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Found 32 results

  1. Hello folks. I have a much-loved Focus 04, but the radio, a 6000CD unit, has suddenly decided to ask for a code - and doesn't recognise the code handwritten in my audio handbook. Is there a resource where codes can be found, or do I need to go to my dealer? Many thanks if you can help Richard
  2. Hi There! I have recently bought a 2006 Ford Fiesta 'Style' with the 'Climate' Pack. It has a 6000CD Head unit with an AUX button, yet no sign of a 3.5mm (or any other sort of) jack anywhere; including glove box and near gear stick. I have seen several posts online of how to add this in but it requires some technical ability/knowledge, neither of which I possess. I wondered if anyone knows roughly how much a Ford dealer or anyone else (Halfords?) would charge to do this for me, and otherwise if there's a simplified way with a tutorial that I can fit this jack/cable to my car. Ideally I don't want to be drilling holes for it... Thanks
  3. Hi all, so i am purchasing a Sony WX-920BT Head unit (double DIN) to replace the stock 6000CD head unit in my 08 fiesta (MK6). Is this a simple, unplug old unit and plug a new one in? I have not done this before and this is the first time tinkering with any car audio units. So what do i actually need? Do i need any specific adapters or anything? I think i should be able to just unplug the old unit and slot in the new unit? I have ordered the removal keys, is this all i need? Please correct me if i am wrong and point me in the right direction. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks a lot.
  4. My name is Henry, I am 17 and i have just brought my first car. The car is a 2006 ford fiesta with the 6000CD radio. The radio has an aux button with no aux point, I am just wondering if this radio system ( ) would fit and work? Thanks Henry
  5. Hi all, This is my first post here and I hope you can help me with the issues I'm having with hands free and voice control. I have recently purchased a 2013 Connect with the 6000CD complete with red and green phone buttons plus * and #. There is the Voice Control button on the steering column and what I believe is a microphone on the drivers door pillar. I successfully managed to pair my phone to "Ford Audio" and received the pairing code of the radio display. All good and accepted the permissions. That was as far as I got. Pressing red or green phone buttons merely mutes the radio. Pressing voice brings voice up on the display and mutes the radio but nothing else happens when i try the prompts I discovered on the web. I can raise and lower the voice volume with the up and down functions. I have tried going through the menu functions on the radio but it does not mention Bluetooth or phone even though it displayed the pairing code. When making calls the phone says it is using the car Bluetooth as a speaker and mutes its own when connected. Also I tried plugging a 3.5mm audio lead into what I thought was the Aux socket below the power outlet on the dash but that gave no output either. So I guess I have missed a step somewhere or there is a blackhole behind the dash where everything disappears! Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. Martin
  6. I've bought a aux kit/cable for my 06 fiesta, which has a 6000cd radio head unit. I know that the kit requires the plug to go into the back of the radio, and I've taken the radio out to check. The area that the kit goes is already taken up, however there is not an aux plug in either the glovebox or next to the gear stick. Does that mean I could take that plug out and replace it with the kit without affecting anything? Or do I even need to (will I have an aux somewhere)?
  7. When I came to change the clock for BST I discovered that none of the menu buttons on my 6000cd unit nor the steering column buttons will bring up the menu. When I turn the ignition to position one the dashboard display shows a diagram of the column buttons and labels them. However if you press any of the column buttons it just goes to the normal display (mine is set to how many miles before running out of fuel). Has anyone come across this problem? Would removing the fuse and then replacing it reboot the software?
  8. Jimmy1234321

    Aux not working

    I recently fitted a new 6000cd to my mk7 transit (2012) and once I'd put in the code and set the time and general stuff I plugged in my iPhone to my aux socket like allways and with my same wire pressed the aux button but for some reason there's no sound when I plug it out the phone plays and naturally I tried the cable in another speaker and it worked fine can anyone help me figure out why there is no sound from my aux ???????
  9. Jimmy1234321

    Aux not working

    I recently fitted a new 6000cd to my mk7 transit (2012) and once I'd put in the code and set the time and general stuff I plugged in my iPhone to my aux socket like allways and with my same wire pressed the aux button but for some reason there's no sound when I plug it out the phone plays and naturally I tried the cable in another speaker and it worked fine can anyone help me figure out why there is no sound from my aux ???????
  10. I was hoping to add an aux lead by plugging the cable that is shown in the picture into the port for CD changer based on a video I had seen at some point. On pulling out the radio it didn't look on the back like the one in video and there weren't any labels. Is my plan possible? Cheers Rob
  11. Hello people. My search for this issue led me to this forum. I've recently bought a Ford Fiesta TDCi (2006 production year) and it comes with Ford Audio 6000cd system. I've tried finding the bluetooth function to connect it to, but i have no luck in finding it. I've gone to the ADV MENU option and then after CLIP OFF all i see is NO VID and that's about it. The menu goes off and there is no sign of BT on option. Should i add something to this NO VID section so i have my BT on? Another thing that is posing a problem is AUX input, is there any other place that it can be aside from the glove box? Thank you very much, Igor
  12. I have a 2008 MK2.5 Focus - with the 'Ford 6000 CD' factory fitted stereo. 99% of the time I use my phone to provide music & podcasts etc - and connect over a USB BT adapter, plugged into the Aux-in in the glove compartment. I'd like to upgrade this to a 'higher end' focus stereo (Sony?) with DAB and A2DP Bluetooth out of the box, so it's better / neater solution - but I'm confused which models I could use on my Focus, and what extra connectors I'd need etc. Has anyone done a similar upgrade? Did you go aftermarket (non-Sony) for the head? Any comments welcome, thanks!
  13. Hello everyone, I am new to forum so not sure if this post is in the right place. I have an 08 reg focus mk2 facelift model 1.8 TDCI and i would like to fit the following device to it to add usb and SD card functionality , the car already has a working aux out in the glove box. I have the oval shaped Ford 6000CD stereo see picture below. I am getting mixed feedback when researching this some say it will not work and some say it will, i am just confused. please help !
  14. Florisca Levente

    Ford 6000 Cd Rear Speakers Are Quiet

    Hello, I observed that the rear speakers are not working in my car. After a while, I have read the documentation of the ford 6000 cd stereo, and by pressing 3 and 6 simultaneously a surround speaker test can be made. At first only the from speakers were working, but after a few tries I observed that the rear speakers are working in fact, but are very very VERY quiet. I have read the user manual and instructions of the stereo in order to set it up, but I did not find any setup or settings issues. Any other ideas what could cause this, before I will take it to a service and pay to much for to less? Any ideas are welcome, be it software or hardware tips. Thank you in advance Ford drivers community!
  15. Florisca Levente

    How To Connect Phone To Ford 6000cd

    Hello, I recently bought a 2008 Ford Focus, and I have some issues with the stereo. Firstly, I would like to ask you guys how to connect the phone to the car (since there are 2 buttons on the stereo, dial and end conversation). Also, currently it has a jack line in aux, is it possible to install a usb one for this type of stereo? Thank you in advance for the help! The stereo is a 6000cd
  16. Araidhwilson

    6000cd Swap For Bluetooth

    Hi all I'm new to c max ownership and have two issues id appreciate help with please. Firstly , the 6000cd that's in it (replacement) does not have Bluetooth, can I just swap for a similar unit with Bluetooth? Also the drivers seat feels unstable , I've narrowed it down to a bar that sits at the back of the seat, its snapped on one side. Does anyone know if this is an available part or should I just weld it?. Thanks
  17. Just purchased a 2003 Transit Torneo and CD player indicating CD error E14, which the manual says means that the ambient temperature is too hot. Trying to do this with Torneo cool, so hasn't been run since night before and temperature outside about 10 degrees. Any thoughts on this problem?
  18. Hi there I have a Focus 55 reg and I have the 6000CD radio panel and what the problem with this is every time I turn it on it displays a message saying "Not Configured" and because of that it plays no sound at all it does display the radio CAPITAL FM and all of that but no sound is coming from the speakers whatsoever.
  19. hello peoples i recently decided to connect my phone to my Ford focus Zetec 2003 stereo so can anybody tell what should i do to connect my phone to stereo or can send me any video link of this to how to do this or what i have to buy.
  20. Good morning all, I've had my Mondeo for a couple of months and have mainly been busy with moving house and a new job to have a proper look at what it can/can't do. Very quickly I got my iPhone 5 paired up over Bluetooth to send/receive calls and that all works fine. Having read the documentation that came with the car (which spans several variations of car and stereo model), I believe there may be the functionality to stream music from my iPhone to the stereo, however I just cannot figure out how to do it... Playing music on my iPhone just makes the music come out of the iPhone speaker. I've tried turning the stereo to AUX with no luck. My previous vehicle didn't have Bluetooth and I'd bought a Jawbone earpiece, when using that and playing music the iPhone would give the option to use the Jawbone as a speaker. I don't see a similar option on the iPhone when it's paired to the Mondeo. There doesn't seem anything obvious in the menus. There are two buttons on there stereo, both have a folder on them, and one has an arrow pointing into the folder, the other out of it. I've pressed these while the phone has been paired and it doesn't seem to do anything. Issuing voice commands doesn't seem to do anything either... Is it that my variation of the 6000CD lacks this functionality? Should all 6000CD's have this functionality but mine is broken? It baffles me that if something was broken/missing that the handsfree works... Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Dan-86

    Taking Out 6000Cd

    Hi guys, My nephew put about 15-20 coins into the cd slot of my 6000cd. I bought the four radio release keys from ebay, got the radio out, managed to shake out about 20p in copper coins. I know for sure there is at least one more in there as I saw it and pushed it toward the cd slot but couldn't get it out. I don't have the right screwdriver to open it at the minute but will be going to B&Q shortly (can anyone confirm it is a T10/torx I need?) When the coins were put in, the radio would not power up, when I manage to get all the coins out will I need to just replace the fuses or could there be a bigger issue caused by the coins? I appreciate any and all help, Dan
  22. right2type

    Dab Radio Recommendation

    Hi I have a 6000 Cd in a recently purchased 2010 focus, and i was looking to install a DAB radio, can anyone recommend one? maybe even with bluetooth. I understand it won't be cheap but I have a bit left over from buying the car so thought I might invest. Also can anyone recommend anywhere in Manchester area for fitting or purchase? Is Ford a no no because of price? Cheers J
  23. So I bought one of these iPod cable adapter kits from Connects 2. It's one of these cables that allows you to trick your radio into thinking that your iPod is actually the CD changer, so it streams audio through the head unit whilst also supplying power to charge your iPod and also letting you send commands to skip next/previous track, shuffle and repeat, and also select playlists all from the buttons on your standard Ford radio (a 6000CD in my case). Unfortunately, after installing it I am only getting audio passed through/power supplied to my iPod. I've tried several models of iPod, iPhone etc and none of them can be controlled from the radio head unit as promised on the website. The guys at Connects 2 reckon it's because my Fiesta already has the Aux input port for connecting MP3 players etc, but I can't see how that would stop the CD changer from sending commands to the iPod.... I've seen it working fine with the head unit buttons controlling the iPod in videos of the same 6000CD head unit online, so I know that it is possible. I also know that certain models of Fiesta were released with the ability to have the Aux port added but not actually activated, so I'm wondering if there's a way to disable the Aux feature and if that would allow me to use the head unit buttons as promised. Anybody know anything about this stuff or know anybody who might??
  24. Hi was wondering if anyone can help? My stereo has stopped working all together no display or sound the only thing working is my parrot ck3100 though i take it the parrot only uses the speakers for sound. Is there a quick fix or is it a case of buying a new unit?
  25. Hi, I have a 2007 Focus with a 6000CD fitted. The sound is only coming out of the Front Near Side Speaker. The other three are dead!! I have swapped out the head unit for another and there was no effect. I have checked the ISO plug and all seems fine, its still the original ford ISO harness. The strange thing is that last week we had a really hot day and then all 4 speakers burst into life for a day. Now its back to output from one speaker again. Ive not taken off the door cards as I cant see that 3 speakers would have a loose connection. Any help appreciated............. Richie