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Found 133 results

  1. Morning all, I tried a quick search on this, but while there's a lot of threads about after market seats I didn't find what I wanted so.... As the title really. Anyone here take the heated seats option in a 2014 Titanium without also upgrading to leather seats? If you did, are they standard style seats or the sports style ones from the X? I know what answer I want, but I'll see what answers I get before revealing. Thanks
  2. Missy3377

    Titanium Esp

    Sorry if someone else has already posted this but I couldn't find an answer that seemed to work for my car as I don't have a button. I have just bought the fiesta titanium on Friday and the screen (the one that is also my radio, please see picture below) sometimes (when starting) says my esp is turned off, have read the manual about the button under my air con but I don't have that I have a grill/vent. Could some tell me how you switch it on as it's not showing in any menu and get a feeling I should have it on. Ta for any help :)
  3. FiestaGirl89

    Lowering Kits.

    Hi All, I have a Mk7 Fiesta Titanium and am looking into lowering it. I have heard that all Titanium models stand around 10mm higher than the others but i'm not 100% sure on this? I'm not sure what lowing kit brand to go for or how much to lower it by. I'd like to notice that its lower but not loose the ride's smoothness completely? Any advice would be great!! Thanks :D
  4. Hi! I am new to this forum :) I have just bought a 2013 ford focus titanium and have been having a little difficulty with the audio system. When I initially switch on the engine (start stop button) the audio system does not start up, I have to press the power button in order for it to go on. But when I switch the engine off the audio system stays on and I have to switch the power off before I leave the car. Is there any way I can set it up so it automatically switches on when the engine it started and goes off when the engine is turned off? If anyone has any idea I would appreciate some help :) thanks!
  5. negendahl

    New honeycomb front

    From the album: Fiesta MK 7.5 Titanium

  6. Hi chaps, I have just bought a used Mondeo Titanium X Sport after a reasonable hiatus from car ownership due to living in the big smoke of London and Singapore, so I'm a little out of touch with the car world of today. The car is in decent nick with 10,000 miles on the clock and what looks like a decent set of Potenza 235x40x19 96Ys on it. These appear healthy enough for now, but I know that new rubber in this size will be somewhere between "ouch" and buttock clenchingly expensive, so I would like to do some homework well in advance of actual need. I know there are a few posts on this subject already - I just thought I would put out my perspective and see if any recommendations are different. My views are that I wont buy budget tyres - no way, now how. This is from bias in "the old days" where budget tyres were pretty garbage. There have probably been a lot of advancements, but I would rather put my safety in the "hands" of the premium brands. Looking at names out there I think my choices are : Dunlops Brigestone (Potenza is by Bridgestone - right?) Michelin Continental In the past I have always gone for either Contis or Dunlops as I always thought Michelins were overpriced and rubbish in the wet, but that's based on 7 years back .. So - I live in Scotland which as rumour has it - is always wet (near enough). So - I have a big priority on wet handling. Safety is top priority, so I would like anyone's view on the above brands (and models if you can recommend any), that would give a good reckoning in terms of : - Wet road handling - Dry road handling - Road noise - Fuel economy In order of most to least important. Budget is not a huge concern - I will pay top ££ if a tyre is SOO much safer than another alternative, but I don't want my wallet raided just for a fancy name and "go faster" stripes type thing. Your expert options are greatly awaited.
  7. Hi All, need to know if I am doing something sensible here or has anyone got any input! I currently have a 54 Reg Vectra SRI 1.9cdti 120bhp. Now, it is slowly falling apart around me and I have seen the above 08 2.5t Titanium X. it looks fantastic and Im loving the idea of 220bhp to play with. The question is, how much of a mistake is this considering the running costs of this bad boy! Tax for 6months is around £60 more expensive, but the question im wondering more about is the peterol/diesel consumption. Now my daily commute to work is a 10mile round trip from home to town - and that trip is spent in traffic for the majority. Iv always been under the presumption that petrols are better for these kinds of runs, considering im never actually doing any distance driving. My vectra has had: new alternator new radiator new intercooler new battery new starter motor. in around 2 years and I have a feeling the clutch is next, I want rid of this pony!. The Mondeo is only £6.5k for an 08 plate at 68k miles. BUT it is this petrol guzzling petrol. I can wait and get a diesel for 2-3k more, but I love the sound of something nippy. What do you think? thanks
  8. Hello, I told myself I wouldn't start mucking around with the Fiesta........ but it's started :P . My 3 series had really good xenon's which tracked the car in front and had auto high beam which has probably set my standard a bit high, but none the less, I felt that the stock bulbs that come with the Titanium X are pretty poor. I bought Osram Night Breaker Unlimited H7 12V 55W to use as my dipped headlights and after reading and following Rogue_Shadow's how-to (Cheers mate :D) I decided to get Philips Silver Vision indictor bulbs. I took me a while to release when I was on AutoBulbs why it said my main beam bulbs were H15 and more importantly I couldn't get any decent makes of bulbs in that size. First off if your headlights have DRLS then your in the same boat as me and your main beam is a H15 - Nae luck.... and I don't really have an answer to the second apart from a quick Google search pretty much shows H15 bulbs being used as 'DRL' halogen lights on several types of car. I don't quite follow how the same type of bulb can be a DRL and a High Beam but who knows. I got stuck in about the replacement of the headlights today and once they were complete I went and got another set of the Philips Silver Vision to do the rear.... honestly, I'm promise I'm not mucking around with it!!!! The front got changed over no problem but the plastic screw on the offside light cluster must have been put on by a body builder or a machine, it took ages to try and get it loose. All posts are pretty much pants without some photos so I've attached some below. All in all from what I can tell the Osram Night Breakers are they are a lot brighter, definitely no blue colours coming from them but just how good they are I'll need to report back. I really need to align my headlights so that's next on the to-do list. Cheers!
  9. Redcar

    New To Here

    Hi to everyone. New to this forum but hope to be a useful contributor. I am looking forward to picking up my new Ford Fiesta Titanium 1.0 125bhp next week and you can probably guess the colour from my username. This will be my fifth or sixth Fiesta since 1981 with various shapes and engine sizes. I haven't owned a Ford since 2004 (a 1.4 Fiesta Zetec) so will be expecting some improvements with the latest mk7. I have been looking round on here for a few weeks and feel I have already learned quite a bit about my new car and some of it's good and bad points, so thanks for all those regular contributors who have shared their knowledge and their experiences. I have also seen some of the common modifications which are giving me food for thought at present. I will pop back in a few days on the Fiesta club to let you know how I like the car.
  10. 2 months ago i traded in my 2005 vauxhall corsa 1.2 sxi after going to a nearby dealer. I originally went to view a 2007 corsa as my older model was worn out and had problems which would have cost more than what the car was worth to fix. While viewing the newer corsa I instantly saw the Ford focus in a corner with no price in view. It's a Ford focus tdci 1.6 titanium model. Originally I was only looking to spend £3000. Before I tell you what I paid let me run through what I got.. the vehicle has 54,000 miles on the clock, a standard Sony sterio without the sat nav, standard seats (non leather) so I'm guessing it's the standard model . It's a 2008 model and ac works etc. No problems with the car that I can see and it drives smoothly. (£20 a year tax helps ;)) I got £1500 for my car when I traded it in. So all together I paid £6500 for the car. What do you think?? Cheers in advance
  11. Hello everyone! Just got my first ford! I drive them all the time in work and know how reliable they are! I've just traded in my 2007 E92 BMW 330D Coupe and now have a......... Mk7 Fiesta EcoBoost (1.0L 125BHP) Titanium X with the street pack and I love it!!!! £0 Road TAX! - WOW! Only 4k on the clock, so it's the newest car I've ever owned! Picked it up on Friday so I'm still working it all out, so far I'm getting 45MPG which is just unreal. First fill up took 40L and only cost £52! I'm loving the figures already. Took 6 weeks waiting for the right spec'd one to come up before I took the hit on my beemer but so far, so good! I've not taken any good photos yet but I gave it my first clean today... Snowfoam, 2BM and towel dry - paint work is brilliant *touch wood* Here he/she is... my "unnamed" fezza! Cheers, Gary.
  12. Stehan Ceronio


    Hey guys i just wanted to share my insanely klean 2010 1.4 Fiesta Titanium with you and I added a very beautiful pic of my green monster lights ;) Hope you like it Stehan
  13. Recently purchased a 2008 Ford Focus 1.6 tdci titanium model and there is no satnav built in, just a standard black radio system. Did the titanium 2008 model come with a satnav built in? The manuals I got with my new car include directions on using the satnav? Just wondering if at any point it would have had a satnav built in but the stereo system replaced by a previous owner? Also would it be possible to get a satnav put into this car? Thanks in advance. Much better car than my old vauxhall corsa 1.2 sxi!!!
  14. Hi everyone! New to the Ford scene! Just picked up my second car after having a corsa c for a year! It's a Focus Mk2.5 2008 1.8Tdci Titanium.. It also has a front splitter that has slits near the wheels and sideskirts.. Not seen many models with those already on them while I was looking.. Can happily say I love the car after contemplating whether to get one the following Golf/A3/Astra. Not done much to the car yet apart from - Yellow Interior Lights - Yellow LED Sidelights - Xenon Fog Lights - Front Bonnet Trim Gloss Wrapped - Rear Boot Trim Gloss Wrapped Plans to do: - A Big Clean (hopefully soon :D) - Gloss wrap the bottom grill - Gloss Black or Gunmetal Grey ST Alloys - Probably a 35/40mm drop (wanting to keep the car subtle ) - A Remap (bit unsure whether its worth it :() - 6k HID Kit - Discrete subwoofer fitting Anyway, thats me done! Here's some photos
  15. Roxanne8907

    privacy glass not so private

    From the album: r.i.p fiesta

  16. QUICK QUESTION / REQUEST!!!!! TITANIUM OR ZETEC MODELS 2013 mk7.5's ONLY!! Has anyone taken off either of the front door covers and taken pictures of the wiring loom at the top where it all sits, up near the tweeter location!! OR Would someone be able to do this for me, i just need good close up's and slightly further away pictures of the loom up near where the tweeter would sit in the door card/cover. The loom comes into the door as normal and then comes through the black under panel near the front and towards the top, it doesn't run along to much and there should be a connector plug near where the connector is for the tweeter plug and where the wires also go for the side mirror, i will put a photo up of the area i am talking about in a bit. Any help would be very appreciated in solving a mystery!!
  17. Hi, I joined the forum so I could ask this as I can't find the answers I need anywhere! Some info or advice would be greatly appreciated! I want to buy a new-ish Fiesta Titanium, up to 2/3 years old, but I'm completely confused as to the differences between the new 2013 (UK) Fiesta and 2012/11/10 versions - specifically with Bluetooth/Ford Sync. I believe the 2013 Fiesta was the first to have 'Sync', but looking at pre-2013 Fiestas for sale it seems some have Bluetooth features and some don't, is this an upgrade thing..? I was interested in Sync for its ability to make calls, read texts, play music, for the voice control and very keen on the DAB radio and Sony Navigation, but I'm struggling to find more information on Bluetooth in pre-2013 Fiestas. What I really want to know is do all Titaniums come with Bluetooth, and what does it do? How does it compare to Sync and what are the differences..?
  18. Hello guys, my hobby is reviewing cars (perhaps a future career path?) and have recently reviewed a C-Max 1.6 TDCI Titanium and am always looking for feedback (Good or bad) so I can improve. I was just wondering whether you could have a look. :) Many thanks, Rob Booth
  19. Daelpix


    From the album: Fiesta Titanium

  20. Daelpix


    From the album: Fiesta Titanium

  21. TomTitanium62

    Locking Wheel Nut

    Hi all, just after some advice regarding my locking wheel nut. as all of you will know, they rust. in terms of stopping it rust i know i can just apply some rust treatment. what i'm after is a more long term permanent solution. i would like a new locking wheel nut to either match the colour of the other ones or the alloys which obviously means, painted wheel nut = no rust. also i dont mind having to get new ones, but i wouldnt have a clue which ones are for my car. anyone have any ideas ? thanks in advance
  22. Hi, this is my first post as a member of the owners club. I have just purchased a Ford Focus Titanium 2010 and would like some advice on how to make slight mods to the car without detracting from its classy looks and class. simple things such as bi-xenon bulbs or LED DRLs etc. any advice or guidance would be of great assistance. Thanks guys
  23. Good afternoon guys and gals, Just wondering what people think of the 1.0 125 engine in the new Fiesta, looking at the specs it looks to good to be true, 0-62 in 9.9 sec in a 1L, 65 MPG. I am thinking about getting a Zetec-S, or if I can afford it an ST. Love the new Zetec-S face with the Honeycomb grill. I have ridden in the Titanium (1.0 99) and that was quite good (seemed faster than my 1.25L 82) and the 1.0 non turbo 80 and that does not seem too sad for a 1.0L but wouldn't get that engine. Want to hear from owners, how it feels, how it goes, sounds, sups petrol etc. Cheers...
  24. littlelethal

    Immobiliser Malfunction

    Hi I am just wondering if anyone else has had this error "Immobiliser Malfunction Service Now" and how it was resolved. I have a Fiesta 1.6 TDCi Titanium 58 reg and last night when i stopped the car this error message appeared and my keyfob would not work to let me lock the car so had to use the key within the fob. Thanks
  25. Rybla

    What Would You Do?

    Hi I am new to the forum today, but have driven Ford Fiestas for around twenty years now. I've tried a few other makes through the years but have always returned to the Fiesta. I currently have a 2011 Edge in the 1.4 Tdci engine, great mpg at around 60 for me. Miss the higher spec of the zetec and zetec blue that I had before. I saw a 2010 titanium 1.6 Tdci in black at a local garage for £9295 and it's only done 20,000 miles. Spec looks great and car seems in good condition. Then I thought it might be better just going for a brand new titanium in the ecoboost, on options. If I go for the used I would finance using ordinary hp? Am going to test drive an ecoboost this week. What would you do??? Thanks! Roddy