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    What to look for when buying ?

    Check which Diesel Engine it has.. If it has the 235ps Engine, the emissions are 175g/km, this means the first year road tax (if registered after 1st April 2018) is £820 (see below) Ford claimed that the entry-level 148bhp Edge will return 48.7mpg and produces CO2 emissions of 153g/km. This means company car drivers will face Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) company-car tax at a rate of of 35%. Adding the optional 20-inch alloy wheels, or choosing the Sport trim or Vignale model (both of which include these bigger wheels as standard) will cause these figures to suffer slightly. For example, fuel efficiency drops to 47.9mpg. Opt for the most powerful 235bhp engine, meanwhile, and fuel economy will drop to 42.2mpg, with CO2 emissions of 175g/km placing the Edge in the top 37% band for BiK. Most models of Ford Edge will cost £140 a year to tax. Top-spec models costing over £40,000, however, will be subject to a further £310 annual charge, which runs for five years from years 2-6 of the car's life CO2emissions (g/km) Diesel cars (TC49) that meet the RDE2standard and petrol cars (TC48) All other diesel cars (TC49) Alternative fuel cars (TC59) 0 £0 £0 £0 1 - 50 £10 £25 £0 51 - 75 £25 £105 £15 76 - 90 £105 £125 £95 91 - 100 £125 £145 £115 101 - 110 £145 £165 £135 111 - 130 £165 £205 £155 131 - 150 £205 £515 £195 151 - 170 £515 £830 £505 171 - 190 £830 £1,240 £820 191 - 225 £1,240 £1,760 £1,230

    Brake Pad wear

    Hi The Edge i have bought has 16,000 miles on it.. Just out of interest, what are (or is) the expected mileage for brake pads on the front and rear wheels? I have the 20" Sport wheels, so don't know if that makes any difference? Many thanks

    Couple of queries re 2018 Edge Sport

    Thanks Update on the speed signs. Travelled to Bham today and at times on the M6 the speed signs were showing fine on the dash. Then suddenly they would just go, and the symbol was greyed out, then occasionally the speed sign would show but in black and white Will try cleaning the windscreen first as the suggestion about dirty upper windscreen could be the answer Thanks
  4. Hi Newbie to owning an Edge here, although i have owned Ford Galaxys for the last 15 years, the last one being a Titanium X 2016 model (new shape) The Edge i have just got is a 2018 sport + lux pack i like the car and inside is virtually the same as the Gal, however a couple of queries if someone could help? Firstly the traffic speed warning and road signs on the dash Both are turned on in the menu settings, but all i get is two greyed out circles on the dash. I turned the menu off and then on again and the system reset but said something like "reduced performance see user manual" The 30mph red circle then came on but disappeared again pretty quickly to a grey circle??? (i was still in a 30mph zone) Also i have the Sony dash and sat nav/radio in the Edge. On Dab radio on the Gal it gave me artist and song title playing on radio. On the Edge i dont get that, just the radio station. Can you get the song title and artist on the Sony radio?? Just a couple to start with, any advice gratefully received Cheers

    Quickclear front screen

    Hi I have had exactly the same problem on a 2015 Galaxy Titanium X Start stop and heated front screen stopped working around 12 months ago, and it has been back to the dealer on numerous occasions. Has had a new battery fitted but still doesn't work. I have no camera fitted nor anything else to drain the battery,. I charged the brand new battery for 6 hours, and after getting full charge on the battery charge machine drove the car for over 30 miles on a mixture of roads When i stopped the car kept running, and showed the A symbol on the dashboard, but as ever, it was "greyed out" with a line running through it. The message on the dash said "engine on due to vehicle charging" (see attached image) Were you aware there is a message section on the dash for Auto Start/Stop? Use the left arrow keys to go to Fuel mpg, then arrow up or down until you see the Auto Start /stop message The Ford dealer has no idea what the problem is, a mechanic sat in the car with me for nearly an hour and connected his laptop and was totally confused by some of the readings he was getting Personally i think this problem will never be fixed, so i am getting rid.. Best of luck!!