contact me, my price will be around 50% of the new battery price
  9. Had mine done this week and very happy with the result.. Decided to check the headlight "alignment" just to make sure i wasn't going to get flashed by oncoming cars Did the usual of measuring the height of the headlight from the ground, then marked the garage door at that height with 2 strips of masking tape Moved back 25ft and saw that the left headlight was set low, so adjusted accordingly Now great bright white light and full beam really gives great visibility..
  10. Hi I had major battery problems on my previous 2016 Galaxy Titanium X that had start/stop, heated front screen etc etc I was advised by a Ford Dealer that if i needed to charge the battery i should use a charger that is AGM ( "Absorbed Glass Mat,") I bought the one below from ebay Maypole 4A LED Automatic 12V Car Battery Charger For 12V Lead Acid & AGM MP7104
  11. Getting mine done next Tuesday Ordered the ones recommended by Hamster, but getting a local Electrical Auto garage to fit them. Not too confident in removing headlights and searching the kitchen floor for springs and clips that keep falling off.... Hopefully i will see a big difference from the current lamps i have.
  12. Hi. Wonder if anyone can advise.. I have a 10 year old IPod (16gb), that i have used in my previous Galaxy's no probs When i got my Edge i connected it as usual via USB cable and it worked fine Upgraded the Sync to V3 and it still worked OK Then did a sync of the IPod to my ITunes library. Now when i try and search for the playlists on the IPod, it says "cant search as indexing" This carries on continuously I can play music but only "all songs", not any playlists or genres I have googled this issue and there is a lot of chatter about it, but has anyone on here had the same problem, and if so is there a fix I was wondering about doing a Master Reset of the Sync 3 first to see if that reset the Ipod, but not sure? Thanks
  13. Hi Robr9457 Yes, that is where i downloaded my map upgrade from (re post above)
  14. I have done my update this morning Not too tech "savvy", so went for a basic install (just thought i would give it a go see if it worked) Bought a 32gb USB stick (Toshiba one from Asda £12.99) Downloaded the update from the Ford site, and copied it to the USB stick Didn't do any unzipping or anything like that, just copied the 3 downloaded items to the stick (autoinstall.lst, DONTINDX.MSA and the folder SyncMyRide) Stuck the USB into the car and it immediately came up with System Software Update (or something like that) Was doing a 2 hour drive, so off i went. After about 45 mins message came up and said "first part of update complete, please restart engine) Stopped the car, restarted engine, and message came up again saying System Software Update.( I didn't remove the USB, just left it plugged in all the time ). Drove off again and after another 40 mins got the message "now safe to unplug USB, software update complete will update next time you start the engine". Stopped again, restarted engine, checked Sync 3 settings, and hey presto F7 Maps was showing. So that was simple.... or was i lucky???
  15. Check which Diesel Engine it has.. If it has the 235ps Engine, the emissions are 175g/km, this means the first year road tax (if registered after 1st April 2018) is £820 (see below) Ford claimed that the entry-level 148bhp Edge will return 48.7mpg and produces CO2 emissions of 153g/km. This means company car drivers will face Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) company-car tax at a rate of of 35%. Adding the optional 20-inch alloy wheels, or choosing the Sport trim or Vignale model (both of which include these bigger wheels as standard) will cause these figures to suffer slightly. For example, fuel efficiency drops to 47.9mpg. Opt for the most powerful 235bhp engine, meanwhile, and fuel economy will drop to 42.2mpg, with CO2 emissions of 175g/km placing the Edge in the top 37% band for BiK. Most models of Ford Edge will cost £140 a year to tax. Top-spec models costing over £40,000, however, will be subject to a further £310 annual charge, which runs for five years from years 2-6 of the car's life CO2emissions (g/km) Diesel cars (TC49) that meet the RDE2standard and petrol cars (TC48) All other diesel cars (TC49) Alternative fuel cars (TC59) 0 £0 £0 £0 1 - 50 £10 £25 £0 51 - 75 £25 £105 £15 76 - 90 £105 £125 £95 91 - 100 £125 £145 £115 101 - 110 £145 £165 £135 111 - 130 £165 £205 £155 131 - 150 £205 £515 £195 151 - 170 £515 £830 £505 171 - 190 £830 £1,240 £820 191 - 225 £1,240 £1,760 £1,230