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Found 6 results

  1. Help! I am new to forums but need some assistance with a recent issues with my car! (ford fiesta 2009 Zetec S 1.6) Recently my auxiliary port, Bluetooth and voice recognition have all stopped working. I have owned the car for over 6 months and used these features regularly. the Aux button does nothing when pressed, the bluetooth/phone option only mutes the player & the voice recognition button just does nothing when pressed. In addition to this, my battery went complete flat in what was basically overnight, could this be related or just a coincidence? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Liam121093

    Focus 1.6 TDCI turbo help

    Hello I have a mk 2 ford focus 1.6 TDCI My turbo was whistling when I brought it. I have found the issue which is the the plastic pipe that bolts on to the turbo, the bolt holes have snapped. But I do not no where to get a replacement pipe or what the part is for if anyone could offer some help it will be greatly appreciated
  3. Hi all, My car caught fire yesterday, after the insurance guy came last night he seema to think its a central lock motor that caused it. Just wondering is anyone has had or know of central locking faults that has caused a fire.
  4. jimbomc96

    ABS broken?

    Hi all, new here! So I have my 16 focus zetec s on coilovers, fairly low, hit a hard bump on m62 and a minute later speedo stops working, abs and stability control fault light came on, hill start assist not available, basically anything related to the abs sensors. Every time I apply gas or let off there is a small knock from the front left as if something has developed some backlash. Any ideas where I should be looking for the problem? Already cleaned all the abs sensor connections. Any advice appreciated, thanks. James
  5. (My car is a Focus 1.8tdci zetec s 09 model) I have just tried putting some fuel additive in my fuel tank last night in the Dark. I could here a dripping noise but thoughthe it was because my tank was almost empty. When I looked under the car I realised I had just wasted 12 quid has it had dripped out all over the floor. Come this morning and day light, I tried using the empty bottle. But it wouldn't go all way in and was stuck on a silver tab on the inside. So I gave it a more forcefull push. The silver tab opened with a bit of a snapping sound. But won't spring back into place. So now the silver tab is half open. Looking into the sidesettings looks like it rested in a plastic bit I've pushed it beyond. I can't hook anything in to try and pull it back into place. Is there a way to fix this so that it comes back into position? When I push with my finger. It is still spring loaded just doesn't come all the wag up because of the plastic I have pushed it beyond. Any advise please as don't want a big Ford bill and hopefully something I can fix myself??
  6. JamieStorey

    NX satnav firmware

    Recently bought a 58 place tity x, with the NX satnav system but it's running I think the same firmware it came with, after a fortnight of searching Google and asking people with in the Facebook ford groups but still at a loss :( managed to find a sp5.3 iso firmware and when I've tried to put it onto a dvd disk it only burns about, 7mm of the disk, can anyone help me with either how to burn it, or if anyone has a working link to any firmware updates! Cheers!