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Found 45 results

  1. Hello, I have recently bought a (new for me) 2009 Ford Fiesta Zetec from a private seller. It only has the aux port (no USB connection) and when I press the phone icon it comes up with 'MUTE' and a speaker symbol with a cross through it - same for aux. When I plug in my aux cable nothing happens my phone is unable to connect to the car and when I search for the car to sync on Bluetooth no options come up. I was really looking forward to playing my music in this car and having the hands-free option to answer my phone from my steering wheel but I am at a loss. If you could help I would greatly appreciate it. Kind regards, D
  2. Hi all, i am hoping I am not the only person with this issue but my girlfriends 2009 1.4 Titanium fiesta has an intermittent central locking issue. this can go for weeks with no issues, but suddenly while driving the warning will come up saying drivers door is open. Once stopped and get out the car it will not lock manually or via the fob. It makes a click and no flashes of hazards or lights. This can last for up to 48 hours then suddenly it will work. The concern is in an unknown location it may not lock and can't leave the car! i am a newbie to the FOC, however been part of other owners club forums (puma owners, rs owners) and know that people like me can be frustrating, however I have used the search bar and pretty much googled every combination to find a result for this issue. i am hoping someone has the fix for this and I can get it sorted for her. Luckily she works close to home and in a secure car park. thanks in advance all! muddy27!
  3. Hi I´m a new danish Ford Fiesta owner. It is my first Ford, so I exciting about what the car will bring me. The Fiesta is from 2009 and gone 230.000 km, and need a carring hand. The version is Econetic, with Climatic and heat front windshield. My last car was Audi A2 from 2001 and 530.000 km, 2 deer ended the life of the car :-(... /Stig Allan
  4. Ford Focus II 2010 - ELM Config 0.2.17c Hi guys, I'm trying to activate cruise control on my car. I managed to activate it in GEM and HEC but struggling in the PCM. Getting error non-empty VID block found in the PCM module. Here is a video of what i'm doing If someone can point out what i'm doing wrong would be very appreciated.
  5. itssammykins

    Aux not working

    Hi, my aux isnt working in my fiesta 09. It has worked previously but just noticed that it isn't now. The aux button doesn't do anything when pressed. When i go through the menu and press aux that doesn't do anything either just goes back to the radio or cd. My bluetooth still works. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Cheers :)
  6. DesparateFiesta

    LHD Fiesta 2009 Green Heater Cable

    I really hope someone can help me. I have a LHD Fiesta Mk7 (which is overseas) and all of a sudden the heater selection wasn't reaching the limits at each side of the selection. Example was that it would almost get the vents or windscreen and then bounce back half a selection. If I adjusted the hot/cold control it would occasionally allow the vent to be selected so long as it it was set to hot air. So, this morning I set about investigating only in the process to snap the small white plastic clip and the heater control panel end that secures the green cable. WhenI removed the panel I'm pretty sure the cables were connected fine. So I now have to replace that but the other end, as shown in the pictures is not at all accessible. This is a three fold question. Does the initial issue sound like a cable or control problem? Is there difference in the LHD and RHD controls and/or cables? How on earth do I access the other end of the cable, as in the attached photos, which is probably what I should have done in the first place. Calling out to the experts out there... Thanks
  7. New forum member and first timer poster :) Got a 2009 Ford Focus with a rather old, outdated and glitchy 6000 CD player. Looking for recommendations for a sub-£200 replacement. Doesn't need satnav however ideally does need USD connection, bluetooth, CD player and hands free. Not overly tech saavy but having read a few other similar threads here and elsewhere believe i might need a double din conversion kit as well? Suggestions please oh wise ones...?
  8. Sold the Mx5 at the weekend and bought this 2009 Zetec S as a more comfortable daily while I spend money on the camper van project. Won't be doing too much to it due to the other project but thought I'd start a thread anyway, as is tradition! Owner didn't know too much about the mods on it so I asked around, it appears to be on cheap Apex springs which actually ride fantastically compared to my MX5 which was on £627 coilovers. It also has a custom, also assumably cheap, why might be a bit too loud for me but only when you want it to be so not a problem really. Trying to see what wheel options I could get away with given the height not being super low but might just respray the current ones for the timing being - all but 1 are tatty and plasti-dipped matt black. Also looking at LED rear lights but I shall try resist! My last project thread:
  9. Hi, My gear knob and gaiter are both worn in my Ford Focus 2009 MK II Hatchback 1.8 TDCi and I am wanting to change them. I have been looking online and the one I like seems to not fit my car, or so the compatibility checker says. I currently have part number 1548262 however I would like to have something like|Model%3AFocus&epid=1594595900&hash=item2367220f28:g:0KQAAOSwLmVXD3y4 (I know it's an aftermarket one so I'm not too sure). The compatibility checker says that it would not fit in my car. Does anyone know any different or have any recommendations for me? I think a gear shifter like that would look a lot nicer as it matched with the centre console too. Any help would be great.
  10. Hello peoples of the Ford Owners Club! I have a 2009 Focus Zetec and I'm keen to upgrade the stock audio system. My wants are only to add some subs (underseat - gotta save that boot space) and some new front door speakers. After some deliberation with many audio fitters I've been told that the Focus is incapable of housing an underseat subwoofer due to the limited space. It seems the Kenwood subs (links below) are the thinnest around (70mm) and they still catch on the seat when it moves. Now feel free to absolutely roast me but I have to ask: Is there anything wrong with placing it sideways with velcro (as per) onto the air vents under the seat. Not blocking the vents themselves of course, just resting on top. The cardboard model I made seems to fit fine and with room at the sides for the cabling. Before I buy two subwoofers though it would be good to know if this is a terrible idea first of all. Anyone else with similar upgrade experience to the focus? Any help would be much appreciated. :) Michael
  11. Just installed my brand new Xtrons PB76FSFAP-B head unit, and i love it... just tweeking the finer details on it. i would like to dim my head unit when the headlights come on as they are automatic anyway im told from some of the forums that there is an orange wire behind the unit that needs to be plugged into the headlight pin. does anyone have any material on which pin is for which on my wiring loom? the previous unit dimmed on headlights starting up so this is a good sign.
  12. Ford_lover38

    Break Disks Worn?

    Hi Guys, While walking to my Ford focus today I noticed that my break disks look slighly rusty on each side (see pictures). Is this normal? Or is this a sign that they are getting worn? When breaking while driving the car stops in good time and I notice no squeeks or the car moving to one side.
  13. Ford_lover38

    Focus 1.6 Timing belt change

    Hey Guys, My Focus is due a cambelt change soon (im told) its a 2009 model but has only done 58k miles. However the garage are "strongly" advising me to get it done asap. Apparently it should be done every 100k or 8 years? What is a going rate for this? (I was thinking £300?) should I also get the aux belt done? I know with the engine I have the cambelt doesnt drive the water pump as its driven by then aux belt so I wont get the waterpump done.
  14. Ford_lover38

    Wheel Alignment question Focus

    Hi All, Ive just had my wheels aligned and I saw from the report that the back left and the front right needed to be adjusted. What would have caused a wheel misalignment? I have 3 budget tyres and one Dunlop, do you think it would have been this? Or could it be pot holes (we have alot around here!) Thanks
  15. Ford_lover38

    Failed MOT HELP!!

    Hey All, Just had my car in for a service, and its failed MOT with the things below. In your experience how much would you expect to pay for these repairs? The cost for new brake pads and disks is £216 The cost for the parking brake "fix" is £172 (apparently includes the purchase of multiple handbrake cables). Also is the shock absorber advisory anything to be worried about? (if so is it expensive to fix?) Help!! I have no idea if I'm being ripped off or not! Any advice would be highly appreciated :) Reason(s) for failure offside rear rear brake recording little or no effort (3.7.B.5a) front brake disc in such a condition that it is seriously weakened (3.5.1i) Parking brake: efficiency below requirements (3.7.B.7) Advisory notice item(s) offside rear Shock absorber has a light misting of oil (2.7.3)
  16. Looking for a brake reservoir cap for my fiesta zetec s 2009, MKVI. Can't find them anywhere online for cheap - Halfords want £28 for just a cap! Surely I can get them somewhere else? thank you
  17. Hello, I currently have a 2009 ford fiesta 1.6 tdci. Can anyone tell me what part this motor is called that controls the direction of where the air blows in the car. Currently it keeps jumping and turning all the way around to the point where the plastic fixing and metal rod pop off as it catches on another part. Please see picture attached. Many Thanks
  18. Hi Guys, While walking to my Ford focus today I noticed that my break disks look slighly rusty on each side (see pictures). Is this normal? Or is this a sign that they are getting worn? When breaking while driving the car stops in good time and I notice no squeeks or the car moving to one side.
  19. Hi all, My front left electric window makes a very strange noise when I move it up or down. I have taken it to a ford dealer and they its not the motor thats got they believe its the regulator and they have quoted me £173 to open it up and fit a new one in. Is this a fair price? Also they did suggest if I paid £50 they could open the door and just oil the current regulator which could get the window to stop making that noise. Do you think this is a fair price and I have tried to find a guide on how to take the door trim off but nothing for my 2009 Ford Focus model. Any help would be much appreciated! :)
  20. Hi All, My car has done 54k miles and is an 09 plate. Next year its supposedly due for a new cambelt/timing belt. However would you advise this as i have done no where near the 100k miles! My mileage per a year is less than 5k miles. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks guys
  21. Hi. Please I need urgent help as this is worrying me now! I own a 2009 Ford Focus Zetec S 1.8 TDi. I travelled to Legoland from my home (around 100 mile). Driving down the motorway averaging around 80 mph, at one point I was doing 60 mph and climbing to 70 and the car seemed to lag, like jump, like it was losing power. No dash lights came on so I continued. Nothing else to say. I travelled back from Dorset yesterday, (4 and half hour journey, around 220 miles) and towards the end of the journey, (bare in mind as we were travelling back, I had the odd acceleration jolt and lag), the engine malfunction light came on and power lost. Engine off, back on and fine, still jolts and lags and every time I accelerate as it's lagging it loses power, me back in my seat like a jolt. Like a moving stall. All coolant is fine, oil fine. No lights on my dash apart from engine malfunction but no faults. Its worrying me now as it's happened at least 10 times on different occasions. One time when I had my tire changed, it cut out 5 mins after leaving garage on a roundabout, had it back to same garage and they put it on computer and found no faults. Please help.
  22. Hi, i have a 2009 fiesta, on the sync website it says my car and phone should support bluetooth audio playback. I've paired my phone and the phone calls work perfect but no music will play through the stereo. On my phone the track is playing and says its playing through 'Ford Audio' but no sound. Sometimes when I plug it in through the aux lead it will start playing then stop, almost like the bluetooth is overriding the aux connection. I've tried repairing my phone and 4 other phones to see if it was a problem with mine but it still doesn't work. I've checked the fuses aren't blown and disconnected the battery. Don't know if I'm barking up the wrong tree but it seems like it wants to work but won't. If anyone has any know-how it'd be much appreciated, thanks :)
  23. MattS87

    Our Fiesta Zetec

  24. Hey, basically ive recently bought a 59 fiesta zetec, 1.6tdci. It's done 75000 miles. Noticed the coolant was low, I topped it up, went for a 40 minute drive and it had dropped right down again. Took it to a garage, they tested it and said the thermostat housing needs replacing so I got that done. Drove it again, next day checked it, still leaking. Took it back down there and they did the chemical test to check the head gasket, he had the engine running for a good 10 minutes and the colour of the chemical get ever so slightly lighter. They quoted me 800-900 for the head gasket. I've rang up two other garages who both said they cant believe the head gasket has gone so early and that because the only symptom is coolant leaking they don't think it's the hg. One garage mentioned it might be the egr but I have no idea about this. Does anyone have any opinions? Does it sound like a hg? There's no white smoke, no oil with the coolant or visa versa, no bubbles on the coolant, engine runs fine, no misfire or anything like that. Any help would be very much appreciated
  25. Hi there, Ford Focus 59 Plate, 85k, 1.8 TDCI (Lynx engine), 4 brake disks. Took my car in for a major service in Oct 15 when it was @ 78k and got a vew issues flagged up on the visual health check. Couple of tires are getting low on tread: 205/50 17WR Front brake pads 75% worn and disks wearing Rear trailing arm bushes split n/s & o/s. O/S brake is grinding almost all of the time now, even when not braking, so I think this must be totally worn. It is turning heads when I pull into car parks. Does anyone know the appx cost to get both front pads and disks replaced on this car? Ford want to charge me £556 to fix the rear trailing arm. This seems a lot. Does anyone know a rough idea on what an independent would charge? Have never had this fault before. I am doing around 100 miles per day in this car. Is is worth me part exing this now and getting something with less miles, before anything else starts going on it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.