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Found 21 results

  1. I recently bought a 2012 ford focus titanium and absolutely love it. The only thing it's really missing for me is built in GPS etc. I've seen a couple of 3rd party media systems online for around £300 which swap out thr media section of the dashboard and claim to offer full android support along with (oddly) a DVD player. I have no need or want for a disk player. What I'd like to know is, is there any way to install something like that which boots straight into Google Auto like the new model has as standard? Thanks all
  2. Chris Chopper

    Stop/Start pproblems

    I've own a Focus titanium x 2012 model since last November and only since the recall to fit a new coolant pipe/re route the pipe and given a loan car had I noticed that the stop/start had not been working on my own, I thought it would kick in as it is meant to as and when it should but after having the loan car and a company car with the same feature I found that the stop/start should kick in straight away when the engine temp and car isn't requiring excess battery for the AC, So after talking with Hendy they came back saying the feature isn't that important it dosen't really save fuel and wears the starter motor down quicker as the starter was only ever meant to be used a to start the car and not constantly operate through a whole journey, I insisted that surely the feature was there for a reason and that it should save fuel and not cause any such problems as wearing the starter down or burning more fuel to start the engine over keeping it running. Dose anyone have any info on this matter? As it stands they have charged the battery over night and it is currently working but they say after a month the battery will be lower than required to let the stop/start operate unless I do longer journey's
  3. Hello Everybody, I am new to here and hoping somebody could help me out. I have a Ford Focus Estate MK3 2012 Diesel, I have been having a few problems with it recently firstly it came up with Engine Malfunction service now with the information orange light and now it has gone into Limp Mode, it will not go above 3000 RPM, I have had it plugged in by my local mechanic who has said he thinks it could be the wiring from the ECU. When plugged in it is coming up with EGR Sensor fault...if anybody could shine any light on this issue, advise me or help me that would be fantastic. Many thanks and i look forward to hearing from you all soon.
  4. Randomly, coming off the motorway tonight, I felt the clutch was a little weird but I couldn't work out what \ how. Going to change gear at a roundabout, the pedal travel stopped at halfway up on release, but didn't ride or slip, and this kept happening and I didn't really notice what I did to get it to return. The short 5 miles from the motorway home, no issues. I've checked the spring in the pedal inside the car, seems fine, springs back easily at idle and engine off. No fluid leaks ( I could see) at the Master Cylinder. No loss of fluid from the resevoir. No noises. I see similar mentions in these threads - Has anyone actually experienced this and could maybe give me an indication of costs involved in any works \ parts.. As always, thank you!
  5. Brownking31 (Norfolk)

    Hi! Ford Focus ST3 2012

    Hi All!, Im picking up my new 2012 Mk3 focus ST3 on friday (red) and am really excited! But ive been looking at more expensive modifications and items i wanna add to it in the future (such as a cobb tuning accessport, and potentially airlift performance suspension) anybody have these?
  6. Hello all, Basically I loved my 2010 FORD FOCUS DIESEL HATCHBACK 1.6 TDCI STYLE 5DR [110] [DPF] MANUAL and had it up to 119500 miles. It regularly got up to 54-56 mpg when commuting 5mins on country roads, 20mins motorway driving. It was sitting at 53.6mpg when I sold her privately last night :( After a year of looking and waiting for the right car/deal I decided the time was right to upgrade and bought a private 2012 FORD FOCUS DIESEL HATCHBACK 1.6 TDCI 115 TITANIUM 5DR MANUAL (ECOnetic) version. It has 69000 miles, full service history and last weeks MOT shows 0 advisories. I am only getting 48mpg :( I am gutted about this. When asking fellow focus mk3 1.6 diesel users they are also getting 48/49mpg. I regularly use the cruise control at 70/74mph on motorway driving and think I drive efficently. The last service was 6months ago by a small garage in lancaster where i bought it. Is there a good chance the MPG on my new titanium focus will improve if I put the car through an arnold clark full service? I also miss the 2010 style's steering options of comfort, standard and speed :( I am wondering if I can do anything to improve the MPG? without doing silly stuff like driving down hills with no accelarator etc. Let me know if you need more information. Thanks very much Shaun
  7. My reverse lights were lighted when driving forward. Before I had the chance to find out what's wrong they faded forever. Model: Ford S-Max I checked following: Reverse switch (gearbox): works fine Power on connector: 12V Connecting both poles of the connector did not help; I expected the lights to light up (like it worked in every old car) Could not find any fuse for the reverse lights Both lights are working when checked on their own The garage told me there is a light module in the car (IC) and no fuse. Sounds costly. They didn't want to tell me where I can find that module...171227_Elektraschema_SMAX27122017.pdf Who has similar experience and maybe the solution to this problem? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi The picture shows the dimly illuminated two lights. Very intermittent. Trying to sell car and blocking sale. When in fault, lights appear as soon as i press unlock on the key fob. HELP!!!
  9. tank121

    Cant get into Focus

    Following on from my earlier thread about the mobile phone battery icon and mobile signal not showing on the left hand screen. I successfully updated the software last night using a usb stick and the icons were present and locked the car using the fob. Came out to go to work this morning and my car would not open using the fob or the manual key underneath the top cover any ideas? Does the manual key not work if the battery is completely dead etc? 2nd fob is the same.
  10. Transmission malfunction . This appears to be a problem that Ford are washing their hands of . Does anyone have any information regarding this please as having looked on the internet there have been many issues . My car has approx 30k miles on the clock and advice from dealer was sell the car or buy new gear box !
  11. Kudzii


    Hi guys anyone here have managed or saw a mk3 2011, 2012 and 2013 focus that used to have the stranded blue screen and has upgraded to the 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 touchscreen with sat nav and all the goodies! I've seen lots of this screens up on eBay and they are going for good prices and don't want to buy it and then it doesn't fit or maybe it fits from what i see but maybe it won't work. Thanks hope someone out there has answers as i really need an upgrade .
  12. Hi everyone, I am new to this and I have a mk3 2012 Ford Focus and I love this car to bits. Anyway I was wondering if you all can help me by answering if anyone with a 2012 focus or 2013 managed to change the radio to the one with the screen and sync like the 2016/17 Ford Focus or like the 2013 Ford ST screen with the sat nav and like the original Radio not the android one or the once you get in Radio shops. hope people have answers as I a need a screen in my car, that's the only thing missing in the car
  13. Cluelessfordguy

    What does DYB mean?

    Hi. Recently bought a Focus titanium my12. Now i have a question: It says DYB in some certain places in the info paper we got, and if you search on Google you can find focus (DYB). Does anyone here know what it means?
  14. Hi All, I'm completely new to this forum so I hope I have set this up okay. I am about to buy a Ford Fiesta 62 plate diesel and happened to remember a friend of mine with the same model mentioning a recall because of some sort of fire risk so I checked on the Ford website using the cars reg and this car is being recalled and has not been in for the problem yet. My question is, I'm assuming that I won't have to pay to have this fixed if it is a recall? Is it still worth buying the car with this issue? I have very limited knowledge of cars, although I am getting a very good deal on this one so any advice regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated as I need to transfer the money over asap. Thanks
  15. After this (successful!) upgrade yesterday I thought I'd share some helpful photos if anyone wanted to attempted the same :) Here's what you'll need: Step 1: underneath the stereo in the center is a small plastic piece of trim, you need to remove this to expose the screws underneath: Step 2: remove the 2 screws: Step 3: Pull the whole unit towards you taking care then all clips are released. Try to pull out vertically as not to bend or snap anything. You'll need to unplug a cable that goes in the back of the controls so don't pull it out too far. Step 4: The screen is held in by the 4 screws highlighted in green, the stereo by the 2 in yellow. Remove these and pull outwards: Step 5: Remove the plugs from the screen and CD player, then refit in reverse!: Here's the screen in: And the finished article, before and after: Also here's a comparison of the old (blue) and new (colour) screen side-by-side: I notice the colour screen has an extra input (top middle) - not certain but assuming this might be for reversing camera?
  16. Hi There I recently purchased a Sony DAB unit on eBay with the intention of upgrading my existing standard stereo. The Sony came off a 2012 fiesta as well so I figured it would be a straight swap (excluding the DAB aerial of course), oh how wrong was I! turns out the Sony unit has an extra 26 pin connector at the back as well as the additional aerial connector (see pic). It also doesn't have the usb plug the standard stereo has (though I'm not really fussed about that as I'm not gong to be using it). So what I want to know is, what is this extra 26pin socket for? can I still use the newer stereo without it? is there some kind of funky franken-connector I need to make in order to get it to work? Or should I sack it off, sell the unit on eBay and find another solution? Some help on this would be greatly appreciated. I've seen similar threads on this before but the other stereo involved was different from my standard one and so the solution doesn't seem to be the same
  17. southsimon

    Newbie From Dorset !!

    Hi All New member, Just purchased Mondeo 2012 ZBE
  18. Morning All, I have a Ford Focus 1.6TDCI 2012, bought April 2015 54k miles on the clock, 66k miles now. Yesterday i had a notification come up on my car which said "Engine Malfunction Service Now" (at this point the engine is vibrating a lot) i press OK and it then tells me "Hill Assist Not Available", what does this mean? i'm guessing the Hill Assist has nothing to do with the Engine Malfunction? Annoyingly my car is due for its Service and MOT with Ford on Friday. Let me know your thoughts? or if you've had this problem before? Thanks
  19. Alright guys and girls, I'm really interested in having my rear windows tinted, I'd have the front two done... But as we all know, they are illegal, so, I'm looking to install wind deflectors - to look the part and help blend the light to dark tint... Aswell as the initial purpose of reducing the wind noise... Anybody got any to recommend? I've got a 5 door fiesta zetec, looking to get the deflectors for both front and rear windows. Thanks in advance. Cookey.
  20. Hello all I'm new here and any assistance would be much appreciated if possible. I have a Ford focus 2012 model with the Standard head unit sound system and I'm trying to install this Sub. If its impossible then I have a reasonable budget to mod things up. The Unit Side of the Sub Current Head unit Behind the head unit Rear Wiring Behind the CD Player Battery Cables i have to hand Power sockets in the boot These are a few pictures i took to better explain whats happening inside the car, Im familiar with how to wire everything up but i have been told by a mate that it MIGHT NOT be possible to install this without an RCA converter.
  21. Marcr1

    Rs Combe 2012

    Just wondering if anyone know's how good a day out RS Combe at Castle Combe is? Also what kind of things they do there etc. I've been to Japfest there the past few years and really enjoy it, I imagine it to be like that but on a smaller scale? Any tips / info would be appreciated :) Thanks