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  1. Ok so to follow on this, I am told this is again a normal noise and something to do with the fuel value. Something to do with air pressure and stuff thats creates the chirpy tick noise. Happens all the time moving from 1/2 - 2/3. Does anyone experience this? This along with my fuel pump noise I posted about are quite annoying. I just can't believe noises like this can be a feature of the car but am being told there are. I took a similar for a test drive and couldn't recreate this noise in there but still being told it's normal. Any advice please or similar noises heard in yours?
  2. Well to follow up on this, they are telling me this is normal noise because it's a high pressure pump. I did listen in another and it was there but not as loud. Also just today it now jumps back and forth on start up from low to high and rather than spinning down it stays on the highest speed sound?? Any advice?
  3. Ok thanks everyone, ill go back to them and see what they say.
  4. Hmmm thanks for all the feedback guys. I’m going to see them again next Friday. Any suggestions on what I should say to them about this? How to approach getting this looked at further?
  5. This is true. I don’t know how to test for that. Wold you say this is not normal for the pump then? Or not a normal sound in general.
  6. I have made a audio version of the video file here https://www.dropbox.com/s/96lskbryd243tx4/fiesta-st-line-fuel-pump.mp3?dl=0 Same timing applies where you can hear the noise. Let me know what you think. Cheers.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I had a fiesta 2012 before this and never heard anything remotely like this and I can honestly say in all the cars I have ever had I have never been expected to consider a humming from inside the car as "normal" as i'm being told by the dealership. I just can't believe this can be ok? It's weird.
  8. Hi thanks for the reply. No I didn’t pay I have only had it 2 months been in with various problems. I just can my believe this is a normal sound inside the car from a fuel pump? I have never had a sound like that from any car. You can’t hear anything similar in yours then?
  9. Hi I don't think it's on the inside. I would never be able to capture the noise i'm sure. Its like a little ticking/squeaky belt noise just for a second or two. Dealership assured me it was just something to do with the turbo? I have never had so many noises from a car and this is the newest one i have had.
  10. Ok please find the video attached. Its very hard to recreate it like you are in the car, but if you listen you will hear the spin up of the fuel pump at 2 secs when the car is started then at 14 seconds it slows down then that noise is the one that resonates round the car sometimes slightly louder than others but always ALL the time. Does yours make any similar sound to this? https://www.dropbox.com/s/0e3ng424fgfmgii/fiesta-st-fual-pump-noise.mov?dl=0
  11. That is bizarre. It’s not the worst noise ever but certainly can hear it and especially in with head in the back. ill try do a recording.
  12. hi yes I can try and get a recording. I had the fuel pump changed and it’s still the same buzzing/humming noise. When you are sat still in the car it’s pretty noticeable. I just can’t believe that’s the way it is. can you not hear anything at all? How about if your in drivers seat and put head towards back seats? thanks.
  13. Well I got this replaced and it's still the same noise. Find it hard to believe it should be like this. Just posted about another problem too, this car is depressing me now.
  14. Hi this is my second post. Basically in short I brought a 2018 Fiesta MK8 St-Line a couple of months ago. Its been in 7 times now having various problems fixed. I posted before about the fuel pump noise. They have fitted a new one but still the same. However I have a new sound that started a week ago. Basically, when I accelerate and when you ease off changing gear i get a ticky noise from the left hand side bonnet area like a mouse squeak/clicking is the best I can describe. I have taken it in and they have concluded this noise is "normal" apparently its coming from the turbo and i
  15. Thank you, yes I hear the noise on start but the buzz is constant from the fuel pump in the back.
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