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Found 28 results

  1. Hi, I have a 2006 mk2 Ford Focus with 1.6 TDCI engine, and for years it appears to have been running cool in winter, taking a long time to get up to operating temperature. And sometimes even cooling off when in traffic. In spring/summer/autumn no issues, also not overheating. So I figured it was due to a faulty thermostat and replaced it with a new Ford part. And now it's running even cooler! It will barely get off the minimum mark, and if so only a slight bit when doing a hill climb. But then immediately drop back to the minimum again. When draining the coolant 4 litres came out, and I put 4 litres back in. (fresh Ford coolant) Also: heat out of the vents is not as hot as it used to be. At maximum heat, it's really quite modest. Does anyone have an idea what's going on here? Is there air trapped in the system? I thought I added the coolant and water quite slowly. Thanks, Vince
  2. Hi Guys, Long time no post, hope all is well here. I wanted to what mileage everyone got to with the same car as me, before having to get the Eolys fluid topped up. I had mine topped up at 37k miles, and now at 88k the Engine Malfunction has come on (straight after fuelling up), with Forscan showing Eolys fluid empty. Car is running fine and isn't in limp mode (yet!). I've heard anecdotal evidence of people getting to 80k miles without even realising they needed this fluid, so I'm a little surprised to be needing a top up after 50k if this is the case. As such, I'm wondering if they didn't reset the counter when they refilled it at 37k. I only ever put full tanks of diesel in as I hate going to the petrol station so aim to do it as little as possible - I understand this should, if anything, prolong the life of the fluid as the car is being refuelled less compared to someone putting a tenner in at once and the Eolys dosing every time. I'm most likely going to refill it myself (been under it and seen the little tank/connectors), and can reset myself using Forscan - excellent piece of software and works great with my cheap Chinese bluetooth OBD2 adaptor. Did have to install Windows on my MacBook though :( So - TLDR - what mileage did you get to before you needed to top up the Eolys fluid on your 1.6 TDCI (110)?
  3. First post! I got a 2009 Zetec S 1.6 TDCI just after Christmas to ease the cost of commuting and it's been brilliant apart from an intermittent fault that seems to be becoming all the more persistent. The car goes into limp mode, doesn't throw a warning light but struggles to rev as though the boost is being electronically limited (limp mode). Assumed it was the EGR after some research so blanked it off and replaced the fuel filter while I was, but I've had limp mode thrown three times now since I blanked it off yesterday. Had it plugged into Torque and get the code P042E (Exhaust Gas Recirculation "A" Control Stuck Open). Assumed now it was blocked off I wouldn't get any trouble, does the EGR now need replacing - just for the sake of blanking it off again? or can you unplug these without any issues? Or could it be something else entirely? Cheers!
  4. Hi All, I've just bought an 09 plate fiesta 1.6 tdci 93bhp and am now just founding out that some ford diesels use a DPF fluid called eolys and employ a tank that adds this to the fuel to assist in the cleaning of the DPF. My car has done 79k miles and I'm not sure if it's fitted with one of these eolys tanks or not. I've failed to find any confirmation about this via the usual google search and the does not menchion it. I'm hoping someone here will know if my car has this or not and also if it is fitted with one should I be looking to get it refilled as I've read this should be done at certain intervals? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  5. Dantesfauxpas

    Vacuum pressure solenoid?

    Good day one and all, I have a 2014 1.6 tdci focus. My question is, is the vacuum pressure solenoid near the oil filter interchangeable with the 2012 tdci version. Ford now only sell the entire vacuum loom at £292 but 2012 valve is available cheaper? Any help is much appreciated
  6. I have recently picked up a 2008 fiesta 1.6 tdci with 90k on the clocks. It runs well but i get this strange rotating noise when accelerating hard in 1st or 2nd it seems to be constantly there but just louder in those gears. Happens when letting foot off the throttle too. Not had a chance to get underneath and check it out, if anyone has any ideas what it could be that would be great. Thanks.
  7. Randomly, coming off the motorway tonight, I felt the clutch was a little weird but I couldn't work out what \ how. Going to change gear at a roundabout, the pedal travel stopped at halfway up on release, but didn't ride or slip, and this kept happening and I didn't really notice what I did to get it to return. The short 5 miles from the motorway home, no issues. I've checked the spring in the pedal inside the car, seems fine, springs back easily at idle and engine off. No fluid leaks ( I could see) at the Master Cylinder. No loss of fluid from the resevoir. No noises. I see similar mentions in these threads - Has anyone actually experienced this and could maybe give me an indication of costs involved in any works \ parts.. As always, thank you!
  8. Ford said I need a new pcm as they don't repair these and happily quoted Over £2000 for the pleasure. Can anyone tell me where I can get this issue fixed for less but with a reputable repairer.
  9. Afternoon all, Bit of a long and conviluded story here but please bear with me because I'm just smashing my head off the wall try to find out what the problem is; and I'm just terrified to take to the only Ford Garage within short driving range (and it's Arnold Clark - oh dear) for them to smack me with a massive bill. I've come home after 3 and a half months at sea and I've started the car up and left her for 30 minutes to get everything all lubed up again - the grandfather had been turning it over but not running it during my stint away - and summarily set off on a wee jaunt. Got to the bottom of the hill of my street (0.5 miles away) and then everything started going off it's head. My radio turned on and off, the dash started flashing like a christmas tree on smack and then my Power Steering and ABS shut down completely. I got the car parked up and then turned her off. Tried to turn her back on again and *click, click, click* the battery was dead. I assumed it was a dud battery as I'd been away for so long so I went and got a brand new one from halfords - installed it, the car started and away I went again. The next day - same story, got her started, running and got her a mile down the road and boom, same problem. But this time with a rather prominent electric-burning smell. Car shut down on her own this time and hasnt started since. She's now been sitting for a week seeing as Im running through a college course and havent had the time to work on her but, my question is: what could this be? I thought maybe the Alternator? But the father in law (mechanic- - 20 years+) has said it could be the PS Pump (but this model has EPS and doesn't need one of those surely?) or just a bad grounding wire. Does anyone on here have a better idea of what this could be? Cheers :)
  10. Hello, A Friend of mine has tried to fix my car and instead broken it! I am trying to find out what part is in the picture.. it looks like a plastic fuel sensor or junction? Something definatly plugs into it and other fuel pipes. He has broken one of the nipple's of so I need to get a replacement part. It's on a 1.6 tdci 09 plate car. Any help is really appreciated. I've bought hayne's book but it isn't listed in there (or I can't see it anyway)
  11. Aaronshore

    Focus Mk2 juddering

    Hi, ive got a 09 plate focus zetec s 1.6 tdci ive had it a few months but now its starting struggling at about 1100 - 1200 revs it starts to sort of hop like it wants to stall and the only way to stop it is to dip the clutch or to bring the revs up, any idea what it could be ?
  12. Dee_82

    1.6 TDCI oil pan gasket

    Afternoon all, anyone know if there is a separate gasket for the oil pan? I'm going to replace the sump shortly and all the replacements don't seem to have a new one, ive searched the interweb without any luck, but my sump has a slight leak on one side and I'm not all that sure about using liquid gasket on it, any ideas or suggestions?
  13. graham359

    Ecu Replament Question

    Hi, I working on a 2008 Focus Cmax 1.6 Tdci Manual and the ECU is damaged and requires replacing so I'm looking to replace ecu,fusebox, keys, clocks etc but the problem I'm having is finding an ECU with partnumber: 8M51-12A650-LC does anyone know if I have to replace with this exact part number or are any other partnumbers interchangeable as I'm having a hard time finding the exact spares over here in Ireland. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I noticed a sharp smell of burning plastic when heating was on, Looking under the bonnet there is black tar like substance around the injectors and inlet manifold. I cant see where its coming from from but theres enough of it to start dripping onto the exhaust manifold. When its cold its brittle and crunches up to dust. Any ideas anyone. Car is running like a dream for 152000 miles
  15. Dee_82

    1.6 TDCI fuel filter

    Afternoon all, anyone know why ford changed the 1.6 tdci fuel filter from the cartridge based one which was used on early Mk2s and the 1.HDi engines then replaced it with that insanely expensive solid metal one? I'm fairly getting through these things and its driving me mad knowing how little the cartridge based ones cost compared to mine, I'm now thinking about replacing the whole filter setup with the other (older?) style, itll cost me half as much to buy the filter housing and the filter then it will cost to buy that metal filter so if theres no good reason why they did it then I might just mod it back on and save some pennies, the preheater is apart of the housing on the old one and by the looks of it its the same plugs so id just need to get a mounting bracket from an old mk2
  16. I had p0340 and P0335 which relate to camshaft position sensor and crankshaft position sensor respectively. I have replaced both with brand new parts and my car still idles rough and has intermittent erratic RPM and it does shake. I replaced the fuel sensor 10,000 miles ago (Brand new too) so it can't be that either. Any idea what it might be? The car also has been serviced very recently with new Air filter and oil change. Also fuel filter was changed 10,000 miles ago, no DPF. Thanks
  17. Manxfiesta


    My car lost all power when driving, and went into limp more, it came up with 'engine malfunction' warning on the dash. It's been plugged in and came up with turbo low boost pressure and mass air flow sensor issue. I've changed the mass air flow sensor and checked hoses to and from the turbo for any leaks, the turbo actuator seems to be working fine, and it's still the same. Just started it again and now there's an extremely loud knocking coming from the engine when ticking over. Does anybody have a clue what this problem could be?? I need my car back :(
  18. Hi Guys 1.6 TDCI Ford Focus My DPF is blocked. car has gone into limp mode, doesn't rev past 3k. Have cleared faults and they return back. Have tried to carry out a force regen using snapon but was unable to carry out force regen, it states that the dpf is highly blocked for the regen to start. Have also sprayed some DPF cleaner foam into the dpf but that didn't work. Now was wondering if you could remove the dpf and give it a good wash/clean using pressure washer? Has anyone tried pouring brake cleaner through and leaving it overnight for the solvent to break down all the crud from inside the filter and then giving it a good blast with pressure washer? Thanks Cameron
  19. Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone could point me in the correct direction of what kind of hose I need to get as the genuine ford part is a ridiculous price for something Im sure you can pick up for about £20 The DPF pressure sensor hose is a 6/7mm bore, Ideally needs to be high temp resistant and braided as they connect to the DPF and run next to the engine. They are 1m in length and have your standard hose finisher clips which are the self tightening type if that makes any sense. What I would like to know is what kind of hose I should be looking for as looks like its something I could do at home myself over the weekend.
  20. Hi Guys, Twice now my engine has cut out for seemingly no reason and upon cutting out the oil and battery lights come on. Both times it's happened in cold weather, once with the engine at normal temperature and once with it cold. Anyone got any idea what this could be?
  21. Hey guys, So... got myself a nice little Alfa Romeo 147 1.9 JTD 16v I need to sell my much loved Fiesta 1.6 tdci 16v Zetec S, Where would be the best place to start as I have never sold a car before? I fear I will regret selling it but it needs to go for me to save for my house deposit... :( Thanks! Marcus :)
  22. Hi All, I have decided to make a build thread for my MK7 1.6 tdci Fiesta Zetec S I got the car in October 2013 and here is the list of mods so far that I will update with pictures where i can. Mods so far: - K&N air filter - EGR blocked off - LED side lights - LED interior lights - LED number plate lights - Batman stickers, now replaced with carbon fibre effect ford badges, apart from the steering wheel that is... - Ford carbon fibre effect wheel caps - Debadged - Wind deflectors - H7 HIDs 6000k 35w low beam - LED fog lights - Centre high mount brake light smoked LED - Mufflerectomy - LED Reverse lights - Rear tint (rear windscreen later replaced with factory privacy glass due to a !Removed! up by the tinting place) - LED footwell lights - LED ambient lighting - Fitted Eibach pro kit -35mm lowering springs - Personalised number plates, DMB graphics did a killer job! - LED boot lighting upgrade - Remaped to 130bhp but i'm looking to go higher. Unfortunately not many people have tuned the newer 1.6 tdci pre dpf yet :( - Rear lights & reflectors ispy wrap - Side skirts (bought and ready to fit) - Mist washer jets - St150 Alloys Mods to come: - Paint the inside of the headlights black - further engine mods - Wheel refurbish - anthracite grey - HID fog lights - ST heated seats - Short throw gear shift (illuminated if possible) - Front mount intercooler - Hybrid turbo - 5 Paddle clutch - 110 injectors - Cruise control - LED indicators - LED rear brake/tail lights - Heated Fiesta ST seats or leather Zetec S seats - Triple R splitter Does anyone have any more suggestions that I have missed? Dream mods... - 2.0 ecoboost engine swap unless ford come out with a 2 door ecoboost Focus ST or RS... So of the bat the car got a oil change, with some decent oil which gets replaced every 6 months. - K&N air filter - EGR blocked off - LED side lights - LED interior lights - LED number plate lights - Batman stickers, now replaced with carbon fibre effect ford badges, apart from the steering wheel that is... - Ford carbon fibre effect wheel caps - Debadged - Wind deflectors - H7 HIDs 6000k 35w low beam - LED fog lights - Centre high mount brake light smoked LED - Mufflerectomy - LED Reverse lights - Rear tint (rear windscreen later replaced with factory privacy glass due to a !Removed! up by the tinting place) - LED footwell lights - LED ambient lighting - Demew - Fitted Eibach pro kit -35mm lowering springs - Personalised number plates, DMB graphics did a killer job! - LED boot lighting upgrade - Remaped to 130bhp but i'm looking to go higher. Unfortunately not many people have tuned the newer 1.6 tdci pre dpf yet :( - Rear lights & reflectors ispy wrap
  23. I thought I'd just post my recent experiences regarding the pesky EGR valve on my 55 1.6 tdci focus. Had to act following numerous and increasing limp mode activations and associated red cog illuminations. Spent a few evenings on this forum which convinced me that blanking it off was the way to go. (thanks to all the expert contributions) First tried unplugging the EGR valve with very positive results although it brought the engine MIL light on after the 3rd start. Bought a stainless steel plate off flea bay for the price of a pint and fitted it on Saturday. I only removed the engine cover bracket and pushed the fuel filter out the way 6 bolts in total. Found no need to remove the plastic scuttle or wipers. Used the wife's small mirror to see the 2 bolts on the EGR and slacken them off. Slid the plate manifold side of the gasket and tightened it all up etc. Including re-attaching the plug and restting the MIL it only took about 30 minutes. Happy to report 250 miles with no limp mode and no engine lights on. If you're in any doubt, give it a go. It's not challenging and the benefits are immediate. All the best
  24. darthbabo

    59 Focus Zetec 1.6 Tdci

    Hey guys thought I'd come join after getting used to my new car. I've bought a 2009 59 plate Focus Zetec Estate 1.6 TDCI [110] and have got to say that so far I'm loving the driving experience with it so far. I had it cheap as it is a fairly high milage car for the year (ex lease) so it does have a couple of niggly bits wrong with it that I can get sorted at my own pace but doesn't affect the driving of the car. There is one thing i'd ask your advice about and that is the sat nav unit built into the car, the map software works but it doesn't pick up any GPS signal whatsoever and i was wondering if anybody has had the same issue. It's not an immediate problem as i have a tomtom anyway and the update prices for the unit are crazy but i am curious as to what it could be. These are the advert photos I'll upload my photos of the car once it's had a wash :)
  25. sanjoako


    From the album: FOCUS MK3