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Found 133 results

  1. Brucy Bonus


    Recently bought a well specced 2013 titanium fiesta, low milage with zetec s exterior but only has a 80ps econetic engine, wondering if there are any upgrades I can make to the car to improve its performance. Cheers.
  2. Okay, so looking for your opinions on the pros and cons of each option, what's good, bad and ultimately...what's best. I've owned my mk7.5 fiesta 5 door Titanium since three years old and I'm NOT about to spend another winter driving around with the crap bulbs that Ford seem to enjoy fitting as standard equipment! I'm looking to change all the bulbs out, front and rear, (and interior lights) in time for the winter months that will no doubt he here before we know what should I go for? I'm really disappointed with the factory fitted bulbs on the headlights, but would quite like a more modern look so am considering HID's for main beam and Osram Nghtbreaker Laser or Unlimited for high beam. also thinking of using LED's for indicators, etc, but no idea how to tell a good LED from a lesser made product. only bulbs I'm thinking of leaving standard are front and rear fogs as I think I've used them probably twice since new and so really can't recall how effective they were, but given they're so rarely used I don't see the point in changing them out, unless they blow of course! Lastly I'm also trying to pluck the courage up to remove the headlamp units, bake them, open them up and go for the "black" look...any advice/suggestions on this would also be most welcome. 👍🏻 be interesting to read your thoughts...
  3. I'm looking to sell my Panther Black 2012 Ford Fiesta 1.4 Titanium with ST rear spoiler and sport front grille. If anybody is interested or knows anybody that is please contact me on this or by mobile (07727983864) and I can give more details. Thanks a lot, Johnny.
  4. Commencal24

    My mk 2.5 Titanium

    Hey everyone, I've just realised I've never posted pics of my car, so here she is. 1.8 Sea grey Titanium I came close to purchasing a black titanium, but then this one came in the market and colour swung it for me, plus the added bonus of it running 18's too. I had to replace the rear boot handle as the clips had broken and a new 1.8 badge as the one had fallen off 🙈 and a new reversing light as the numpty who owned it before me couldn't wire one in to save his life. Im not gonna go crazy on mods, I've done that on my last two cars, do this one is gonna have more subtle ones. So far Scuff plates and genuine mats all the interior lights apart from the glove box lights have been changed to led. Additional boot light too but I'll get a pic of that once it's dark, and the side, main and full beam lights have been changed too. Next will be a set of Eibachs and maybe change the washer jets Ill post more pics as soon as I can.
  5. Just bought a 2014 Titanium, dark metallic blue, with rear camera and satnav. about 30,000 on clock. It's a really nice car. Compared to my 2007 Fiesta Zetec, it's quicker acceleration wise, faster topspeed-wise, quieter(ish), more comfortable, more economical, more nimble, looks better, auto climate control. And five gears is easily enough - on the motorway, 4th was perfectly fine at 70 (2500 - 3000rpm) - 5th is a bonus. Disadvantages - the odd tiny rattle, resonance, vibration from various points in the cabin (hard to locate). ( The old Zetec was a little tank, absolutely solid, not a pipsqueak or rattle anywhere heard inside cabin). And also, road noise - does depend on the road surface type ( seems to be two types of surface on motorway). Overall, really pleased with the buy, so very happy. I would like to change the wheels. It has the titanium standard alloys , 15 spoke. I don't really like them. I was thinking of ... 8 spoke fiesta/Ka, ie ... or and finally Being dark blue car, probably go for silver or grey. I prefer the first one, the fiesta/ka. Is there anything I need to consider in terms of tyre size, wheel size etc ,,, is it exact size as my standard titanium 15 spokes? Cheers
  6. Has anyone seen or fitted a Zetec S body kit to a MK3 2012 Titanium Focus? Been searching the net and cant even see them for sale anywhere. Any one seen them and any ideas of price. Can they be had from ford dealers? Thanks
  7. Hi Guys been struggling now for a few weeks but have been trawling through websites and the most answers I have found have come from here so I am asking for more help specific to me... So Due to a flat battery I had to jump my battery but due to the mother in law!! love her to bits!! connected the + and - the wrong way round and killed my a new battery later making sure I got a Silver Calcium battery and I got the best one not the cheapo! and were back up and running but then after about 2 weeks the battery is going dead over night! there begins my google journey searching for my problem then the trip to the auto electrical shop and then back to halfords to replace a faulty new battery.... and then to start my google journey again.... anywho I have traced the battery drain to fuse 104 which is in the manual for "battery saver"....hmmm the irony and "internal lights" (no internal lights are staying on)so I have pulled fuse 104 and no more battery drain I have no interior lights which to be honest I can live without but What is the battery saver....during my google journey I found the wiring schematics for my model and after searching 137 pages 3 times I found fuse 104 and found that the battery saver relay is on the PCB of what every one is calling the ((GEM Module) which I call the Internal Fuse box) so its Soldered onto the main fuse box and on Ebay I can Buy one for £40-£400 but Matching up the Model numbers are proving Problematic as some people say they need to be programed to the car and others are saying as long as you match up a certain amount of numbers you can just replace then re-program the keys then your good to go....Anyone who has any insight please feel free to help Ford focus MK2.5.pdf
  8. I'm the new owner of a 14 plate Focus Titanium 1.0 ecoboost. I love it and it drives and performs like a dream. However, the central info screen has displays not covered in the owners manual. In radio mode it has a small battery icon and a bar graph icon displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. The batter icon shows just under 'half full'. Nowhere in the manual does it say what these refer to. Can anyone help please?
  9. Hi All I have 2012 UK Focus MK3 Titanium and I'm looking in to what is required to change the interior Ambient Lighting to the multi-colour option you get with the Titanium X. At present I do have the ambient lighting but it's the fixed red colours. I have foot well, front door storage and handle area along with the cup holder area lighting up in red. I've checked the wiring to the foot well and there is a cable with 3 wires going in to the current red LED, but the LED board only makes use of two of them. So I was wondering if it's the same wiring? I am aware I will need to purchase the new multi colour LED's from Ford and also the Titanium X control module near the interior sunglasses holder to the attached image (I just have a blanking plate in mine) Is there anything else required? Has anyone tried? Thank you kindly. J
  10. k_j_jacobs

    New Badges for the Mk2 Focus

    So ive eventually been sent my new tailgate grab bar by the winscreen people after one of their engineers ripped mine off changing my windscreen ive replaced it, but cant seem to get the old ford badge off? anyone know how to get this off or a place i can get a new one? Microcat is listing the item as <42528Q prefer to buy a nice looking but not too expensive one also the front could do with being replaced too 8213A
  11. Just installed my brand new Xtrons PB76FSFAP-B head unit, and i love it... just tweeking the finer details on it. i would like to dim my head unit when the headlights come on as they are automatic anyway im told from some of the forums that there is an orange wire behind the unit that needs to be plugged into the headlight pin. does anyone have any material on which pin is for which on my wiring loom? the previous unit dimmed on headlights starting up so this is a good sign.
  12. Muhammad

    Mk 7 1.4l or 1.6l Petrol?

    Hello I am looking to buy a used Mk 7 Fiesta. I will do around 1000 miles a month (200 on motorway, 50 in city a week) until October, and from then on it will be city driving so around 5000 miles annually so this is why I'm choosing petrol over diesel. I would like to have Bluetooth if not then definitely USB and AUX . I know titanium has all of this but not sure which other trim levels do as standard (maybe Zetec?) Currently when I drive at 70 it does just over 3000rpm in my mk6.0 1.3l petrol. I understand the newer engines are more fuel efficient and do more revs at high speeds (3000rpm at 60mph in 1.4l, that's what I've read online). I just wondered how many revs the 1.4l does at 70mph compared to the 1.6l engine and which one is worth looking at. I have a £4,000 budget any suggestions?
  13. I have a clicking kind of noise coming from my passenger side wheel area. The frequency of the noise will increase as I speed up. Anyone have any idea what this could be? I drive a 2010 Fiesta Titanium with a Zetec S body kit.
  14. frankinstyyn

    Sony Head Unit Sub Install

    Hi all, 1st post and I'm wondering if it's possible to install a sub using my stock Sony Head Unit. I'm unsure if I need a converter or if the back of my stereo has the capability. I have nothing but the sub so any help to cabling would be awesome. Sub with a built in AMP Fiesta Titanium 61 Plate Thanks in advance people!!
  15. SeanSedgwick

    Focus Titanium LED Reg light

    Hi all, Searched this in the forum but couldn't find a topic on it. I have Blueish Side Lights, Wing Mirror Lights, Reverse Lights, and 8000K HID Dipped Beam & Fog Lights. Basically the only 'Warm' light on my car is my Reg plate light. Can this be changed? Thanks Ford Focus Titanium 61 plate MK3 1.6 TDCI
  16. SeanSedgwick

    Titanium engine upgrade

    Hi guys, I'm sort of new to the forum, constantly reading threads on it, but never made an account. I have a Ford Focus Titanium 61 Plate 1.6 TDCI I have been been looking to upgrade most of my hoses under my hood, however I am struggling for a kit to buy, as most websites only supply the ST Silicone Hose kits. I have made the mistake of ordering 1 for my turbo and it was a totally wrong fit. Not many people upgrade their engine on this car therefore it's hard to come by parts, maybe if someone can point me in the right direction, it will help anyone else who has the same problem. Can anyone help? Thanks
  17. Cluelessfordguy

    What does DYB mean?

    Hi. Recently bought a Focus titanium my12. Now i have a question: It says DYB in some certain places in the info paper we got, and if you search on Google you can find focus (DYB). Does anyone here know what it means?
  18. Hey, wanted to make this thread to show other people who maybe are planning to do the same to their Ford Focus and also to take new ideas from any of you. We own a quite unique model of the Ford Focus. Its a 2.0 TDCI with 110hp automatic which I have never seen before. You can find more information about it here: Anyway, when we got it, it look like a normal Zetec S but since then we have done the following: - RS Spoiler - Painted the Zetec S back diffuser black - Painted the bonnet tip - RS replica rims - Tuned the car back to it's original 140hp. What's next? I have been looking at some RS grills for the front, but I'm not sure how it would look like on this color of the car. We have just recently installed a Zetec S front splitter from which you can find images from at the bottom at the thread. Do you have any other ideas to do with the car? If some are wondering: the car has Ford's improved Sony stereo and has AUX. We are planning to add DAB+ adapter. Here are some images: Currently I only have this image of the new front splitter: (The rims you see is for the winter tires.)
  19. Hi all, I have owned my 2010 Titanium Mondeo for a couple of years now and think it's a great car. About a year ago I adjusted the drivers seat in the car and the airbag warning light started to come on and on intermittently when starting the car. The situation stayed this way throughout the winter but then seemed to fix itself when the weather warmed up (from Spring etc.). However, the problem has now returned and the airbag light is now permanently on when i start the car up. I've looked as various solutions online but nothing has worked to this point. This seems to be a very common problem yet I have not found a solution. Obviously I will put it into a garage to see if they can diagnose what is going on but is there anyone that can help me? Kind regards Sean
  20. I could really do with a bit of help on this issue if anyone knows. well I was getting diesel I was getting money out of my pocket. I pressed the clutch really hard by accident and it got stuck so had to pull it out by hand. and since then the clutch to start you've got to put your foot to floor to get it to start also started to rattle on idle like something come loose I think but go's threw gears smooth tho.
  21. Hi all, First post! I've just bought myself a 58 plate Titanium, I'm massively pleased with it, I made sure it had some of the gadgets I wanted such as cruise control, parking sensors etc. knowing that I could have a go at retrofitting the bluetooth myself (and for an added bonus get USB support! - fingers crossed). I know this is a heavily discussed subject, but please bear with me, I have done my research. So, I have the Sony single CD (no DAB) with MP3 support, and I've checked the firmware (press and hold 1 & 6 together then turn on stereo) and it's 05-03-03 so I think I'm also good for USB support. I've also got the correct light housing for the microphone and it looks like I have a wire stowed up there to clip the microphone into. I've taken the glovebox out and I'm pretty positive I don't have the wiring loom for the bluetooth/VC module so this is the only sticking point so far. I'm just about ready to email Ford Parts UK to get a quote and place an order and could do with a few pointers before I go ahead. Any help is hugely appreciated. I have the microphone wire, where does this come out? I had a 3 pin black and red socket taped to the existing AUX input cable, it had white/black, yellow/black, and black cables attached. Is this it? Once I've confirmed, how am I going to attach this up to the new wiring loom? I found an excellent guide to fitting USB in the glovebox with an original bezel to hold the USB here http://www.fordxr5tu...p?topic=12187.0 It says the the Nokia bluetooth module has been replaced with a Novero (1726157 Module (AU7T-19C112-AR) is this OK for my stereo and will it give me full USB/ Voice control support? Once I've got it all installed what do I need to ask Ford to program with the WDS, I've seen various things posted, but I get the feeling I'd turn up and they wouldn't know what I was on about? Can anyone tell me exactly what to ask for? I've gathered part numbers from all over the place, it looks like they get replaced with never versions, can anyone confirm the below? Bluetooth: 1726157 Module (AU7T-19C112-AR, 2010 Module Bluetooth BT/VC+USB Connect) 1353218 Module Bracket 1355147 Screw For Bracket x 2 1318965 Steering Control Stalk 1532666 Bluetooth Mic 1467152 Retrofit patch loom for universal fit. (there seems to be different versions of this for focus/fiesta??) USB: 1543691 USB cable 1543450 USB socket 1550778 Glovebox bezel Finally if anyone can recommend anywhere to get hold of some of the parts other than Ford Parts UK that would be appreciated, I've not had much luck sourcing stuff on ebay.
  22. Hello! My name is Xander! Proud owner of a Ford Focus 2011 1.6 ecoboost, flipping love the beast! Just thought i'd say Hi and familiarise myself and getting to know a few of you awesome peeps. Xander out.
  23. Hey guys, does any one know how to remove the silver boot handle trim thing? Because I would like it to be black but I'm not sure how to remove it?
  24. Hello , i am a new member to the forum but have been a silent stalker of the forum topics for a while.. I have recently bought (end of April 16 ) A used 2011 Focus, Titan-1.6- TD, it had 64k on the clock when i bought it from the dealer... Love the car but not the problems i have encountered in such a short period of time after purchase :( .. First off was the end of July i suddenly hear a loud knocking sound coming from the engine whilst sat at traffic lights almost a fast thudding/rattle when the clutch was depressed it was still there but less obvious , any way after searching the forums here , i came to the conclusion that it sounded like the DMF was the noise i was hearing (thank you to those that had answered others on a similar topic here ) So lucky for me , i was JUST within my 3 month warranty, so had the DMF and clutch replaced by Evans Halshaw, not without having to cry like a baby in the showroom first , not my usual behaviour but after being fobbed off after them having my car in their service centre for the whole day and then to be told in true (talking to a ditsy blond style) That diesel engines are supposed to sound like a bag of spanners being placed on spin cycle !!! :O That there was nothing wrong with the car, the noise was normal Hmmmm OK .. Treat me like a silly girl i will act like one, on this occasion it worked in my favour heheee and i then got a second more experienced opinion , resulting in the replacementof the clutch & DMF... So now a few months on and i seem to be having issues with my battery dying overnight and even when stopping for shopping after a long motorway drive from Oxford to Cardiff.. The push button start just makes a clicking sound and nothing, lights and computer all work when this happens? I have been told that diesel cars need to be driven on longer journeys often to maintain battery charge? Seems if it is driven and loses charge anyway overnight , surly there is a reason ? I had a 2013 model before and i could pretty much rely on it after being left parked up for a few days at a time (My ex took that with him) i ended up with the dud! anyway i am desperate to try and get this sorted as an unreliable car is all i have at the moment and i am struggling to know what to do about it, paid 8k for it so i don't really have the money to spend on this ATM , Is it likely this might be linked to something that was potentially damaged when the flywheel was going bad, can that affect other mechanics, battery drain an hour after driving it is surly extreme? has to be something draining it so fast , my auto stop start has never worked either and the bluetooth voice command doesn't work either ... Or have i just been unlucky? Thanks and apologies for the rant ;)
  25. Hello brand new to this forum, owner of a Ford Focus estate, let's see what fords you have here's mine!