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  1. So, took the Edge into the Ford Dealers this morning for the 36,000 mile Auto Box Oil Change When i got there i asked the receptionist to ask the technician to also check the software via Ford IDS, for the "Traffic sign recognition reduced performance" message as per the posts above Even printed out Hamsters comments and gave that too her to pass on When i got the car back, she said, The technician has checked the software and it is all up to date".. Tried to get to speak to the technician but was told he was at lunch, and as i was not prepared to wait around i just left. My assumption is that he put the VIN into the Ford system and it said All software up to date, as i have already done this after updating Maps to F9 So, can anyone recommend a Ford dealer that has actually done the IDS software upgrade, re the Traffic sign "problem" Thanks Dave
  2. This morning i have actually heard the speed warning chime for the first time. I was driving through our High St (20 mph zone) with the radio off, and just crept over the speed limit, and i heard a very very faint "ping" However, unless your hearing is at perfect pitch, (which fortunately mine is), you would never hear the warning "ping", as it was so low in volume, that i thought i had mis heard it. So can the volume be adjusted or not? Also re the road signs, i spoke to a Ford dealer the other day and explained i had the "reduced performance" message re road signs, and they said that all software updates were "user performed" and not done by them? The car is in with the Ford dealer on Wednesday for the Auto gearbox oil change, what should i ask for re the software update to fixed the road sign recognition problem? Thanks Dave
  3. Re undercoveredge and the speed warning chime So having had my Edge for 18 months i have never heard any chime re speed warnings Went into the settings and blimey, thats why i havnt heard it, the littel box next to chimes had not been ticked So, ticked the box, set the "tolerance" to 0 mph up to 35mph, and +1 over 35 mph Went out in the car and just pushed it to 43mph in a 40 zone and, nothing happened, not even a beep Tried it again at 32mph in a 30mph zone and the same, no sound or chime or beep at all. So as well as the "reduced performance" message re sign recognition the warning chimes seems knacke'd
  4. Mine (2018 Edge Sport) says the same re "reduced performance" message I believe there has been a discussion topic on this some time ago, and i think that there is a software update from a Ford Dealers that fixed it (i may be wrong though) Go to the search bar and search in this forum for "traffic sign recognition" or similar, you should find the original discussion notes Failing that i am sure someone will respond very soon with the definitive answer Cheers
  5. Hamster I mentioned in the thread on Parcel shelf rattle, about my rattle with the rear seat belt You said there should be a small plastic slider fitted to the belt, and on the rear driver side there is, but its gone from the rear passenger side, hence the knocking of the clasp against the plastic side of the rear seat Do you know if you can buy one of these "seat belt sliders" from Ford? Thanks
  6. Maybe not the same, but i get a knock / rattle from the rear passenger side seat belt when it not in use The metal clasp knocks against the plastic side of the seat Not all the time, but enough to be annoying when it does I tend to "jam" the seat belt clasp behind the rear seat, then it cant rattle about
  7. The VIN on my Sport shows 2017 build, but it wasn't registered until 1st April 2018 Mine also has the Lux pack with all the "bells and whistles" as described above
  8. Mine is the 2018 (registered) 235bhp Sport model with the Lux Pack (auto) in Ingot Silver It was originally registered by a Ford Dealer and was their dealer principal's car Original price was £41k and i bought it 8 months old with 15,000 miles on it for £28k Unfortunately that means i am paying the higher road fund licence for the first 5 years However on saying that i love the car First thing i did was get the original headlights (candles) changed for LED's, and that made a big difference In terms of problems, i have had the adaptive steering failure (fixed under warranty), and also the dual tone horn go "mono", also fixed under warranty It is 3 years old next April, although when i bought it off the dealer i did negotiate the extended warranty to 5 years as part of the "package" My rear light cluster does mist up quite badly, so i will take it back to Ford for that to be looked at under the 3 year warranty before next March / April I live in Shropshire and there are a couple of Edge's i see occasionally ( a Gold one and a Black one), but it is a car that is conspicuous by its absence Finally i was at the local recycling centre last week, and a bloke pulled up beside me in a Mondeo ST sport model. When he got out he looked at the Edge and just said wow, what is that, it looks fantastic. Always makes you feel a bit better for the rest of the day! Cheers
  9. This is more like an update to the post i made on "Front Pad replacement" 12 months ago Anyway the car has now done nigh on 40,000 (10,000 since last Sept), so decided on the free brake check at Halfords Front Discs and Pads are fine (as expected), rear discs have 10mm and pads were on 1mm, left.. As these were still pads from new i was pleased i got 40,000 miles out of them Got the pads replaced by Halfords for £177 (incl VAT) and these were on the "brakes for life" scheme. This was actually cheaper than the front brake pad replacement last year (£188 then) Anyway, front and rear pads are now all covered on brakes for life, so i will never pay again for brake pad replacement on this or any other car i own...(as long as Halfords are in business) Cheers
  10. Just checked my Car (VIN number shows late 2017 manufacture) and it says "your Software is already up to date" so no 3.4 for me yet
  11. Hi Guys Seems like we are all experiencing the same type of problems in terms of incomplete download and upgrade, then with a bit of patience a positive result! Just to say mine also did not not produce the XML file, so i have not uploaded to the Ford site
  12. Eddiek I've just fixed it thanks Basically did a new download and replaced the files that were originally downloaded to the USB Went out again and it took 45 mins to update in the car This time i got a message saying "you can now remove USB and update will take place next time car is started" Left the car for a few minutes then started it up and got a message saying "update successful" Settings say Maps V9, and Gracenote is back with version, and when i play the iphone through itunes the album cover artowk is back.. Happy now!!!