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Found 33 results

  1. Evening, all. Just over a week ago, I purchased a second-hand, '11 plate, 1.6L Petrol Ford Focus 1.6L Ti-VCT, from a local, highly-reputable, family-run garage. With little over 66,000 miles on the clock, a full-service was carried out, and MOT test performed (and passed, with no advisories), prior to collection of the car. There is, however, an issue, which the garage was aware of and agreed to fix as part of the purchase, with the battery light intermittently appearing on the dashboard. They replaced the battery and the alternator, but the battery light keeps resurfacing, albeit it, at seemingly random intervals. I've taken back the car again since, but the mechanics are at a complete loss as to why it's happening, having apparently run a diagnostics check on the car. Over the course of the past week, I've covered in excess of 300 miles. During that period, the battery light has come on four times, whilst driving. On two of the occasions, it appeared for all of two miles, before disappearing. On the other two occasions, it's appeared for a much longer period before eventually vanishing - approx. 20-30 miles, on both occasions. Interestingly, on one of the latter occasions, I recall the car being under "full load", with the front windscreen heater and headlights on, in heavy rain, whilst driving back down the M1 from Rotherham to Derby. At this time, we also had two phones charging from the cigarette lighter. I pulled over in a service station, switched off the engine and switched it back on again. For the first 5-10 seconds, the battery light never surfaced. Shortly after, it popped up again, and remained on, even after unplugging the two phones, turning off the front windscreen heater, and my headlights, for the duration of the journey home. Since then, I've covered another 120 or so miles, as part of my daily commute to and from work, in Leicester - again, from Derby. Yesterday, I drove under "normal load", with no headlights on, no front or rear windscreen heater on, and just one phone being charged. During both the 30-mile journey to work in the morning, and the 30-mile journey back from work in the evening, the battery light didn't come on once. I then covered another 30 miles this morning with a little more load - one phone charging and the headlights on. Again, no battery indication on the dashboard. However, during my commute home, when I had no headlights on, and just my phone charging, the battery light came on again, initially for all of 1-mile before disappearing. About 6-miles later, it came on again and remained on for the next 10-miles. I then pulled over, and switched the engine off, and back on again, and the battery light never showed again, for the remaining 10-miles or so to my home. I don't think there's a loose connection, as the battery light doesn't suddenly come on after hitting a pothole, or by going over a speed bump too quickly, for example. The garage did say that they also tightened all connections, as part of their own investigative efforts. As I have hopefully helped illustrate, it's a really intermittent, and somewhat odd issue to diagnose. I'm by no means technical when it comes to cars, but through a systematic approach of trying to progressively increase the load on the battery day-by-day, I was hoping to be able to prove that it was a load-related issue, but it doesn't seem to be the case. I'm reluctant to take it back to the garage again, as it's pretty apparent they have done everything they can, with the skills, expertise and diagnostics equipment they have available to get to the bottom of this. I've also since spoken to another independent auto electrician, who advised that unless the battery light is on at the time of running the diagnostics check, it's very difficult to shortlist possible root causes. I've now read a whole number of other forum posts, across a multitude of Focus communities, who have shared similar issues, but none, quite as specific as mine. In the cases I have read about, the battery light always remains on, after turning off the ignition, then back on again. I have witnessed this once, but equally, as mentioned in the most recent instance of the battery light coming on, turning the engine off and on again, seemed to trigger the light to disappear from the dashboard. As much as I don't want to fork out for it due to financial constraints, I am strongly considering taking the car to TC Harrison in Derby, for them to run their own diagnostics equipment on my car, and potentially fixing the fault, if indeed, identifiable. Other posts I have read, suggest their diagnostics setup is newer and more advanced than the standard setup offered by most local, independent garages. Is there any truth in this? If so, are their technicians any more likely to find the potential problem, than an independent auto electrician? I'm just concerned about spending money on a diagnostics check if, in turn, the battery light needs to be present on the dashboard, at the time of the check being run, as chances are, it won't be. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Having had a gearbox that failed on me in my old Ford Grand C-Max after little over 80,000 miles, I'm desperate not to squander more money on my new car, on something that may not shed any further light on the problems I'm encountering, if that makes sense. Nevertheless, safety is paramount, as my Focus is a family car used to take my two-year-old and three-year-old out and about in, at the weekend, and on holidays in the UK. Thanks in advance for all your help, everyone. Joe
  2. My car appears to have a problem starting when it has been parked with a warm engine after a 20 mile drive on hot days. It has been at my local garage, who have been trying to sort out a coolant leek, for the last 4 days but it has started for them first time everytime. I picked it up about 11am this morning and drove it 20 odd miles to my work place. roads were a mixture of dual carrageway and single carriageway with no traffic holds up. Went to take it out a lunchtime to see if it is using coolant and the engine was turning over but not starting. last time this happened I left the bonnet up, the air temp cooled due to rain and shortly afterwards about 4.30pm the cars coughed and spluttered into life and I was able to drive home Any suggestions on why this is happening?
  3. Hi! this is my first thread, i bought a 2011 Ford Fiesta Zetec a few weeks ago and am looking to modify it. i have a question, im looking to change my radio, i just want to know if this is possible? the first photo is the car radio currently & the second photo is the car radio im looking to get, can anyone tell me is this possible? Many Thanks Current Radio : Radio i want to purchase? :
  4. onlyoneunited

    Sudden Gearbox Failure. How?!

    Hi, My car is a 1.4 manual petrol 2011 Fiesta with 70,000 miles. I was driving home from work yesterday and was nearly home when I pulled, as I was accelerating and changed from I think 2nd to 3rd gear my car suddenly felt like it was in neutral. No matter how much I revved or which gear I used I just coasted to the side of the road and came to a stop. I restarted the car and tried 1st gear, and a few others but was unable to find a biting point in any gear and even if I completely lifted my foot off the clutch it wouldn't stall in gear. I was towed to the independent garage I usually used and they first said it was likely the clutch. I was surprised as my clutch was fine up to now, no slipping etc and I tend to be kind on the clutch with how I drive anyway (got 140,000 miles out of my last Fiesta's original clutch). I got a call today to say that it wasn't the clutch after all and was the gearbox and it will need to be replaced. I've been quoted £1000 to replace the gearbox with a reconditioned one and have a new clutch fiitted whilst they're doing the gearbox anyway. What I don't understand is how a gearbox can fail so suddenly without any warning signs at all? No grinding when selecting gear and no slipping of the clutch at all to suddenly having a car that has absolutely no power making it's way from the engine to the front wheels. Does this look like a gearbox failure based on what happened and can a gearbox fail so suddenly? Has anyone experienced something similar to this or have any thoughts of how this could have happened? The garage has a reputation for being trustworthy. Any thoughts will be much appreciated! :)
  5. Hi All Can anyone help me please? My central console has given up the ghost and I'm not sure why... I left my car parked one day in the morning with everything working fine. Then when I went to go home in the evening it just hasn't worked and hasn't since! Thanks
  6. Hello! I recently bought a new model 2012 Ford KA and it has a USB port, not an aux cable. I thought I'd be able to plug my iphone in to charge it and to play music through it but when I plug it in, it beeps to charge but suddenly stops again. And so it won't charge or play music from my phone/spotify...however, it works with an ipod? Ideas? Or anyone else experienced this?
  7. Hello, I've just purchased a Ford Ka 2011 and it has just a USB port, no aux. When I connect my iPod I have no control over it as the screen shows the connected imagE. Is there anything I can buy, an adapter perhaps, so that I can connect my iPod and have control over the screen so I can choose what I want to play?
  8. Hello guys new here just looking for some help on my focus OK so I drove it all day no problem parked it up jumped into it as usual the next day tried to start the car (push button)And nothing all lights on the dash come on you can hear clicks going on but still nothing battery is brand new 2 weeks old I did a test in the engine fuse box with a wire were the starter relay would be to check if the starter motor was dead but no engine turns over as if it wanted to start as normal i have also tried jump start obviously i can only think it's some kind of electrical problem some were any body had this problem?
  9. As title, can anyone give me a definitive answer as to whether a sync-era display and sony branded radio can be fitted to a non-sync (BT/VC system) car, and bluetooth still work - less bothered about nav voice control, but voice control in general I could also do with keeping functional. Thanks Mark
  10. Kudzii


    Hi guys anyone here have managed or saw a mk3 2011, 2012 and 2013 focus that used to have the stranded blue screen and has upgraded to the 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 touchscreen with sat nav and all the goodies! I've seen lots of this screens up on eBay and they are going for good prices and don't want to buy it and then it doesn't fit or maybe it fits from what i see but maybe it won't work. Thanks hope someone out there has answers as i really need an upgrade .
  11. Was looking into buying DRL's for my purple little fiesta, went to Ford asking about it, had a quotation for upwards of £600 which included; new switch, DRL's, wiring, and activation within the software.. this to me sounds like more hassle than it's worth. I've been watching tutorials on using relays or even directly hard wiring them to the battery and then to the ignition live of the headlights, this is good but I would like some control of them. would it be at all possible to disconnect my rear fog light from its switch, and run aftermarket DRL's on this switch? Or am I asking for a lot of hassle once again? Many thanks :)
  12. I am aware of how to route my cables, and how to go about fitting my lights etc. I was hoping someone could clarify which cables I should splice into to allow the footwell lighting to have the same functionality as the centre light, ie; (Off/ Doors open/ On) Im an electrician, but electrics in cars is a whole other kettle of fish. Many Thanks! :)
  13. Looking for a little inspiration really. Already have plans for fitting DRL's over the weekend. And I've recently had 17" Zetec S alloys fitted. Was possibly looking to change the grills (if there are others that fit this bumper?) im open to any suggestions for my rather boring looking Fiesta 😏 Also, I've had a look at this grill, does this grill fit my bumper? (Stupid question I know..)
  14. Hi people, so yesterday i got my ford focus sport 1.6L mk2 (reg 2011) from the repair garage back after my bonnet was locked and i needed to change my headlights as well. my right headlight was out, told the guy to change the headlight as well and he did, when i picked up the car it was working and was bright and i was happy. early in the morning when i woke up the same headlight wasnt working and it's still not working. when i put it on it looks like the image below, every single light is working fine except for that 1 lamp (AGAIN) even tho its brand new? Anyone know what the problem could be? Thanks for the help! i'm new to the forums :)
  15. Hi all, New to this forum, have had a good look to find this topic so I thought that I would post this; I've recently bought a 2011 Focus Titanium 1.6L Durance Ti-VCT (123PS) It's a lovely car, but I am left a little disappointed with the power it delivers. The acceleration is poor, with slight hesitation at about 1800 - 2100 rpm. I have tried it on a fairly steep hill and I really had to work the gearbox to get to the top! My previous car was a 1.2 Clio and that had more about it than the Focus with a far bigger engine and higher BHP (albeit it is a smaller car, but not THAT much!) I've done some research via the web (hence I joined this owners club) - some say that these cars are a bit lack lustre anyway, others say they have no problems at all with power and acceleration. Some say it could be a software thing or coil packs (lots of potential red herrings)... My car has a "full" warranty under Nissan's care4u package although I'm not sure if this is a warranty problem if its software? Just thought I'd ask you guys if you have come across this before, and to hear your comments about performance of this particular engine type Look forward to hearing from you Cheers Peter
  16. After this (successful!) upgrade yesterday I thought I'd share some helpful photos if anyone wanted to attempted the same :) Here's what you'll need: Step 1: underneath the stereo in the center is a small plastic piece of trim, you need to remove this to expose the screws underneath: Step 2: remove the 2 screws: Step 3: Pull the whole unit towards you taking care then all clips are released. Try to pull out vertically as not to bend or snap anything. You'll need to unplug a cable that goes in the back of the controls so don't pull it out too far. Step 4: The screen is held in by the 4 screws highlighted in green, the stereo by the 2 in yellow. Remove these and pull outwards: Step 5: Remove the plugs from the screen and CD player, then refit in reverse!: Here's the screen in: And the finished article, before and after: Also here's a comparison of the old (blue) and new (colour) screen side-by-side: I notice the colour screen has an extra input (top middle) - not certain but assuming this might be for reversing camera?
  17. PandaDog15

    Fiesta 1.4 Oil on MAF Sensor

    Hello All, I'm grateful for all the advice I have received on this forum so far. I wonder if I could pester you lot for more advice. I was just doing some checks under the bonnet and decided to look at the MAF sensor to see if it needed a clean. I bought my car as a used car and wanted to check the condition. I pulled the MAF sensor out and it was caked in oil. I could even see oil in the hole there the sensor slots in, so I guess oil has contaminated the air flow system. I gave it a quick clean with MAF Cleaner and the engine idle seems stable and clean and the revs seem more reactive. Has anyone had experience in this? and where is the oil coming from? I'm just worried that the long term affects could damage the car. Thnks
  18. Hi I've got a 2011 1.6TDCi Titanium, it seems to have developed a fault, i.e. Intermittent hot air from heater! any ideas?? Midfiesta
  19. Hi everyone I've just bought a 2011 focus 1.6 Zetec with12.000 miles on very pleased with the car but there is a few marks on the centre console and the buttons on the radio/sat nav are crinkly, please see attached photos. Just wondered if anyone has had this problem and where can I get centre console plastics, and finally is it possible to replace just the buttons on the radio ??
  20. Hi, I have recently purchased a 2011 Ford Fiesta Zetec. The other night I was sat in some traffic which was moving every 5 minutes or so, or rolling forward. My temperature light came on but I did not hear my engine fan come on? The light only went out once I got moving again doing normal speed (30mph). While cleaning my car today I turnt the engine on and let it run to see if it would come on again - I had it running for at least 30-40 minutes - yet the light never come on, but neither did the fan. ***Please help!*** Could it of been a one off thing? Does the car temp need to be a certain level before the fan comes on? Could my fan simply just not be working? If so, how can I resolve this? Kind Regards, Ben
  21. Hi, Total noob here, hoping a car expert could help out :) My bluetooth has stopped working, so to begin I was going to try reseat or replace the fuse. I've located the fuse box next to the engine but can't for the life of me remove the cover! See images below: I've tried pushing upwards on the small latch at the top left of the box and trying to pull, but it won't budge at all. The sides come loose but still seems like there is something holding it there. Is there a particular way I should be removing this?
  22. Hi all, I'm looking to get engine oil for my car - I have a fiesta zetec, 61 plate. I've been using Castrol 5w30 A1 as recommended in the manual. I went to Halfords to buy it again, but I was told they don't sell it anymore... So I bought it online from a different company and they've sent me 5w30 A5 (even though it was advertised as A1)... Before I get into the whole exchanging, or refund, process - Can I use this in my car? Any advice/response is much appreciated... :)
  23. Hi, First of all I'm a 27 yr old medic not a mechanic, so if members could reply as if I were a lay person I would be very grateful. I'm not opposed to detailed replies and I'm happy to do a bit more reading if someone could point me in the right direction. I have a 2011 reg Fiesta Zetec that was perfectly fine until a van driver reversed into the back of it whilst I was stationary in a car park. Although repairs took place via insurance and all was well for 2-3 months, I'm now finding that my near side brake light doesn't work at all and my reversing light flickers and is dim. Initially I went to Kwik fit for a bulb change. After a bulb change was unsuccessful I was told by the mechanic that there seemed to be a wiring fault. Kwik fit don't specialise in wiring so I was referred to SMC. After visiting Ford SMC Gravesend I was basically told the work totalled £1000+ but even after I persisted the mechanic didn't explain what was actually wrong, for some reason he also disabled my rear parking sensors profusely insisting that he needed to do it. I then visited a local garage for a second opinion and the mechanic kindly explained that I required a new rear light wiring loom and connector which he said he could get for around £400, but told me to also go on ebay and call up any Ford spares dealers I could google. He priced his labour at £90. He said the repairs post accident may not have been completed to a high enough standard using worn parts but this is when he also started to seem a little vague. I have a few questions if anyone can answer them: 1) What could possibly cause damage to said wiring so that it would need to be entirely replaced? (considering my Fiesta seems pretty new.) 2) Does the advice of the mechanic seem sound? (something about such an extensive repair seems off to me.) 3) Does anyone know where I could find a rear light wiring loom and connector for such a new vehicle? (everything on ebay seems to be salvaged from older models and I haven't had a chance to call spares dealers just yet - I was hoping to be a little more informed before I do) 4) Why would the Ford SMC mechanic disable my rear parking sensors? 5) Would such repairs really total £1000+ (inc labour) 6) Considering I have moved insurance company since the claim closed and repairs were completed, is there any way that I can question the work done in the repairs and have my insurance cover any such corrective repair? (the garage used via insurance could have made mistakes) 7) Is the medic in me overthinking this? Im only 27 and not experienced in auto-repair so I'm in no position to judge but again, something doesn't seem right. Why would the entirety of the light wiring need to be replaced? (Please correct me if I'm wrong here) I hope some more technically inclined members would be so kind as to help me out here. Luckily I don't need to drive for my current hospital location so the car is just sitting on my driveway for the next 8 weeks. Any advice is appreciated and I'm happy to provide more info if needed. Kind regards, B
  24. Toria

    Fiesta Radio Change

    I have a fiesta 2009 which has bluetooth radio etc and am just about to get a fiesta zetec s 2011, which just has the standard radio and no bluetooth, can I switch these over? How easy would it be to do?
  25. Hi I'm looking to get a space saver wheel for my 2011 focus, does anyone know where I can get one cheap or does anyone want to swap/buy my full size wheel I've got now ? Cheers Sam