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Found 37 results

  1. Hi guys! So I recently bought a 2005 Fiesta Zetec Climate, and yesterday one of my indicator bulbs blew. I can sort that out fine, but I thought I'd check the rest of my lights at the same time, and I only have one rear fog light, and one reverse light My question, however silly it feels to be asking, is this how the car was manufactured, or is there supposed to be two for each? I know most cars only have one light for each, but I've been searching the internet trying to find out for over an hour now with no luck Thank you in advance for any help!
  2. I'm thinking of changing the factory built in stereo in my Fusion for a more up to date unfactory fitted one. I know I'll need a harness adaptor (Halfords words not mine!) & was wondering can this be done by a complete novice like me?? I have knowledge of household electrics, & not sure if this will be a help or hinderence? LOL The 1 I am thinking of getting doesn't have a CD player or DAB but does have an AUX in & USB port, which is the main reason for wanting to change over, as I've been told that these 2005 fusions have something missing so that you can't add a AUX port to the existing factory fitted stereo. Hopefully someone out there can help! Thanks!!!
  3. jooulez

    Engine warning light

    Hi all I recently changed the battery on my Fusion, since then I've had several dashboard warning lights come on, including the battery, called the AA out & apparently I hadn't tightened the terminals properly, worked fine until tonight, when the engine warning light came on, 5 mins away from home, everything was fine, normal in fact, car didn't come to a halt, no strange noises, nothing! I realise that this warning light could be a number of things, but I'm assuming it's something to do with swapping the battery over. Is this something I can sort out myself or do I need to take it to my local car doctor??
  4. Hi all My Fusion 2 has now developed a immobiliser problem ... i.e. it won't start, when turn the key the immobiliser symbol blinks madly, I haven't used the car for a day or so, after taking it to a garage & was told the cat & sensors had died, but could still drive it ok, methinks that this may be the problem & maybe I shouldn't of driven it?? But unfortunately I didn't have a choice as I'm my dads carer & needed to take him from day care to a respite care place. Any ideas what it could be?? Could it be to do with the cat dying??
  5. jooulez

    Hi!!!! :)

    Hey all
  6. Hello there, I hope not to get stoned for repeating questions as I am sure what I write here has been covered already. I have done my browsing on here and I think I have some of the answers but I would like to get the full picture so please bear with me. After a long period of driving Japanese I ended up having a 2005 Focus Estate with a 1.6 TI-VCT engine. I have had it for a good week now and as far as I can tell after about 500 miles I like it. When I bought it the coolant temperature guage was suspiciously steady at 60 C even after 15-20 miles. I think I should have thought of the obvious why the previous owner parted with it. I suspect my thermostat is stuck open or semi open. The tests I have done so far: Set the on-board computer to show the engine temperature ( I hope I am right saying this shows the cylinder head temperature) started the engine and put my hand on the radiator. Started with the radiator being cool and the temperature in it started to build up very quickly , although the engine temperature was only showing about 86-88 degree C. The coolant temperature gauge was still on 60 degree C. Then I spent another 20 mins sitting on 1500RPM (still on the drive) to get the engine temperature up to 120-125 degree C. At this point the coolant temperature guage had reached around 80 degree C. I carried on warming the engine to test if the fan was working as I had never heard it come on before. About 10 minutes later at around 142-143 degree C I finally could hear the sound so the fan was working. At this point the coolant gauge was just under 90 (ever so slightly before the middle mark) so I guess the gauge is not the most accurate as people here say the fan is set to come on around 100 C. I also took the car out for a drive a day later. I drove 20 miles to see what would happen under life like conditions with the computer set to show the engine temperature. I was doing a mixed drive, revving the cr@p out of it as well as go as slow as possible and the engine temperature just would not get over 80 degree C. I could only push it over when I rolled onto the drive and let the engine run for a few more minutes. The other thing I think my be a give away (I might be wrong) that from Peterborough to Birmingham and back with no traffic issues I could do near enough steady 65-70mph and the coolant guage would not move from 60 C and my mpg when I refilled the car worked out only to be 32-33mpg (around 8.8 l/ 100km). I would have expected more on a long run, given that the temperature was relatively mild at the weekend. The car pulls OK otherwise and does not judder or misfire. One strange thing I think is also worth mentioning that when I checked the engine temperature from home to work this morning upon turning the key to the second position whilst holding the trip computer button and selecting the engine temperature the starting temperature was about 43 degree C. I found it a bit odd as the car had not been driven since the evening before. I would have expected it to be around 10 C , same as the air temperature. Here are my questions: 1. Do you guys think it could be thermostat or is it something else? 2. Is it possible that my temperature sensors are not working or giving false reading? 3. Where is the coolant temperature sensor situated in my focus? 4.What temperature does the engine temperature sensor actually measures? Is it the cylinder head? 5. What is the usual operating temperature measured by the engine temperature sensor ? 6. At what temperature folks would you expect the thermostat to open and let coolant go to the radiator? 7. What is the temperature set point for the radiator fan? Is it 140 +/- 5 degree C of the engine temperature or is it the coolant at 90 -/+ 5 degree C? 8. Which temperature sensor feeds the ECU (PCM)? And would the ECU give the signal to the gauge on the dash or would it be a separare unit? Sorry for the lenghty post, I am new to cars although have been driving for 15 years but only just recently started to show interest in how they actually work. Thanks in advance! Pete
  7. Hi all. I have a 2005 Ford Focus Mk2 that I bought last year. When I got it the air con was noisy and didn't cool. Since then: I had it serviced and a split pipe replaced between the compressor and the condenser. After a few weeks it stopped working again and I had the condenser radiator replaced. A couple of months later and it died again and needed a new seal (I'm not sure where). It's been working for a couple of months now, but it's dying again The condenser and seal were done by a garage in Plymouth, but I've since moved to Guildford although I often visit Poole. So can anyone recommend a specialist near Poole or Guildford that might be able to sort it once and for all? Or might I have more luck with a Ford dealer?
  8. Hello all, I have researched for hours, days, and cannot find SPECIFICALLY as to whether a 2005 Ford Focus 1.6ltr Ti-VCT engine is better on "super unleaded" 97-99 RON vs 95 Ron. All I want answered is a simple Yes or No. Seen too many threads turned into a war between people who claim they work or its a con, but none talking about this engine specifically. So THANKS for those IN THE KNOW about Fords 1.6 Ti-VCT engines and their experiences. cheers.
  9. Hi All, My 2005 zetec fiesta recently had an MOT, failed on broken number plate (not a problem). As part of the test they shake the car like mad, it seemed pretty violent which concerned me, prior to the MOT I had no problems with the car at all. As soon as I pull out of the centre, turning left I can feel a vibration almost rubbing. This is most apparent as slow speeds and doesnt appear turning right. 1.Tyres are fine, full of air. 2. I got them to take a look at the car on the ramp- spring/suspension are fine from what I can see no obvious damage or reason for the rubbing/vibration. 3. From my research could it be: a bearing issue? a steering pump faulting? 4. There was no issue before the MOT but the issue started immediately after, what could this be? Appreciate your help guys, anyone else experience this or an idea of what it could be?
  10. FoCusly

    Focus mk2

  11. Ok, I accept that I am probably going to get stick for this seemingly ridiculous question but not having worked on car wiring at all for 25 years I'm going to ask anyway :-) I had a new (non standard Kenwood) radio fitted (a year ago) by Halfords and i'm sure the guy showed me the extra wire connectors (behind the dash) to fit for the rear speakers. He told me that this model did not actually have rear speakers. though but I assumed that the wires had been run to the rear doors. I've just taken the rear offside door panel off and the only wires within the rear door seem to be for the central locking. I would have thought that even if the car did not have speakers, but other models did, then the loom would at least have the cables and connectors fitted anyway? Surely I don't have to cut into these wires or run new wires to the dash?? I have attached photos of the wires, the label on the wires and the chassis plate, I hope this helps. Thanks very much for any info you can give Regards Chris
  12. Hi Everyone! I have my 2.0tdci focus that i got for £400, i have replaced 4 wheel bearings, 3 abs sensors, a flywheel and clutch, alternator, battery and a lower intercooler pipe (from intercooler to inlet manifold). In the mornings i start her up so it's nice and warm before i set off for work and during the initial acceleration it spread out bluish smoke and there is not much boost, i had a fault code that was "supercharger/turbocharger under boost" but assumed the burst intercooler pipe was the culprit... Turns out I was wrong! When it's cold it takes a good 10 seconds to pick up to 3000 rpm and it's near impossible to get off the line during that time, I've spend a fortune on this car and the body is extremely good condition which is why i want to keep it! I have given it a full service (oil, air and fuel) 4k ago and it made no difference, i appreciate any feedback and i hope someone has had these problems and solved them before!
  13. Looking for a bit of guidance on starting issues im having with my 2.0 tdci mk focus estate. A few days ago it was difficult to start the car and i had to leave the key turned and the engine turning over for around ten seconds before the car spluttered into life - followed by a big white cloud of smoke out the rear. after a minute or so the car settled down, the smoke cleared and the car was running fine. I then had the same issue a few days later, again, after a minute or so the car settled down and was running fine. I then had an issue the very same day where the car kangaroo'd a little whilst driving steady at 30MPH, this was followed by the engine dying completely and an engine management warning coming up on the dash. I coasted to the side of the road and turned the ignition off, I tried to start the car and it started absolutely fine no issues at all. At this point I realise that there is an issue and mentally tell myself to get the car checked out as soon as I can - The car continues to drive fine for the rest of the day however and I intended to go to a local garage the following day and get it checked out. Anyways, were now on the next day, I go out to the car and cannot get it started at all, the engine turns over however it will not fire. nothing. I had a look at the fuel line and noted that there were air bubbles in the clear line from the filter running to the fuel pump. I also noted that the fuel line was not securely clipped onto the fuel pump, I securley reconnected this and turned the engine over, Fuel was seen pulling through from the filter however a huge bubble of air was also in the line. I cracked open the bolts on the fuel lines going into the injectors one at a time and could see they were all pushing fuel past OK - I nipped these back up and thats as far as I have got. The problem I now have is I cannot get to a garage as the car wont drive, and I am not sure what to do or what may be the issue. Does anyone have any advise or had similar happen? I only got the car two months ago and i'll be honest its my first Ford, and also my first diesel so im a little outside my comfort zone on the mechanical side of things!
  14. Hi all! First post to the forum with a quick question if anyone can help? I recently got a Ford Focus Flight 1.6 and was wondering if anyone knew of any Ford or third party head units that would fit this car that come equipped with Bluetooth and/or aux? I'm looking for something a bit more modern to replace the current, broken head unit that came with the car. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. Cheers, Mitchell
  15. Hi Can anyone please tell me where abouts on my mk2 focus, that i can find my engine code? Such as HWDA, etc. Thanks
  16. Hi i recently discovered i had no compression on cylinder 2 of my mk2 2005 focus. I have just finished removing the head to investigate the problem. I have found a chunk missing out of one of the valves, but cannot see where the piece of valve has gone. Should this be of concern and warrant further investigation or could it have just sent it into the exhaust? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  17. Tjunlucky

    Focus zetec revving when idle

    Recently bought a focus zetec 2005 1.6 newer shape with engine light on! Diagnosis showing both lamba sensors would these cause car to rev when idle? Car would not start the other day no spark etc crankshaft position sensor has been replaced car now starts but still revving when idle. Few weeks back on day out it did repeatedly cut out as though stalling had to get home without cruising or letting it drop to the point it would cut out. concerned has emmissions problems have put cleanant in still drags given it plenty of good runs aware lamba sensors need replacing but would that solve these issues? Is it that's needs new fuel pump? Budget is an issue and would rather spend it correctly. (Aware lamba sensors needed but keep getting told these are not the revving when idle issue) many thanks
  18. Hi i am just starting the process of removing the cylinder head on my 1.6 petrol mk2 focus. The haynes manual says you have to remove the front sub frame. i would be grateful for any advise as to if this is true. Or ang other tips in that area if possible. Thanks
  19. My heater stopped working on 1,2 & 3 many years ago. Instead of sorting the issue I just used it on number 4 for a good 2 years until that decided to pack up as well. before it all packed up its worth noting that the blower made s noise as if it just needed oiling s little however I now think it may be more. yesterday I replaced the heater fan transistor expecting to regain use of 1, 2, 3 and 4 speeds. However nothing at all, it doesn't work at all, does anyone have any ideas here. I've followed and inspected all the wires and they all look good. im a total novice with cars so I'm just guessing here but does anyone thing the fan blower needs replacing or am I barking up the wrong tree here? I'd hate to buy that of its not needed as its £169 for a uni part. thanks for reading, I appreciate all help!
  20. I own a focus 2005 with a stereo like this one: I got one of my low front door speakers broken and decided to change the head unit along with the speakers as it is really rubbish. I'm new in Germany and I can't find any local kits for fitting the aftermarket units. I want to install Hifonics TS-572 Titan speakers And Blaupunkt Melbourne 120 For a cheap alternative as I don't plan on keeping the car for much longer. I would like to only use an SD card and USB stick for mp3 songs input without any extra buttons and a fair sound. Where's a good place to get the kit I need to fit this headunit in the EU? I need the keys, wiring adaptors, fuscia adaptor to DIN1 (with a tray), radio adaptor and steering wheel wiring adaptor and anything else I might have missed. Is the combo I chose is recomended for the price level or are there better alternatives? Thanks :-)
  21. Hi Guys, I have a 2005 Mk6 fiesta zetec (with ABS), I suspected the wheel bearings had gone. Over the weekend I removed the hub from the rear of the car and sure enough the bearings were knackered!! I am trying to find replacement bearings but am struggling. The bearings that are in the hub at the moment are tapered roller bearings, my local motor factor and ford parts are telling me that the part should be a straight roller bearing. Has anyone changed the bearings and know whether they are supposed to be straight or tapered? Straight roller bearing: Tapered roller bearing: Thanks in advance Moffs1
  22. Hey guys, I have a mk 6 fiesta zetec 1.25, and the throttle response is crap. Have had a look at the fuel pump and the throttle body and all is clear and flowing free. Therefore I'm thinking of upgrading. A larger ported throttle body is a bit too expensive, so I was wondering if anyone knows how good a power boost valve would be, are they worth the money. Or does anyone have any other suggestions to increase throttle response. Cheers
  23. Mebster

    Fiesta 2005/2006 Facelift

    Hiya guys, looking to get my first car and thinking the Ford Fiestas look like a great place to start. Was looking at a budge of between £1500 up to maybe a little over £2000. I was interested in the 2005/2006 facelift versions (I say 2005/2006 because depending on the site I go to they state different years). Now correct me if I'm wrong but most recomendations seems to advice going for the newer facelift editions. However I'm consfused the mad on how to spot them if the ad doesn't specifically state it's a facelift edition. Also on a side not, I understand there are many Fiesta versions from that time and was wondering if anyone could kindly steer me ;) on an approperiate route :D Thanks guys and girls
  24. have an ongoing problem with my 2005 ford focus 1.4. I have to add at least 1 litre of water into my water reservoir (plastic thing that fills the radiator) each day. The water disappears once I have been driving, more disappears over a longer journey. The water stays in if the engine has not be running. A mechanic has pressure tested the plastic reservoir but states it is holding all pressure they put into it (no leakage), also the cap has been replaced to ensure that it is sealing and not letting off steam. The engine appears to be running fine and the oil looks as it should. Can anyone please advise, as I think the mechanic has given up?? Thanks,
  25. Hi guys, I am wanting to buy some mud flaps for my 2005 mk6 fiesta zetec. All I can find are flaps for an st or a zetec s.Will they fit my car and does anyone know how easy they are to fit. These are what I was looking at or possibly these Thanks in advanace