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Found 50 results

  1. Hello all, Picked up my Focus MK2.5 2008 1.8 Petrol Titanium last month and I'm loving it. Checked the engine today and found this pipe unattached. I've found threads about it falling off, but I cannot find anywhere it goes! I've been looking for like 30 minutes with no luck :( Can someone help me find the connection or preferably send me a picture
  2. ok so I'm danny from wigan new here today been around cars and vans for about 17 years I'm told that the focus engine will fit in a connect I hope it does the current engine that is in the transit connect now decided it blow a big hole in the engine block don't know whether it is a common thing but its spat its dummy out and I can see and touch the crank just looking for a bit of advice thanks In advance
  3. Hi, firstly I apologise if this is in the wrong forum and/or I sound a complete thicko. I have a 2000 model Ford Focus 1.8 and it's been driving absolutely fine until this morning when suddenly it seemed to struggle in first and second gear and began to sound like a bit growly (think old VW Beetle). A few yards further on I began to smell the distinct smell of burning oil and saw masses of blue smoke coming from my exhaust and also (less) blue smoke coming from under my bonnet but no warning lights were on my dash and although the engine was hotter than normal at that point of my commute, it wasn't overheated. I pulled over and let the car cool down for 15 minutes before driving it to a garage which was luckily only a few yards away and as I got out of the car, he said immediately that he could smell oil and accused me of driving with my oil filler cap off (now I may be blonde, but I'm not that dumb) and he said the engine was "pretty hot" but didn't ask how long I'd had the engine running and spent less than a minute looking into my engine bay and said "I think your head gasket's probably gone" and when I asked for a quote he said "Don't bother, get rid" .......I'm reluctant to do this for a number of reasons, main one being I'm disabled and can't afford another car yet plus this car has been perfect until today and has never given me any issues and it's totally rust-free despite its age. He put water in my coolant (which admittedly is halfway between the two indicator lines and I should have topped it up - stupid me!) and told me not to bother putting coolant in and only use water but it was obvious he didn't want to actually deal with my car ........ I drove it to work which was literally 2 minutes away and left the car for 4 hours - I then checked my coolant bottle (no sludge) and checked my oil (no mayo and oil looks fresh and clean) and the engine sounded smoother although still a bit growly - I drove for 10 minutes with my dad driving behind me and although it didn't judder as much at first and second gear, it did judder at 30mph - not a lot, but enough to shake my hands on the wheel but there wasn't any smoke from the bonnet this time and only a bit from the exhaust which my dad said looked like "normal exhaust fumes" and the smell of oil was nothing like it was this morning. I also checked my temperature gauge and dash lights again and my temperature gauge was registering as normal, the engine was ticking over fine (it only seems to growl and whinge when I'm driving) and again, no warning dash lights. I'd checked the engine bay on Tuesday evening and it was all spotlessly clean and there is now fresh oil down both sides of the central block - not loads but noticeable and the dipstick isn't showing low oil (although like my coolant it's inbetween the notches). To me, this makes me wonder if it's something simpler such as the rocker cover (not sure if that's it's name), or an oil ring etc and not actually the head gasket? Something definitely "went" during the drive this morning but would an oil ring/rocker etc also cause the exhaust to burp blue smoke when it first goes, but then calm to almost nothing once it's cooled? Obviously, I'm now not going to drive the car now it's back home safely until I can get a mechanic to look at it, but that will be a couple of days and I'm hoping some of you lovely lot could maybe let me know what you think? I'm really hoping it's not the head gasket but I'm clueless about this :/ Thanks in advance
  4. Hi all, I think I have a problem on my last acquisition, a Ford Focus MK2 (2206) 1.8 petrol Duratec HE 125hp. The temperature gauge rarely get off of 60 "degrees C". I check that sometimes it increases a little but never reaches the first step and it comes again to 60 degrees. I found on the web a similar speedometer that explains the behaviour of my car (note: is not from my car): Based on my other cars, usually the temperature gauge goes to the middle. So I think that should not be the default behaviour of the Focus. The coolant is ok, the engine also seems to work weel. What do you think that the problem is? Thanks for your help. Cheers.
  5. Hi all, My name is Andre and I recently purchase a Focus 1.8 petrol 2006 with Duratec HE 125hp engine. It's my first Ford, so I don't know much about this model. :) I hope learn more about Focus and particularly the petrol 1.8 model. Cheers :)
  6. Hi All, I thought I would try and make this more open to the public as Ford seem to be doing everything they can to not tell customers about this issue. I own a 58 plate (Registered 09) Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI Duratorq, since the car was new it has suffered from 2 issues. Issue 1 - While driving on the motorway the car will have intermittent hesitations when accelerating. This will usually happen then naturally allowing the car to decrease speed by taking your foot off the accelerator then applying it again. This can also happen when just cruising in 5th. Issue 2 - This cannot be replicated however randomly you can get a violent jolt forward with the error displayed on the dash "Engine Malfunction". The car will go into limp mode then when you pull over turn the ignition off, wait a minute and start again will be cleared and free to drive normally again. My car has been into Ford for this issue during its warranty period and after it expired to be told there were error codes relating to a particular injector however they were telling me all 4 needed replacing at £1500. The issue was so intermittent and could go months without it happening I have not yet had them replaced. I cover 350 miles a week commuting and can got weeks/months with no occurrences of this. Ford have never told me about a known issue with the injectors until recently when I took my car to the Ford dealership in Eastleigh, Hampshire. One of their service department told me they were aware of a known issue with a batch of injectors ending in the part number 3. While my car was in for diagnostics they advised all 4 of my injectors ended in 3 and would need replacing at guess what... you got it £1500. I argued that surely if this was a known issue with a bad batch Ford should replace these. They said not and the car is out of warranty so I will have to foot the bill. I asked whether there was any documentation on this however they said no, even their customer services director categorically told me nothing existed after checking with their service desk. I have since found out online and from help from the guys on this forum and other that there is in fact a TSB (technical service bulletin) released by Ford documenting which cars are affected and saying what I had been told about the injectors ending in 3. The TSB is TSB 27/2012 dated 14/05/12 and affects 1.8L Duratorq-TDCi (Lynx) engines between 2008/2009. It affects the Focus, Mondeo, C-Max, Transit connect and Tourneo. The title of the bulletin is "Excessive combustion noise and or hesitation during light load acceleration with the engine at high operating temperature". I don’t believe I can post the bulletin in full due to copyright however I can pm this to anyone interested. The bulletin states that there are PCM calibrations released to try and help the injector nozzle performance however Ford failed to tell me about the TSB or the PCM calibrations once in all the times my car was in for diagnostics. I have raised a complaint with Ford regarding this however they are unwilling to replace the parts at their cost, I have told them I am willing to pay for the labour however I don’t feel I should foot the bill for the parts given they were fitted from brand new faulty. I have so far got them to discount the price from £1500 to £1100 then recently a further 30% off this price. Still not happy as still leaves me with a £6-£700 bill to replace faulty parts they fitted. I would advised contacting Mark Ovende via this email address - He is the MD at Ford Motor Company. Mark will not respond however you will get a call back from the Ford Head Office. I was initially told they wouldn’t do anything however after continuous emails and phone called I have got them to discount the total initial quote by around 50%. It appears Ford are doing whatever they can to not tell customers about this issue so they have to pay out a fortune to replace parts that were not fit for purpose. Ford should issue a recall as this affects a lot of cars and is potentially dangerous. The fact they are not even telling customers there is a PCM update which could help is shocking, the go straight for the replacements instead. A free or £95 PCM update or £1500 to replace all 4 injectors....... disgusting. I want to try let as many people know about this as I can so they dont get lied to and forced into spending thousands when a PCM update might fix it. Ford should replace these parts at their cost not the customers regardless of warranty on the car. This whole situation has put me off buying another Ford especially from the dealerships I have dealt with. Regards Allister
  7. Hi everyone I was wondering if I could pick some peoples brains😂 I have recently bought a mk6 escort gti estate that has been LPG converted and it's having a running issue when cold. i have to hold the revs up otherwise it will stall out once warmed up a bit it will idle on its own. Could this be a MAF sensor?And this is when it's running on petrol not LPG. Thanks for any help in advance I really appreciate it
  8. Commencal24

    My mk 2.5 Titanium

    Hey everyone, I've just realised I've never posted pics of my car, so here she is. 1.8 Sea grey Titanium I came close to purchasing a black titanium, but then this one came in the market and colour swung it for me, plus the added bonus of it running 18's too. I had to replace the rear boot handle as the clips had broken and a new 1.8 badge as the one had fallen off 🙈 and a new reversing light as the numpty who owned it before me couldn't wire one in to save his life. Im not gonna go crazy on mods, I've done that on my last two cars, do this one is gonna have more subtle ones. So far Scuff plates and genuine mats all the interior lights apart from the glove box lights have been changed to led. Additional boot light too but I'll get a pic of that once it's dark, and the side, main and full beam lights have been changed too. Next will be a set of Eibachs and maybe change the washer jets Ill post more pics as soon as I can.
  9. People always say diesels are for people who do the mileage and should not be bought for short trips. What exactly is harmful for diesel cars by doing short trips. I mean short trips are bad for any car really. The obvious answer is the DPF & EGR from my knowledge. This will get blocked with soot because the driver wont be doing motorway runs to clear it. That is obvious but what if the DPF is removed or the car doesn't have one (for example MK2.5 1.8tdci). Also imagine the EGR blanked too. What damage is being done to the engine then by doing short trips? Anymore so than a petrol even?
  10. Hi everyone, this is my first post so apologies if it takes me a while to reply or generally figure this site out 🙃 I've recently bought a Focus mk2.5 2009 with 12k on the clock and I'm looking to do some interior and exterior modifications but could do with some help and info on what sites to look on for parts, this is the first ford I've ever bought so my knowledge of them is almost none existent! 😳 Thanks in advance everyone.
  11. Hi. Please I need urgent help as this is worrying me now! I own a 2009 Ford Focus Zetec S 1.8 TDi. I travelled to Legoland from my home (around 100 mile). Driving down the motorway averaging around 80 mph, at one point I was doing 60 mph and climbing to 70 and the car seemed to lag, like jump, like it was losing power. No dash lights came on so I continued. Nothing else to say. I travelled back from Dorset yesterday, (4 and half hour journey, around 220 miles) and towards the end of the journey, (bare in mind as we were travelling back, I had the odd acceleration jolt and lag), the engine malfunction light came on and power lost. Engine off, back on and fine, still jolts and lags and every time I accelerate as it's lagging it loses power, me back in my seat like a jolt. Like a moving stall. All coolant is fine, oil fine. No lights on my dash apart from engine malfunction but no faults. Its worrying me now as it's happened at least 10 times on different occasions. One time when I had my tire changed, it cut out 5 mins after leaving garage on a roundabout, had it back to same garage and they put it on computer and found no faults. Please help.
  12. Hi, In the last couple of days my Focus has been choking seemingly randomly. Its normally after turning down a road or accelerating after a roundabout - I brake for a corner/roundabout in neutral or in gear then afterward I depress the clutch, select a gear appropriate to the speed and i'm going and then as I raise the clutch and depress the accelerator (as you do) the car chokes. This has happened fairly regularly anyway since I bought the car in May, but before it has choked for a second then sorted itself out and I just assumed it was the way I was driving it and it wasn't used to me. Now when it does this it doesn't sort itself out and engine management light comes on. The car just sputters and jumps like a kangaroo even with the accelerator depressed fully, until it either comes to a stalling stop or I restart the engine. This also happened yesterday when I was cruising at about 55mph for 10-15 minutes, i noticed the light come on and then the car started to stutter a bit but before I lost too much speed I restarted the engine and it was fine, the light went away. I've also noticed that I'm having to put a lot more revs into pulling away. Normally I would pull away pretty slowly due to the car but now I'm having to plant the accelerator. If I don't then the car loses power again. I've had a look through various forums and seen things like egr valve, dpf filter, etc but I just wanted to see what your opinions are. We did clean what we could of the egr valve yesterday and had a quick look under the bonnet but can't see anything obvious. I've called RAC this morning to see if they can find any error codes but I'm not sure because the light goes away. Thanks
  13. smurf1242

    Bonnet strut

    Would i have to declare a bonnet strut on the insurance or not? is there anything specific i would need to do when installing it or simply bolt it on and thats it? thank you guys
  14. smurf1242


    any one know how much it would cost to add Full ESP to my mk1 Ford Focus 1.8 Thank you
  15. smurf1242

    Mk1 Focus spoiler??

    Any one know where i can get a decent spoiler to fit my Mk1 focus zetec something like an RS Spoiler at a decent price where i wont be over paying and will deffinetly fit. Thank you
  16. Dziekann

    Modification ideas !!

    hello all, i am looking for modification ideas Interior and external modifications everything will be considered! About my car and modifications i have already done. My car- Model: Ford focus mk2 Year: 2006 Fuel type: Petrol Engine size: 1.8 -Modifications exterior- 40mm lowering springs LED bulbs side lights HID main beams Xenon style full beam LED foglight bulbs Custom half straight through exhaust Polished stainless steal exhaust tip Team heko wind deflectors Pressed plates 18" focus ST alloys -Interior modifications- Pioneer double-din radio Hand break video bypass (button wired into the centre console) Round centre console knobs thanks for the help!! Photo credit: ReinisB Photography
  17. so iv been looking at coilovers but i am on a budget heard good things about the JOM Blueline but also heard bad things just wondering if any one has any experience with these? thank you
  18. smurf1242

    need help with induction kit

    So i have a mk1 ford focus zetec 1.8 iv got an induction kit got everything fitted apart from the airfilter due to i dont have a way to fit it on to the mass airflow sensor can anybody help with this anything i can do to fit this correctly Thank you :)
  19. Hi all My wifes 1.8 petrol (2006 Mk2) is drinking oil like there is no tomorrow. She doesn't do too many miles, but the oil level is dropping quite a lot. I am going to top the oil up tonight to find out how low it is, but it is off the stick. I will also monitor mileage and check weekly to help diagnose. Does anyone have any tips on what I should check as a matter of course? I have read the PCV valve may need changing - where is this located? For reference, there are no leaks and no blue smoke either on startup or running. But the CAT would hide a lot of that too I assume. TIA
  20. aholmes28191

    1.8 tdci fuel issue

    hey guys i know this has been asked 1000 times before but im going to go insane, i bought a 1.8 tdci mk2 focus about 6 months ago, and on the way home i had "engine system fault" and down on power, at the time we found the fuel filter lid was not tightened down enough and drawing air (surprise surprise) but i tightened the lid cleared to fault codes and drove ever since 2 weeks ago, when driving feels hesitant just feathering the pedal until give it a bit more revs car broke down and had to get RAC to get me started to get it home as i had no tools with me, RAC guy cracked the injector pipes and air flew out by the bucket, and managed to start with easy start and drove about 2 miles until i got to my street and it died out again, i figured the same issue because the exact same symptoms happened again, this time i changed the filter and o ring, tightened down really tight and the dash says "engine system fault" and the engine dies using forscan found fault code p0089-61 -fuel pressure control valve / signal is above maximum threshold and will not start, using a vac pump i pulled fuel from the hoses before the fuel filter and ran clear diesel no air bubbles, the vacuum tested the filter housing, holding pressure good so i would assume no leaks, then vacuum pulled the fuel throught the pump from the return hose connector few air bubbles, and the ran consistent diesel although strangely the fuel slowly pulled through the pump then would speed up then slow down, managed to get the car started by pulling the fuel this far, at idle forscan read the pressure at about 30,000 kpa and reving raised to 50,000 kpa, car idled for about 5 mins then i test drove didnt even get 10 meters and it died, tried to start again and fuel pressure read 500kpa (basically nothing). i did this twice incase air was trapped down the pipes somewhere but did the exact same again, im 98% sure this time air in the fuel isnt the cause as ive reseated the fuel filter seal a couple times and tightened to the point of it i go any further it will break, it seems to be gradually getting worse past couple days has anyone seen this before? logically i think there may be a fault with the fuel pressure valve on the rear of the fuel pump restricting fuel due to the sudden drop off in fuel pressure has anyone had this?
  21. Focus 115

    MK1 1.8 TDCi Questions...

    Hi all, I own a MK1 Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI (2004 facelift model). I have a couple of questions that I hope some of you may be able to answer for me. There are some things that probably can't be answered, but some general advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. -- 1. Sometimes, when I'm starting my car it seems more difficult than it should do, it's like a sort of constant, fast 'thud' sound if that makes any sense at all. When that happens, it usually starts but takes a few seconds longer. Sometimes it will take two cranking attempts. What would be the likely cause of this? I wait for the glow plug/coil light to extinguish, but that's almost instant - should it be disappearing instantly? I renewed the glow plugs around eight months ago. Anyone have any ideas? 2. The (red) battery warning light has been appearing on my dashboard intermittently. Some days it won't appear, other days it will. When it comes on, the light will remain on the entire journey or until the engine has been restarted (turning it off and on again). Fan belt appears to be slipping, as it will whine when changing gear at low revs or upon cold starting. A battery test confirmed that the battery could do with a recharge, and that test was done four months ago. The battery hasn't let me down yet. Could a slipping fan belt cause this issue? 3. I bought two 6-LED canbus solved number plate bulbs for my car and installed them. They were working great for the first few weeks then I noticed on the way home tonight that they were intermittently flickering on and off. I swapped them over with the original festoon bulbs. I also noticed that 3 of the 6 LEDs weren't working on each of the bulbs. These bulbs have built in load resistors. What would have been likely to cause the flickering? Was it because there was too many LEDs per bulb? I purchased 3-LED bulbs earlier, hopefully they will last. 4. I seem to be averaging 250 miles out of £35-40 of diesel - would you consider this bad? I don't drive with a heavy foot either, and no matter how hard I try to keep the revs at a minimum, my MPG doesn't seem to be improving. What would you recommend I do? I don't think the fuel filter has yet to be changed - would this improve my MPG, though? 5. I'm thinking of buying the front fog light units and surrounding plastic bezels from an ST170, would these be a straight swap with my original fog light units? It looks as if it would be, but I'm not so sure. Would it also be possible to install half-leather ST170 seats from a 3-door into my 5-door Focus? 6. I would like to remove the rear wiper arm completely, basically a de-wiper job. Does anyone know where I can find a plug/grommet which will be a good fit? 7. Would a stage-1 remap (115 bhp -> 146 bhp) on a car of my age be a risky manoeuvre? The car is 11/12 years old and I had the turbo reconditioned because it was whining loudly when I originally bought the car. I'm tempted, simply for the power increase, but if it's going to cause me more bother than it's worth then I'll leave it. -- Apologies for all of these questions, I hate asking because most of it is probably common knowledge, but I thought I may as well ask people who may have previous experiences with some of these issues. I'm not expecting all of the questions to be answered, but any help I can get would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, have a nice day.
  22. Just wondering where abouts is the oil filter on my 2008 1.8 TDCI and what's the best way to get at it? Also if I am changing the fuel filter, is there anything I need to do (i.e bleeding the line) or can I just swap filters out?
  23. andrewh14

    Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI Style

  24. Ford_Focus_owner

    Ford Focus 1.8 Tddi Rpm Problem

    Hello all! :) I am proud owner of Ford Focus 1.8 TDDI, year 2000. Ever since I bought it (and previous owner said he had the same problem too) I have a problem with RPM. At idle, RPM are around 750. When I drive (and it doesnt matter for how long - sometimes after 10 minutes, sometimes after 1 hour) idle RPM slowly raise up to 1200 RPM - I notice this when I`m standing at the traffic lights... If I stop the car, turn it off and turn it on again idle RPM go to normal for maybe a minute, then they start to raise up again. I apologise if the topic has been anwsered before but I haven˙t found the anwser yet.. Does anyone know what is the cause of this problem? And sorry for bad English :)
  25. Hello fellow club members, I 've opened this post as a last resort in my attempt to find the owner of a BLUE 5 door 1993 Escort TDX 1.8. The car has been of the road for a good 15 years, so just in case anyone knows something, your help will be appreciated (pm or reply). Registration plate is K11 KER. Thanks in advance for your time and effort.