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Found 93 results

  1. Hello people of the Ford Forum, I have a W reg 1.8 petrol Ford Focus Zetec. I've had it since September and I bought it in a car auction. The car is sound, it passed its MOT earlier this month albeit with a new brake cylinder on the o/s/r brake, but I cannot crumble as the car was cheap. My problem is that my alternator packed up the other day, it didn't give me any warning. The radio turned off, then the dash board lights started going. Not at any point did the battery light or any light other than the air bag warning light come on to give me notice. After calling out the AA I was told it was the alternator. So after buying a battery charger and charging the battery completely full I drove it with no heater, lights and radio to my local motor mechanic 20 miles from where I live. They have replaced the alternator but now the battery light stays on and the front windscreen heater does not work. The garage say they will sort it, but as I needed the car back I have to take it back when its convenient. I just wanted to know everybody's thoughts? Is it the alternator, a loose wire, what could it be? I'd appreciate any feed back so I can seem smart when I go back to the garage and tell them to investigate further.
  2. Hello everybody, Few days ago I bought Ford Focus, mk1, made in 2000, engine - 1.6 petrol. Yesterday, the first time after buying it, I came to the car, tried to turn on the ignition and nothing. The battery was dead. Alright. I knew my friend had one spare battery, 55ah, but we knew it's not realiable. We pulled out the dead one, putted in the non-reliable, i took a look to the dashboard and saw alarm light blinking. "It's alive!" - I tought. Got in the car, turned on the ignition and the lights in cluster were kind of blurry. Could not start the engine, because battery was pretty much dead. The thing I noticed, that the battery light did not came up when I turned on the ignition. Oil pressure light came up, handbrake light came up, airbag light came up, bet the battery light - didn't. Could it be because of dead battery? Sorry for my bad English, but I hope you'll get the idea of situation and my question :(
  3. i have a problem with y 2001 1.8 focus when i start the car it stalls itself and when i coast it stalls the only way to keep it running it to have my foot constantly on the revs i have no idea what this could be but think the battery might need changing uploaded a video to youtube will put a link to it if any of you have an idea to what it could be it would be greatly appreciated
  4. So i went on holiday for 3 weeks when I came home I noticed my trip computer was reset to 0 miles... pretty sure I didn't reset it before I went away... I never do... it was weird. I also noticed when turning the car on for the first time it was like reallly rough to drive like the battery had been disconnected kinda tihing.. it I assumed this was to be expected as normally the car was driven daily for 30miles at least and to go from that to nothing for 3 weeks I figured this was normal.. but even now a few days on after driving it, the main thing I see wrong is that when I first start the car, even after its got a warmed up engine, it seems to struggle to start... normally when i first turn the key, the dashboard will stay lit up e.t.c it wont show details but the lights stay on.. and all the meters in the car will go to their correct places right from the start. Now however... the dash board will flicker quite badly... and the starter motor sounds really slow... all the meters will go up a bit at the start and then back to zero or will jsut freeze on the way up for awhile even after the engine is actually started... then it will correct itself after like a 2second delay... does this sound like a battery on its way out? or is it something else?
  5. davidjones007

    Focus Keeps Dying

    Hi, around 2-3 months ago I bought myself a 52 plate ford focus with the usual sill rust, and rough bodywork. I bought it as a little project as I was made redundant around that time, when I bought it, it had a gemel serpi star car alarm with rcl on it, which i turned off due to laying the car up, and not wanting the car battery to die, I then turned it on (Monday) and tried to start the car today (Thursday) and the car is dead. I have jump started it, and put a multimeter across the points with a load on it, and it is pushing out 13+v... could anyone advise me what to do next? As I'm confused at the moment. Thanks in advance, David
  6. Hi guys. Registered for the site in the hope that somebody can prevent me from parking my Mondeo in the canal! Had a 1.8 diesel 2007 (mk4) Mondeo for 2 years now. I'm on my third battery. The most recent has gone dead twice in 4 months. Most recently about 2 weeks after I had my alternator replaced. Obviously I'm reluctant to take car in for the diagnosis of the fault because I can't really afford a massive garage bill. And after my local garage diagnosed the fault as being alternator, I'm worried I might get another incorrect diagnosis and still have the problem. I know there are many suffering from flat battery issues through browsing the net looking for a fix. Anybody have a miracle cure? Appreciate your help.
  7. astanners

    Mk6 Fiesta Start Up Problems

    Hi guys. Don't know if anyone will have any ideas but I'm having some issues when starting up my car. I've got a 2003 (53) Fiesta LX 1.25. The issue is sometimes when I try to start the car it can take about 5 - 8 seconds to fire up. I can hear the starter turning, trying to start the car but it just makes this spluttering sound and slow comes to life on 0 revs, then the revs go up. But I've I turn the engine back off straight away and start it again it will start first time usually. It's strange because this doesn't usually happen when the engine is cold. I can be driving the car and leave it for say 20 mins and when I come back and the engine is still moderately warm it will do this and I have no idea why. It's been more prominent the past few weeks.. Any idea's???
  8. Eurubuff

    Auto Start Stop - Battery

    Hi, I've just bought a Fiesta Eco Boost, with the Auto start stop feature. All of my mileage is driven around the town, and so far the Auto stop is kicking in every few minutes (I go through 7 sets of traffic lights, and tow roundabouts on my journey to work which is only 2 1/2 miles). I am wondering what affect this will have on my car battery. In my previous Fiestas (of which I've had 14), none of these had that feature, but especially during the dark nights I would purposely have to go for a run out to give the battery a bit of a charge, if I didn't I would sometimes have trouble starting the car in the morning. I am wondering if in my case it would be better to override the auto stop (switching it off). I know that's not the idea Ford had in mind, but my car isn't getting to do any "normal" driving. I've also noticed that when I'm driving the car it feels as if the choke is out and the car is sounding/feeling like it's going to stall (the engine isn't running smooth). Is this because of the Auto Start Stop feature. I've only ever experienced this sort of thing when the weather is really cold and the engine has only just been running a couple of minutes. At the moment the weather isn't that cold (60 Fahrenheit). Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Had the car nearly a month, had a major service about two weeks ago. A few days ago, i pushed the starter button, the engine turned over, but was really lumpy and didnt completely fire up. To stop the drain on the battery and the motor, i pushed the start button again to cancel it. I tried it again and it started fine. This has happened to me a few times in the last few days, both with a hot engine and a cold engine. Any ideas?
  10. Hope someone can get me out the dog house here! My girlfriends 2009 Zetec's bluetooth and USB froze up and stopped connecting within two weeks of her buying it. Today I finally got round to doing a bit of searching online and found that most people suggested resetting the module by simply disconnecting battery. I did this by removing the negative terminal, turning the ignition on and off and then reconnecting the terminal. When I turned the ignition back on I've found that none of the buttons work (Radio, Phone, aux etc) nothing except for the 'Menu' button, which lets me go in and change the clock as you'd expect. The voice control button also doesn't do anything. My first thought was it was something simlar to the older fiestas where you had to enter a code after a battery reset but doing a search I haven't been able to find anyone having the same issue. Any help/things to try would be great and much appreciated - she's not best pleased she has to drive to work tomorrow with no music!
  11. Hi guys, I have an 05 zetec 1.6 Focus which this morning decided it didn't want to start... I turned the key and just got a single click...I tried the windows and lights etc and all seem to have enough power to work but the engine wont turn over... I have checked all fuses and they all seem to be ok but after checking them I turned the key again this time i'm getting a low whine from the engine bay and a slight electrical burning smell, this is currently where i'm at? I have read another forum post on here where the guy seemed to have pretty much the exact same issue and he replaced the battery and all is now good however he did not mention about power to electric windows or headlights etc he just said the dash lit up...just want some advice before I give Halfords any money. Many thanks in advance.
  12. ernesteng

    Unexplained Battery Drain

    I've just had my first encounter with unexplained battery drain on a 2010 reg S-Max Ecoboost. Car was last used on a Thursday afternoon, and battery was dead by Sunday morning, registering just under 6V on a meter. The lights were not left switched or left on overnight. The AA came over, and jump-started the vehicle - the battery started charging immediately at the correct voltage - the battery is receiving charge so it is OK, and the alternator is OK as well. After about 10 minutes the AA technician turned the engine off - the lights, radio and other electrical systems appeared to switch off when the engine was cut. He then measured the level of ambient discharge/drain from the battery. This was where it started becoming odd. While it can take some time for the car to shut down completely, this was what was observed: - For about 5 min, the level of discharge remained at 0.4A for about 5 minutes, but every now and then it would spike up momentarily to about 1-2A and then stabilize at 0.4A - After about another 3-5 min, the drain decreased steadily to 0.3A, then 0.2A and 0.1A after which measurements were stopped. The AA advised me have the electrics checked out by Ford as they weren't sure of what the problem was. Anyone has a clue? It'll be helpful before I take the car in and end up paying money to diagnose where the problem lies - which Ford may not detect. Thanks, Ernest
  13. My Focus is about four years old and reg servicing, 70,000 kms on clock. Dead battery..called RACV and got it jumped. They checked battery and alternator and said was fine. Charged battery overnight and was ok for a day or so but certainly not starting as it should. Should I get new battery? A friend reckoned that even though RACV said battery good it may be charging ok but then draining very quickly. It is winter here but not real cold and have never had this problem before... and when I tried to start today no go...accessories come on fine but no engine and then engine malfunction light comes on ... would appreciate some responses to this ... Thanks
  14. GrumpyTrucker

    Sync: Heavy Drain On Phone?

    Hey all. Anyone else notice what appears to be a huge hit on the phone battery when using Sync to play music? I just had mine drain by 15% on a 20 minute drive. When playing through a standard Bluetooth headset I can go for hours on 10% It's a cracking feature, but not a lot of use if the phone goes flat after an hour!
  15. Car started ok first thing today so ran an errand then got back into car and it wouldn’t start, not a click yet all lights on dash lit. Thinking battery was flat I tried jump leads from another ford focus which ironically was parked at the side of me – still nothing, not even a click, so bump started it and it ran ok. Arrived home thinking the battery was flat so disconnected it and put it on the charger and found it was fully charged (the fully charged light lit up after about 30seconds). Reconnected battery and it started on the key ok. Does this sound like an intermittent starter motor fault or something more sinister? Car is a 2002 1.8 TDDI LX Estate
  16. MondeoNeil

    Electrical Help!!

    Hi everyone, After some help please. We replaced our altenator on our 2004 Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI, and yesterday we had another problem... The battery light came on and the readings on the trip computer and mileage reading cahnged to dashes like this - - - - I stopped the car and turned it off for a few mins. When I turned it back over there was a screech noise as it started up and the digital displays were OK and the battery light went off. I then made it about another 800 meters and the battery light came back on. I decided to return home and stopped the engine again. Left it for 20 mins came back turned it over and again another screech when it turned over and the light went out. I have left it over night, went to get in it this morning and it wouldn't unlock by the key fob. Got in put the key in the ignition and NOTHING, not one light, not anything. Not even interior light will come on it is completely DEAD! I am a bit worried that this may be something more than an alternator issue as obviously something has either drained the battery completely overnight or there is a further issue. Any ideas, or help greatly appreciated!!!
  17. Hi, I' ve just purchased a Ford Focus Style 1.4 2006 plate. The car has 3 keys- 1 being central unlocking system remote. The car didn't unlock using the remote key so i put a new battery in the key fob- and its still not unlocking/locking the car. I have to use the key manually to unlock. Can anyone give me some advice? The engine starts etc and unlocks manually, i just cant unlock/lock car remotely Do i need a code to make this work again? Will the key be faulty? is there anywhere i can take it to be looked at? Thanks
  18. Hi i am new to the forum, Basically the cigarette lighter fuse blew so i replaced it, then after replacing that the windscreen wipers weren't working so i replaced that fuse, then when i started the car the battery was drained instantly, i bump started it and managed to get it home but i noticed on the way the electrics were playing up, abs light coming on and off and steering assist was playing up, now when i start the car nothing happends it just makes a clicking, might i add the past few days its been making a slight wining noise in first and second gear, could it be an alternator issue? Please help from Jose
  19. darren_c

    Parasitic Drain?

    Hi I have a 2010 ford focus, when left overnight the battery is draining to a point that the car will not start. Tested the battery and that is fine in its self and is charging fine when the car is running. Therefore something is drawing power when car is shutdown. The car is original with no mods. Have tried testing for a current by connecting a multimeter in line with the negative batt post and lead, but got no readings, expected some? As the intention was to then pull out fuses, Can anyone advise if I am doing this correctly? Steps I took were Disconnect negative lead Connect black multimeter lead to battery post Connect red multimeter lead to battery lead Setting on multimeter was 10a DC Anyone with any directions or advice appreciated Darren
  20. hopetimist

    2011 Focus Alternator Query

    Hi all, advice please. I have a 2011 Focus 1.6 estate, and had a flat battery last week. The car is run daily. I got the battery replaced, and was given the alternator readings of 15.02 no load, 14.66 load, and was told this is on the high side. Is this true? What is the correct range for an alternator? Do I have a problem?
  21. Hi Driving to work this morning when everything on the car just cut out completely - dead Got to side of road and turned ignition off an on again and car restarted and has so far managed to get me to the rest of way to work and back home again Problem is that noticed on way home that I don't have any head lights - I have main beam and side lights but nothing else on either side I'm hoping that this is just something as simple as a fuse blowing, and not something more sinister or expensive! Any help appreciated Cheers
  22. Tom549

    What Battery?

    I need a new battery for a 03 focus zetec tdci. someone told me to look at silver calcium? any suggestions? Cheers Tom
  23. DJ Drewman

    New Battery - Which Brand?

    Hi and happy new year to one and all. So I went to start the Focus after it had been sitting for a week.....flat battery :( As deepest winter is looming just around the corner, I have decided to bite the bullet and get a new battery for the car. But I am bewildered by the choice that is out there. Has anyone done some research/ had experience with battery brands? Could anyone recommend a particular brand, or advise against a particular brand? In case you are wondering I'm looking to buy online, after a heavy(ish) duty battery and it's a Type 075. Thanking you all muchly in advance :)
  24. jtaylor2005

    Ford Fiesta Mk4 Problems

    Hey all. My mom has been having a load of problems with her MK4 fiesta recently. Firstly this is a weird one. Since I put it into diagnotistic mode the dials always do a full sweep every time you turn the ignition on :/ any idea how to stop this? Secondly the battery seems to go flat very quickly. Some times it will go flat over night other times it will hold charge fairly well. It has recently had a full service including fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs, oil and filter. Any ideas what may cause these problems? Any more info I will do my best to provide. Thanks, Jack
  25. rusty123

    Battery Drain

    Right. Its a mondeo diesel. I've had it a couple of months. Since having it,I've put a new reverse light switch on it and a new starter motor. I went to redditch in it the other day,parked up at tesco in redditch,was in there for about 15 mins,came back out,put ignition on,all dials on dash went all way round like they do when you connect the battery,tried to start the car which it did but very weakily. Drove it round to my moms about 10 mins away. Parked it up,tried to start it and battery was dead. Managed to bump start it,drove it back to mine in bewdley from redditch. As soon as i parked up i turned it off and tried to restart but battery was still dead. I've taken battery off and charged it last night and it fired straight up.