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Found 42 results

  1. Hi there, I've got 2.5A drain on my battery but this drops by 2A when I remove the fuse to the start/stop module. I've heard rumours of an issue with the BCM and getting this re-flashed. Anyone any ideas or comments? Thanks Ian
  2. Hey guys, I've retrofitted a set of the full leather seats into my 2013 Titanium but ideally I'd like to connect up heated seat function. I'm fairly sure this should be possible because: - The seat connectors on the main loom have all the correct plugs - The heated seat fuses are present in the fuse box - It was an optional extra for this model I've got a set of the correct switches but the only problem is I can't find the unused connector under the dash, I was led to believe it might be taped up under the dash somewhere but I'll be damned if I can find anything like that - does anyone know where I should be looking or would anyone be willing to follow theirs back from the switch to find out where it goes? Thanks in advance
  3. calum_heseltine

    Fiesta 2013 Wishbone and Shock's Cost

    Had my 2013 Fiesta Titanium ecoboost for 9 months now and was due a service. Went to an independent garage recommended by a few friends and they did a great job. The guy did however tell me that I needed a new N/S/F Wishbone and 2x Rear Shock Absorbers. Obviously both of these would be an MOT fail when thats due in a few months so I want them both sorting. Was wondering if anyone can give me a rough estimate of how much an independent garage should charge for these jobs? Just so I have a ballpark figure before he quotes it for me. Thanks
  4. Rodrigoal

    New guy from Brazil

    Hello everyone My name is Rodrigo and I'm from Brazil. I have my first Ford for 3 years now and this is my first topic. Hope we can share information and help each other.
  5. Hi everyone, I've searched the forums but I haven't been able to find a topic that is similar to my situation. I'll start off with my car make; Ford Focus MK3, 2013 1.6tdi. ~31,000 miles. I've been having intermittent errors with the car. I've been having the message "Engine malfunction, service now" appear on my dashboard, but then clears after a few seconds. This only happens whilst I'm driving, and has never appeared upon first starting up the car. It usually appears when doing around 60-80mph. Every time this happens, the engine then has limited power; I can put the throttle right the way down but the car won't accelerate, and will stay at around 50mph - I assume this is limp home mode however there is nothing on the dash to indicate that this is so, even though the "engine malfunction" message has cleared. If I turn the ignition off and back on again the engine will be back to normal and I will have acceleration again. I think it's strange how the error message appears for a few seconds and then disappears, however the car still remains in limited power mode. I've also run the self tests however it shows no codes. The issue has been ongoing for a couple of months; it did it maybe once or twice over a period of a couple of months however a few days ago whilst I was driving in very wet and very cold conditions on the motorway it occurred around 10-15 times in the space of an hour, so I suspect the cold conditions might be a factor to this too? I think I also managed to recreate the issue but without the engine malfunction message appearing - the engine would chug quite roughly at around 3.5k revs but I still had the acceleration at lower revs, whereas when the message appears I would not have any acceleration at all. The car had a full service 2 weeks ago, which had all its filers replaced. Any suggestions or help would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  6. The past month or so we have been experiencing problems with our Ford Focus 125 Ecoboost (2013) in that you are casually cruising along and then there is this very slight jolt and then a noticeable loss of power - particularly "turbo" power. An example was driving up a hill today, on a dual carriageway in the outside lane (overtaking), 6th gear, when I suddenly felt this jolt, and it seemed like the turbo just cut out and it felt like an old banger trying to get up a steep hill, where you have your foot to the floor but there is no power. I didn't do this of course but found myself pulling back in behind the car I was trying to overtake. This has happened on a number of occasions (in particular on this hill which I have to tackle every day) and we have just had the car MOT'd and serviced and for which they found no problems. Is this the turbo failing or more importantly breaking? It seems very sporadic and prior to today hadn't happened for maybe a week? Any help/advice much appreciated.
  7. Hi everyone, I am new to this and I have a mk3 2012 Ford Focus and I love this car to bits. Anyway I was wondering if you all can help me by answering if anyone with a 2012 focus or 2013 managed to change the radio to the one with the screen and sync like the 2016/17 Ford Focus or like the 2013 Ford ST screen with the sat nav and like the original Radio not the android one or the once you get in Radio shops. hope people have answers as I a need a screen in my car, that's the only thing missing in the car
  8. Hi I am new to this forum and require some advice/help urgently. I bought a 2013 Focus 1.0 Ecoboost a few weeks ago. The other day when it was raining I turned the heating on and realised I was getting no hot air. I checked yesterday and noticed that the coolant level had dropped slightly and while I was giving the car a clean I found water in the drivers footwell. Any advice on what the issue is and how I can fix it will be most welcome as I am worried about the engine overheating and blowing the head gasket if the coolant level drops too much.
  9. So i have a 2013 1.6 TDCi Zetec S Facelifted. I have searched all over the internet for rear smoked lights and all i can find are ones to fit the 2008-2012 models. Does anyone have a 2013 fiesta with the rear smoked lights and can help by giving a link. As been told the 2012 will not fit the 2013- and really struggling to find some. Thanks
  10. Just wondering if anyone knows if you can either fold in or push in the wing mirrors on a Ford Ka Zetec? i have a 13 plate
  11. So i have a 2013 1.6 TDCi Zetec S Facelifted. I have searched all over the internet for rear smoked lights and all i can find are ones to fit the 2008-2012 models. Does anyone have a 2013 fiesta with the rear smoked lights and can help by giving a link. As been told the 2012 will not fit the 2013- and really struggling to find some. Thanks
  12. I lost my last set of car keys a few days, and as I didn't want to pay the rather extortionate amount of money that an official dealership wanted to charge to replace all the locks and immobiliser system, I went to an unofficial locksmith, who cut me a correct key but was unable to program the transponder in the key correctly. A day later I actually found my original key, however when I attempted to start the car with it it came up with the immobliser malfunction message. I've seen some places recommend unplugging the battery for 10/15 minutes to reset the electronics system, however don't know if this will work and also don't know if this will stop my original key from working, just looking for any advice/technical info on what might happen if i disconnected the battery or if I did anything else with the car.
  13. seanyfazza

    Fiesta Sat Nav Problem

    Hi Everyone, I've just bought a Sony head unit with the sat nav screen. I've installed the new head unit in my Fiesta and everything is working spot on with a little help from a blue fakra gps antenna. The only problem is it has switched all of my miles displayed to kilometres on the car and on the nav screen. When going into the display settings to change back to miles it just won't let me click on it, will only let me select km? Does anyone have any idea what the problem is? Thanks in adavance to everyone
  14. Slade The Leveller

    No remote key

    Apologies if this has been posted before. I have spent sometime looking but it's difficult to find a post that answers all of my queries for my specific situation. I recently purchased a 2013 Ford Mondeo Estate 2.0 TDCi but the car only came with 2 normal keys (see attached image), no remote key was supplied. These keys are a real pain because I have to open the drivers door, put the key in, and switch on the ignition before anyone else can open a door. if I don't do this the alarm will go off. We I look on eBay I can see that there are a lot of uncut key fobs for sale at a reasonable price but no one is selling a key for 2012 and above Mondeos. I have found a few keys which are the I think are specification I need but they go for £60 plus. Whats more, they fob seems to be a key-less entry system. The manual that came with my car explains how to program a new key but putting the key in the ignition and following a procedure but I'm not sure how this would work with a key-less system. Could someone please shed some light on this for me? Specifically, I'd like to know: What are my options ie am I forced to get a key-less fob or could I also get a remote key? Can I program the key myself? Is there anyway I can go about this for a reasonable price? If I get a remote key and program it, will it also switch off the alarm? Apart from this problem I am happy with the car and am enjoying driving it. Chris.
  15. Hi all, been sifting through these forums for a few weeks to find out what the Sony DAB head unit can handles speakerwise, as in not what has been tried but what does Sony say its output is. Normal volume is great, but a bit louder and it falls apart, so looking to put in new speakers and not change the head unit or buy a sub... I don't care if the car next to me can't hear my tunes! Is there any hard information about its output, and from there I can shop around for suitable speakers to swap in. Heres a photo of the unit.... Thanks in advance!
  16. Hello Everyone I have a 2013 Ford Fiesta (Facelift version) (i beleive mk7?), and it has all blue speedo, display & dials, but id like to change them all to red. ive found a few items from a 2009 sports model fiesta, they look the same but they work in my 2013 fiesta? or else where or how i can make them red? thank you All
  17. My 2013 ford fiesta 1L ecoboost's start stop isnt working, the button to turn it on and off just stays illuminated when pressed, you can turn the light off when the ignition is on but as soon as you start the car the light comes on and you cannot turn the light off, and therefor the start stop isnt working. any advice thanks
  18. Colin9900

    Cracked Windscreen

    Hi folks, Yesterday I used the heated screen button on my mk3 focus to demist it. The outside temp was around 5C so not exactly freezing, after a few minutes a crack appeared in the lower left corner and within half an hour had grown to about 8 inches long. I have arranged for Autoglass to replace the screen but it's rather annoying as I only bought the car on Nov.5th. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same thing happen, though it may have been a flaw in the screen. Colin.
  19. W69 Fiesta

    Switching Stereo

    Hey guys i recently bought a ford fiesta 2013 St-2 Stereo and was wondering if it would fit in my 2010 TDCI fiesta?
  20. The 2013 Zetec S only comes with the illuminated cup holder, you 'can' buy the ambient bar that goes above the glove box. but what about the ambient lights on the driver and passenger doors? Well i have a pair!! They 'are' for sale in that particular section, but as they are for a fiesta only, hope its ok to mention here as they are very car specific. I have the lighting kit and wiring for each door, they were made to order and not cheap, but i found the pin in the door hinge connector that powers them properly, you do not need to go to fords and have them switched on! Hardest bit is removing the door card and hinge connector block, which is actually really easy!!!! They are ready to be fitted, the hole in the door card will already exists, just look under where the window switch is. Asking £40 for both! If you can come down and collect, i will give you a hand fitting them......for free to FOC members if you make a small contribution to my charity. (the amount i leave up to you) ;) They are fitted standard to the Titanium, X and ST3 models only, and if you want to add that little extra i also wired in ambient lights to the top pockets where the chrome door opener goes, and ALL work with the rest of the ambient lights in your car as it should, and look awesome!!!! Let me know, postage available if you are too far away and i will provide install guidance and photos to aid you. Let me know... :)
  21. hey everyone well a made a thread on update of a older thread about footwell lights and established these are the best (w5w wedge 12 led wide angle ) from a a previous thread a might add ( ) plenty pictures on there and on the links in there Soo.....We already have have the bulb list on the site Here is my question ? whats your best bulbs? or LEDs? for interior lights? registration lights, boot lights, front/rear lights, fogs and general light bulbs around the car (even ones with different colours and light mods you have done) Would like to see lots of pictures to and links to buy them! So Show them off!
  22. Torchwood

    Hello!!!!! Been Ages Away!!!

    Hey everyone, Not been on here for a while, had a lot going on with a recent operation that went a bit wrong and subsequent ill health. As a result things have changed some what life style wise and one of them was my lovely Candy Blue Zetec S TDCi is now up for sale..... :cry: :( :( Spec'd up like mad and probably the only Zetec S to have a Sony DAB Satellite Navigation and Sony 8 speaker upgrade system from the factory, in it. Plus I have a brand new Steering wheel I bought from the dealers with the Cruise Controls on it. Was ordered from the Titanium X spec list so the wheel is thicker and more plush leather than even the Zetec S steering wheel, plus its got the ice blue illumination controls and the chrome effect (not silver) centre piece on it. Anyway, go to the Cars.. and Parts.. For Sale sections to find out more. Hoping to be at the Ford Fair 2014 in August, and depending what I go for next??????????????????????????????????? Anyhow, just wanted to politely put the word out on above, and come say hello..
  23. Ollies122

    Mk7 St2 Mods

    Just a little thread for the modifications ill be doing Modifications: Paint Lower Grilles Paint Rear Upper Grille DMB Overlays Wind Deflectors Personal Stickers Finsport Induction Kit Finsport Remap Airtec Intercooler H&R Springs 17" alloys (Wide) Interior Lighting Engine Cover Painting carbon dip interior panels Detango H7 & H11 Bulbs Triple R Splitter Split and spray front lights black Exhaust system Today's progress
  24. negendahl

    Possible To Change Display?

    Hey guys, Quick question: I currently have this kind of display in my car (i don't have Sync) Is it possible to simply swap it out for a bigger one (found a few on eBay)? Something like this: or I was thinking it might be the head unit controlling the signaling to the display - does anyone know for sure? Or maybe if possible just change the whole head unit to the Sony one (looks better :D) and the screen with that? Thanks,
  25. Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know what's happened to my 13 Plate ZS. on the 1st April was driving back home in traffic, then I couldn't get the car into gear any more. I drove back home in second gear, and things just got even worse. The car was struggling to start because the clutch wasn't engaging properly, Called my local ford and they advised me to call ford assist this was around 4:30pm. Ford assist said it could be up to 2 hours for someone to come and take the car by which then my local ford will be closed. I decided to drive the car in second gear to my ford garage(Thank you long gear ratios!) Took it too ford, one of the guys drove it and said he also thought it was the clutch. At the this point I was very annoyed because I had previously mentioned to ford that the clutch on this car is giving me problems and I think its faulty, back then ford assured me that there is nothing with the clutch and having said that after a few weeks I broke down because the car wouldn't get out of reverse gear, AA guy came and managed to get it out and gave me a report saying ford needs to investigate gearbox! Took it too ford next day, and they said they cant find anything wrong with it, and that they can't investigate the gearbox because the problem wasn't there at the time. I hoped it was a one off and left it. The car has been with my local ford for the past 12 days and a series of events took place. The guys there said that if it was the clutch then I would have to pay for it. I said to them I will not pay for a new clutch on the car because I've had it for less than 6 months and the car has done 15k in total. We ended on them saying lets see what the problem is first. I phoned them up a few days after and they said that they need to get approval from ford to open up the gearbox. after a few days I phoned again they told me that the clutch on the car has failed but they have no idea why! They also said that they phone Main ford and they agreed to pay for the new clutch because they don't know why it failed. They said we are now waiting on parts to arrive and it shouldn't take any longer then 2-3 working days, this was on the Tuesday 8th April. I phoned them Yesterday and they said they are still waiting on parts which are expected to arrive by Wednesday/Thursday and the car should be ready by Friday 18th April. I was very shocked to hear how long it will take to receive a clutch. Very sorry if the story had dragged but overall I just wanted to say that I've personally never seen such bad service from a local ford garage. In total I would be without my car for 18 days and that's if I get it back on Friday. I personally think if I was paying for it myself they would of had it done the next day. What do you guys think about the whole situation? Many Thanks Noor