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  1. Sorry, should have said top pic old wheel, and bottom pic new wheel
  2. So the steering wheel has now been replaced and all is well I still get the Sport or Normal steering option, for D or S mode One minor change on the new steering wheel though is that the RES CNCL button and the LIM on/off Cruise Control Button, have "swapped" places Two pictures attached, left one shows old wheel and right new wheel Anyone else had this with the left hand side buttons swapping places???
  3. So after 2 1/2 weeks of waiting, my local Ford Dealer still have no delivery time on the new steering wheel !! Does anyone know the Ford Part number for the replacement Edge steering wheel, with the adaptive steering bit in it? If so could you reply please, as i think my only option to get a quick fix, is to ring round other Ford dealers, in the hope that one of them has a wheel in stock Thanks..
  4. Strangely enough i noticed a burning rubber smell when i got out of my Edge the other evening I had done around a 25 mile drive Not noticed the smell since though
  5. So the conclusion from the Ford dealer was, "the steering wheel needs replacing" It was ordered by them last Wednesday, and hopefully will be in and fitted sometime this week. So from that i am no wiser (yet) as to whether my 2018 registered car was actually one that got a 2016/17 steering wheel ??
  6. Just started the Edge up (2018 sport), and the Adaptive Steering Malfunction message came up on the dash The steering wheel is also now not straight and level , as in when the car is going in a straight line the steering wheel is in a position that you would think the car is turning left. I will obviously contact the garage first thing monday, but is the car safe to drive as it is???
  7. Hadn't checked my Edge (2018 Sport 235ps auto) on a long journey for a while, so last weekend did my home in Shropshire up to Doncaster Apart from the first 12 miles which is the A5, the rest was dual carriageway and Motorway. Kept to 70mph and used cruise control most of the way on Motorways 110 Miles each way and averaged 37.9 overall Quite happy with that really
  8. i always double click the remote fob to dead lock the doors, its just habit now..
  9. How long does a wifi update take?? Over the last 3 days when i got home a message saying software update appeared on the screen When i check later the messsage says software update failed Then i thought does the ignition need to be left on, so that the car is "connected" to the wifi So left the car on the drive ignition on (no engine) for around 40 minutes and when i cheked back the update bar was around half way across Went back 30 mins later and the car had shut iteself off, and the update had stopped When i turned on again it said update in place, but had gone back to the start again Grrrr I checked my version currently, and the screen shows Build 18025 Sync Software version 3.0 Maps F8 (coz i did that manually) The download it is trying to do is JR3T-14G391-AE_1557244131000.TAR.GZ
  10. Hi Ian I posted about the M6/M1 Junction a couple of months ago, saying that it does indeed direct you to the left lane for the M1. however the signage on the dash shows the left lane as A14 Kettering, so some confusion. Now that was around 6 weeks ago so it may have changed and be correct now??
  11. Hi Kevin No the system has not been "upgraded" via IDS, this just happened I did travel this stretch of road again at the weekend, and exactly the same happened again. The no overtaking sign was on the road side (on a pole) not painted on the road, and the national speed limit sign is also on a pole if i go that way again i will take picture of signs shown on dashboard
  12. I experienced a new "feature" of TSR the other day My car actually recognised "The national speed limit" sign i.e the black diagonal line through the white circle. This is the first time i have ever seen this sign come up on the dash In fact as i drove along this specific road, the dashboard showed 2 signs top and bottom. The top sign was no overtaking, the bottom sign showed 40 mph speed limit, and then when i exited this stretch and passed the national speed sign, up popped the white circle with black line through it (and the others disappeared) So now confused as to why it does not pick up the national speed sign in other areas??
  13. Whilst i agree Ian, Halfords may be able to "screw you" regarding something unforseen, their actual exclusions in the Ts and Cs below are pretty simple and reasonable i believe I suppose the proof is in the pudding when i go back in 29,000 miles time... Exclusions The lifetime replacement does not cover: wear indicator sensors or wires; or pads or shoes for ceramic brakes. The lifetime replacement is not available for vehicles owned or leased by a company or driving school, or contract hire or rental vehicles (including taxis) and vehicles used for commercial purposes, track days or competitive sports. The free replacement pads only apply to the front or rear set that were originally changed. If both sets were changed it applies to both sets. The lifetime replacement is covered by a fair-use policy and may be withdrawn if there is regular, excessive wear, or you regularly bring in many different vehicles. If there is a dispute, the decision of the directors of Halfords Autocentres is final.
  14. Just thought i would post an update to the question i posed in the "traffic sign recognition" thread below, re front brake pad replacement. I did a bit of shopping around and discovered that Halfords Auto centres do "Brakes4Life" They quoted me £188 (incl vat) for the front brake pads replacement, and then all further replacements of these pads in the future are free! As these pads have done 29,000 miles and i plan to keep the car for another 4 years, i calculate i will need another 2 sets over the years, both pf which will be free of charge. The fitting was done promptly and all in all very happy with the service and this deal (halfords web script below) Our Brakes4Life offer is designed to encourage you to keep your brakes in good condition. Simply buy brake pads and shoes at Halfords Autocentres and you'll never have to pay to replace them again. With Brakes4Life, you only pay for your first set of brake pads or brake shoes. We will supply and fit all future brake pads or shoes when you need them, free of charge. This unique offer is transferable to all future cars you own - saving the average driver £1,600 over their driving lifetime!